Vince Delmonte - Six Pack

Vince Delmonte - Six Pack digital download. Info: [Various] | 1.253 GB. You're fairly young… or at least young at heart. You're a guy or girl who truly c...

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Vince Delmonte - Six Pack

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Vince Delmonte - Six Pack

"Take Just 6 Minutes To Read This Page And I’ll Share Exactly 6 “Little Known” Reasons Why You Can’t Get Rid Of Your Stubborn Belly Bulge…”
On top of that… it's on this very page you'll discover the secret to how…Vince Delmonte - Six Pack
It Makes No Difference If…
You want to drop those stubborn last 10 lbs. that have been plaguing you forever…
You want to shed that first 100 lbs. that are destroying your health and social life…
You want a firm and flat midsection because defined abs attract attention like nothing else…
You want to sculpt your body because sexy abs are a sign of good health, power, and yes, even sexual ability!
You think it's your slow metabolism keeping you from that body of your dreams…
You've been told you have bad genes and will never own one of those model's bodies…
Everything you've tried up till now has failed and left you frustrated and in worse shape…
You lack motivation and are convinced your stubborn fat has found a permanent home…

Dear 6-Pack Seeker,
I think I know you. I do.
You're fairly young… or at least young at heart. You're a guy or girl who truly cares about the way you look. Someone who knows deep down inside that how you look effects many other aspects of your life.
The job you have…
The relationships you have…
Maybe deep inside your mind you have a vision of how your life will change when you finally look and feel your very best.
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack
You're not the ordinary fitness seeker.
You may be just a few pounds overweight… or too many pounds to count.
Either way you are not looking for just another plan that will help you a little.
You’re sick and tired of pills, powders and shakes that only upset your stomach…
You’re sick and tried of failing with the latest BS celebrity diet…
You’re sick and tired of being told, “You don’t have the right genes…”
You’re sick and tired of doing endless amounts of cardio, weights and crunches and still can’t get rid of your belly fat and extra stomach fat that is, let’s admit, pretty gross.
You want to be the best of the best. You want a flat… firm… sexy stomach…
And if you’re really honest, you want the trophy of all trophies…
You want your 6-pack.
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack
But if you're willing to dedicate just 16 weeks to your belly fat…
Then I promise you'll lose your stubborn love handles and ugly belly bulge, simply… quickly and easily.
Imagine… a new set of ripped abs… a new outlook… a new life! Without “fat burning pills”… without living in the gym… and without the confusion usually associated with new “expert” programs.
It's nothing short of a life-changing event.
Never Again Will You…
Endure the emotional heartache of being out of shape… the ridicule of being fat or the dangerous effects of being obese …
Get screwed by marketing machines that play on your insecurities and promise results they couldn't possibly deliver…
Settle for the less than desirable “friend” of the person you truly desire. You're going to get that girl… or that guy of your dreams!

Just to start this new day… the first day of the rest of your life… let's blast away some of the dirty little lies the diet, supplement and fitness industry has been feeding you…
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack

“The Body Of Your Dreams Is Locked Inside This “Fat Burning” Pill or “Supplement."

Virtually every pro bodybuilder and pro fitness model uses fat burning supplements and pills to drop their body fat into the single digits and would be soft and flabby without supplement X.
In every single fitness magazine, you will find over 100 advertisements of the pros singing praises to the latest and greatest nutritional supplement that hit the market.
Next time you read one of these supplement review advertisements, thumb through the rest of the magazine because you'll be reassured that every guy and gal with ripped abs is using some sort of “hardcore rapid amplifier pill” and if they are then you should too.
Shame on you for thinking you could lose all your stomach fat without taking the newest “scientifically formulated thermogenic fat loss capsule.”
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack
Did you know all of those magazines are owned by the very “nutritional” companies that sponsor bodybuilders and fitness models lucrative contracts in exchange for singing their praises?
That's right… Every major fitness magazine is just the marketing arm of the companies that make the supplements and the supplement companies need massive dudes and celebrities to endorse their products.
Let me tell you that if you were to ever win, even your local, bodybuilding competition, don't be surprised if your mail box gets flooded with offers to endorse a new supplement line you have never even used yourself.
You'll be offered money and free supplements in exchange for your false testimonial that supplement X played a massive factor for your physique. Really it was years of hard work, consistency, commitment, dieting and sacrifice. Unfortunately that does not make for a sexy advertisement.
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack

"Lots Of Cardio Is The Secret For Your Success."

On top of your weight training program you will need another 7 hours a week for cardio workouts. Lots of “long slow cardio” is the best way to lose fat. Sure it is because think of all the people you know who do tons of cardio and have ripped abs too. Still thinking of someone? Keep thinking because so am I…
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack
If you don't believe me when I say, “Long slow cardio is NOT the most effective way to lose fat,” than take a look at the ladies in your aerobic classes and your gym members pumping away mindlessly on the ellipticals, treadmills and bikes. Do you notice their body looks the same as last month and even last year?
Next time you watch the Boston or New York City marathon, take a look at all the overweight runners? If long steady cardio was so effective at losing fat then why in the world are there so many overweight joggers?
Not only that but cardio strips muscle from your body! You lose muscle and your metabolism slows. Your metabolism slows and you store fat. What a lovely cycle.
Don't get me wrong, Tharun followed a very unique cardio system but it did not strip off his hard earned muscle and had nothing to do with how the magazines teach you.
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack

“Not Everyone Can Have A 6-Pack… It's All In Our Body Makeup”

Whether or not your body will ever be “cut” is all in your DNA. Some people just don't have the “right genes.” That's why they'll never lose their belly fat and get a six 6-pack.
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack
That is the first lie that comes out of the mouth of every trainer who fails to get you the body you want. Unlike most of the shredded posers you see on other websites, Tharun has the worst genes imaginable for dropping fat. If Tharun ate a regular diet and worked out in the usual ways that most personal trainers preach, Tharun would be just slightly less than the 276 pounds he was when we first hooked up.
The dead-honest truth is by following my system, anyone from high school student to retiree can have that body of their dreams. I don't care if everyone else in the world says you can't. I not only say you can! I guarantee it!
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack

“Follow this new diet to get a flat stomach”

I know that you've already tried the Cabbage Soup Diet, The Lazy Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, The Chocolate Diet, Atkins Diet and The Hollywood Diet and you're not going to have to resort to the Amputation Diet because I just watched a commercial for a new diet that guarantees 10 lbs in the first 3 days or your money back!
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack
You did not fail your last diet - your diet failed you! Diets are temporary and not lifestyle and result in massive food craving, make you feel trapped, result in stress, destroy your social life and are boring. Sound familiar?
If you haven't figured out yet diets make you feel like you are dying! If you took 100 of the diet books on the market you would discover that 90% of the content is the same and the author (who is usually 40 lbs over weight himself… sorry Dr. Phil) and slap a different “angle” on the last 10% to make it unique and to give it a marketing angle.
Here's something that's always boggled my mind. Why would you buy a diet book from someone who is 40 lbs over weight themselves? That's like buying a money making book from someone who's broke! Anybody who writes a book on getting washboard abs better have their shirt off! Stop following 2 week diets that only result in you losing 14 days!
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack

“Follow this killer abdominal workout or abdominal device for eye popping abs.”

Vince Delmonte - Six Pack
Don't get me wrong - there is a right way to build thick and muscular abs and a wrong way but don't ever think you can get rid of 30-40 lbs of belly fat solely through a ab device or specific “abdominal workout.” Intense weight training and cardio training plus a clean diet is the secret to melting off the fat.
Too be honest, if we could blowtorch off all of your stomach fat right now, you would probably not recognize yourself in the mirror and move to Mexico so you can go shirtless all day!
See… abs are the holy grail of fitness.
You can't work a little… diet a little… and expect to get a 6-pack. Getting rock-hard, rippled, and washboard abs takes commitment. And in the past I've seen that most people don't have that kind of commitment.
Vince Delmonte - Six Pack

“Exercise is responsible for more than 10% of your results”

Vince Delmonte - Six Pack
Your “diet” or what I would prefer to call “meal plan” is 90% responsible for how you look. Ask any fitness model or physique athlete and they will tell you, and I will agree 100%, that you create your abs in the kitchen - not in the gym or on a treadmill.
Think of it this way, you have 168 hours in the week and you are only training 3-7 hours a week so lets just assume you’re on the ambitious side - 7 hours of training will account for only 4% of your entire week… and I bet your not exercising 7 hours a week?
I, personally, have done every fat loss and muscle program in the world and the only time I see my body change is when I cut out certain foods. In fact, there are 4 specific foods I cut out, which are the same ones, Tharun cut out, which were 90% responsible for getting rid of his love handles and belly fat.