Vincent - Make Brilliant Mixes Now With Harrison Mixbus

Vincent - Make Brilliant Mixes Now With Harrison MixbusMake Brilliant Mixes Now with Harrison Mixbus Confidently & effortlessly create rich, vibrant mixes wit...
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Vincent - Make Brilliant Mixes Now With Harrison Mixbus

Vincent - Make Brilliant Mixes Now With Harrison Mixbus

Make Brilliant Mixes Now with Harrison Mixbus
Confidently & effortlessly create rich, vibrant mixes with the best-sounding audio tool on the market

Not long ago, I had a moment..

You know, one of those “at a crossroads”, defining moments - the kind that cause you to take a long look at yourself in a mirror.

After days and days of hard work in my studio, I had just finished - hands down - my best. mix. ever. I mean I could barely stop myself from grinning when I played it back! This was gonna blow people away when they heard it - and I could not WAIT for them to hear it! I just had to do one final check against a reference to make sure levels were set and then I would let loose this amazing creation upon the world and wait for the compliments and awed reactions to roll in!

Except, what happened in reality was.. well let’s say.. a little different than what I’d envisioned.

When I A/B’d the mix against the reference - a killer mix by a well-known mixer who only worked in big money studios.. something was still missing. I dunno, I couldn’t pinpoint it exactly in the moment but I absolutely knew it right away when I heard it. It wasn’t quite there. Next to the mix I was referencing, it felt flat.. thin.. lifeless?

Just about then is when a sort of - panic, yes I think it would qualify as a panic - set in. I’ve been doing this a long time! I’ve studied hard, bought gear! Spent hours upon hours working in the studio, perfecting technique.. only to fall short, again?! Nobody was going to be blown away by this mix, that was for sure. Would they even finish listening to it? Ugh. My stomach dropped.

That was the moment.

I needed a break. Not one of those “step outside and collect yourself” kind of breaks. I mean, like, some real time away. Self-doubt was creeping in, big time, and I needed to get a plan. Either that, or I needed to give up on ever being able to get the sound I wanted so badly to get from my studio. It sounds melodramatic, I know! But that’s how much recording means to me.

37 days. That’s how long I didn’t set foot in my studio. Toward the end of that stretch, I ed getting the itch. And I couldn’t help but do what I always do in times like this - try to find out, to learn more. Off to the gear sites I went - maybe there was a magic bullet here? Then, the discussion boards. And that’s where I first heard about it - a DAW that sounds like hardware. Harrison Mixbus. Being an engineer, it’s in my nature to be skeptical - and I was. Plenty of software claims to sound like expensive analog hardware. But, what the heck, I thought. I could give it a try to see what the hype was about. That’s what got me back into my studio.

One try was all it took. As soon as I loaded in tracks from my Used to Be Best Mix Ever, it was obvious. The difference was night and day. The sound I’d been looking for, it was right there! My old mix had console emulation plugins, tape saturation plugins, analog eq emulations - all great sounding stuff. The new Mixbus mix had.. Mixbus. And it won, hands down. And it seemed to come together so much more quickly and intuitively.

I immediately set out to learn how to use this thing.. but it was a little daunting. I’d come up on DAWs, not hardware, so strange as it seems, the analog console workflow was foreign to me! I soon discovered some great resources by Harrison and others detailing the usage of certain functionality.. But what I really wanted was for someone to connect the dots and show me how to use this great-sounding tool to mix. Like in a real mix, from to finish.

That’s what this course is. So if you too have discovered Mixbus and want a resource like that to help you get mixing faster, I encourage you to check it out.

I carefully designed it to provide a comprehensive resource for people who want to get up to speed quickly and making brilliant mixes using Mixbus. The first part of the course covers the basics you need to know to work effortlessly & efficiently in Mixbus, while the second part walks you through importing previously recorded tracks and completing a rich-sounding full band mix. With a few exceptions, only built-in Mixbus functionality and/or Harrison plugins were used to mix the song.

You will be able to follow along every step of the way as I create a session, import tracks, and mix a song from to finish in Mixbus. In the process, I’ll get you better acquainted with how to get around in Mixbus and I’ll point out lots of useful built-in features, as well as valuable tips and tricks.

I’ll cover a lot of ground using a real-world full-band mix, and along the way I’ll provide links to in-depth resources that you can use to learn even more about key functions and concepts.

This course includes over 5 1/2 hours of video! Here are just some of the things I cover:

** Now including downloadable multitrack source files so you can mix along with the course! **

• Setting up a session in Mixbus
• Importing Audio
• Basic navigation in the Editor Window and the Mixer Window
• Creating groups
• Setting up mixbusses
• Routing channels to mixbusses
• Creating VCAs
• Sending channels to VCAs
• Creating track markers
• Cleaning up tracks using Strip Silence
• Parallel drum compression
• Using the Polarity Optimizer to find the best possible drum sound
• Mixing drum tracks
• Creating space & ambience using Harrison’s GVerb+ reverb plugin
• Using the XT-DC Drum Character plugin to get a big, punchy kick drum sound
• Mixing bass guitar and using Harrison EQ plugins to get it to fit with the kick drum
• Mixing keyboards and piano
• Manipulating room reverb sends to create ambience
• Mixing acoustic guitars
• Using phase correction plugins to polish stereo mic’d tracks
• Mixing electric guitars
• Mixing lead vocals
• Mixing backup vocals
• Balancing the mix
• Using automation to bring the mix to life
• Exporting the finished mix
• And a whole lot more..

If you are just getting up to speed on mixing music in Mixbus, you now have a one-stop resource to dramatically speed up your learning and get you making amazing sounding mixes, faster! I guarantee you will come away from this course ready to confidently make brilliant mixes of your own. And if you’re already familiar with Mixbus, I bet you’ll pick up a few things, too.

So, what do you have to lose? I offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the course - so enroll today and get a great deal, or check out one of the free preview videos!

**Some basic editing functionality is covered in the course, but please note that since the focus of the course is mixing, editing is not covered in great detail. A full course on tracking and editing in Mixbus may be coming soon, so please stay tuned!

Your Instructor


My very first exposure to the recording came when I was just a young, clueless guitar player learning to record instrumentals I’d written on a four-track recorder (that captured sounds on cassette tape!). I had no idea then that the recording arts would become a consuming interest and passion in my life. Back then, it was just a means to an end. But somehow, years later, when I purchased my first budget microphone and audio interface, a spark was lit that would quickly grow into a raging fire. I became virtually obsessed with learning how to make recordings that sounded as good as the ones coming out of commercial studios using only the humble gear in my modest home studio.

After much diligent study and practice - and more than a few gear upgrades - I began getting serious results, as well as requests from other artists to record them and help them realize their musical visions. Along the way I found I had another passion… a passion to share the knowledge & skill I’d worked so hard to acquire and to use it to help others achieve recordings they could be proud of. So I created Write.Sing.Record. as a way to do what I find to be very rewarding work - helping others to make great recordings regardless of the type of gear they own.

I consider training and teaching to be a great responsibility, so I put a lot of thought and planning into the design of courses and put the hours in to make the presentation clear and engaging. I focus on the practical, and do my best to share the content that really matters for getting great real world results. I hope you can feel the difference when you take my courses!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments at [email protected] !

Course Curriculum

1. Course Introduction (2:36)
Getting to Know Mixbus

2. ing the Session (8:37)

3. Importing Audio - Part I (10:11)
4. Importing Audio - Part II (10:08)
5. Get to Know the Editor Window - Part I (11:01)
6. Get to Know the Editor Window - Part II (9:36)
7. Get to Know the Mixer Window - Part I (11:19)
8. Get to Know the Mixer Window - Part II (10:03)
9. Levels & Metering in Mixbus (9:35)
Setting up the Mix Session

10. Enabling the Monitor Section and Room EQ Correction (7:03)

11. Creating Groups (3:42)
12. Setting Up Buses and Routing Channels to Them (7:01)
13. Creating VCAs and Routing Channels to Them (5:58)
14. Creating Markers and Cleaning Up Tracks (4:59)
15. Dialing Up a er Mix (11:58)

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