Vince Kelvin - Pure Self Expressions

Vince Kelvin - Pure Self Expressions digital download.

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Vince Kelvin - Pure Self Expressions

Type: Digital download

Vince Kelvin - Pure Self Expressions

Vince Kelvin - Pure Self Expressions

Do you find yourself as attractive as the women you most want?
Do you feel desirable enough for 10s to desire YOU?

Introducing a true revolution in re-wiring yourself and your game so you no longer chase girls but become the center of attraction!

Seductive Instinct presents…
Vince Kelvin’s
Weekly Online Coaching Program!
How the most potent pickup training on the planet will help you breakthrough…
Your Aphrodite’s Prince monthly membership includes:
1. One hour of online video coaching per week, every Thursday 7.30pm PST
2. The recording of power packed class, to review or watch if you missed it.
3. Direct access to Vince for questions in private members only chat group.
The progress acceleration structure of each class:
- FOUNDATIONAL FRAMES FOR FLAWLESS GAME: 20 Minutes of higher game, including one written exercise and one out-of-this-world CONCEPT AND NEW FRAME each week, plus assignment.
- CORE VALUE CREATION: 10 minutes of self-acceptance and love strengthening to stop apologizing for yourself and start to see and refine your own greatness and develop your own super attractive persona. Plus assignment.
- LETHAL GET LAID SKILLS: 20 minutes of drills to have you make interactions so solid, sex will follow naturally.
- Plus 10 minutes of power Q and A!

Learn directly from the Real King of Pickup and Messenger and Prince of Aphrodite, and speed up your progress beyond the best you have ever imagined.

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