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Vin DiCarlo's - Pandora's Box- Official Site digital download. Info: [1 Mp4] | 620.94 MB. This is a good program that covers what happens after the picku...
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Vin DiCarlo's - Pandora's Box- Official Site

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Okay, here's an iPod-friendly rip of Vin DiCarlo's No Flakes! DVD. It's ripped from 4 DVDs to an iPod-compatible format. So now you can carry this on the road and get in a few pointers while waiting for an appointment or commuting to work. It's also quite a bit more compact than the DivX rip so you can get it at 620MB. Quality is great, so you can watch it on you PC too!Personally, I like Vin's stuff from his books to videos to CD's, it's all good info so worth checking out if you haven't had a chance to yet. Have fun!File format specs:Video: MPEG4 Video 360x240 [Video]Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 1536Kbps [Audio]

This is a good program that covers what happens after the pickup. You go out and pickup a girl but then suddenly she flakes out on you. She doesn't return your calls or texts and you have no idea why. This DVD set teaches you in a very in-depth step-by-step manner, how to eliminate this flaky girl syndrome.It's like watching a conversation between Vin Dicarlo and Julian Foxx. They talk back and forth and read manuscripts of exact conversations with girls. They analyze what went wrong in each conversation. There are several pickup programs that cover the art of the approach and stuff like that, but few have every taken so much time on the subject of flaking. That makes this DVD useful if that seems to be a sticking point for you.I personally hate flaky women. So many guys have no idea to what to idea when a girl starts to act flaky. This program will definitely get that under control for you. No true pickup artist should go without learning this stuff. A No Flakes review wouldn't be complete without mentioned the hefty price tag of the product. They are selling this program for $300. Is it worth it? Well - it depends. How important is this particular sticking point for you? I'd say if you're making lots of money and $300 isn't that big a deal to you, go for it. Otherwise maybe hold off for a while til you're making the big bucks and then pick it up - no pun intended.