Vin DiCarlo - Conversation Cure

Vin DiCarlo - Conversation Cure. Have You Ever Wondered:“Do Women Enjoy Talking To You …Or Is She Just Being Polite?  Finally Enjoy Talking To A Woman:Say What...
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Vin DiCarlo - Conversation Cure

Vin DiCarlo - Conversation Cure

Have You Ever Wondered:

“Do Women Enjoy Talking To You …Or Is She Just Being Polite?


Finally Enjoy Talking To A Woman:Say Whatever Is On Your Mind - And Have Her Love You For It! Guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

I’ve heard some absolute horror stories about meeting women…

…But one story rips my heart open, time and time again.

And it goes something like this:

You walk up a woman, and she’s perfectly your type. You’re fascinated by her perfect curves, her lips are pillow-soft and her eyes pierce your soul.

Now the butterflies start to come, and you talk yourself out of it. You walk right by her, because you don’t know what to say.


Maybe it’s one of those rare moments where something inside you clicks…

You plow through your nerves and introduce yourself.

For the next couple of minutes, you stumble through a conversation. And she’s smiling a little bit, so you think she’s enjoying herself.

You ask her a few questions, to get to know her.

And eventually, your mind goes “blank” and you run of things to say.

In the back of your mind, a little voice starts whispering, “Don’t just sit there. Say something. Say anything.. But make it clever. Show her you’re an interesting guy. Show her you’re high-value…”

And while this battle is going on in your mind, things between you and her get awkward.

You desperately try to force conversation, perhaps even making lame comments about the surroundings…

You can feel her boredom, you can sense her disappointment. She gives you the tight-lipped “polite” smile. And when it all comes crashing down… She starts to walk away.

Maybe you ‘save it’ by telling her “It was nice to meet you” -or- “I’ll talk to you later”… But in just a few seconds… You realize…

She Was Just Talking To You
To Be Polite

Not interested, at all. You got lumped into her mind with every other guy who’s talked to her, then walked away…

… And sometimes — whether its 15 minutes or hours later — You come up with the perfect thing you should have said. You make a mental note to remember it next time. But the cycle just repeats itself.

You feel ashamed, embarrassed and confused because sometimes you can be a fun, relaxed guy. But for some reason, the words just weren’t coming to you.

I know… Because I’ve been there. Years ago, now, I went through this same heartbreak. And it wasn’t just once, either.

*What It All Comes Down To, Is You Didn’t Get The Girl Because Of A Poor Conversation*

And no matter how smooth you are the next time you see her… The Damage Is Done.

You Can FIX Your Conversation Skills … So It NEVER Happens Again:

I’ve got good news:

You only ran out of things to say… Because you haven’t mastered a few key mindsets. Men who are amazing conversationalists — and can bring a woman straight to a bed, with words alone — Only have a handful of “go-to” techniques.

There is probably something you are an expert at. Something you could talk for HOURS about, without ever once missing a beat. And you can have this same success with women… Once you have these techniques, and the mindsets to use them “on-the-fly”.

No matter how “smooth” you are… (most of the guys I know who are “too smooth”, suck with women, because she treats him like a player, INSTANTLY)

No matter how “boring” you think your life is… (because I will show you one tiny tweak in HOW you talk to women, which will make any topic exciting and capture her attention)

And you will NEVER need to “memorize” or “learn” a single. Damn. Thing. (because one brand-new teaching technique I discovered takes care of all THREE types of learning… and I will let you in on the details, in just a second)

But We Have To Face
The Cold, Hard Facts:

… If You Keep Doing The Same Thing, Over And Over, You Will Keep Getting The Same Results.

It’s like trying to put a puzzle together… And jamming the wrong piece into a hole. It’s not going to fit… No matter how many times you try to make it work.

And… If you finally force it to work… You’re going to end up with a broken puzzle, and worse off than when you started.

It’s the same for talking to women:

If you keep going out — time and time again — And using the same tired, old and useless tactics… You will keep getting the same results.

And if you force yourself to talk to hundreds of women… While practicing these useless, harmful habits…

… You will only succeed in permanently ingraining horrible habits and beliefs about women into your mind. Until they’re stuck there, for good.

You Need A New Way
To Achieve The Goals You Want

You need a new way to talk to women. You need a way to talk to women which never lets you run out of things to say. (and doesn’t require a second of “learning”)

Because to truly connect to a woman… And hold interesting and FUN conversations… You need to be able to express your inner, naturally attractive self, while holding her attention with an iron grasp.

What does it take to master these Master Conversation Mindsets I’ve told you about? Well… It depends on which of the Three Types of Learner you are:

If You’re A Visual Learner,
You Want To SEE Conversation In Action:

The best way — I’ve discovered — To teach a visual man stone-cold conversational confidence is to SHOW him not only conversations between a guy who knows what he’s doing and a beautiful woman who falls under his spell…

… You should show him men just like him, who make the same mistakes he does. And you should show him what corrections these men needed to make — And what they looked like.

Only then — I believe — Is this man ready to talk to a woman without fear, anxiety, or stress running through his veins.

If You’re An Auditory Learner,
You Want To HEAR The Right Things To Say:

You should be able listen to the delivery, and tonality behind these techniques. Because you can say the same thing to a woman, with two different energies behind it, and you will get two EXTREMELY different reactions.

And once you hear a man with a similar energy deliver these lines… Get corrected on his mistakes… And use these techniques with the correct energy — The Ideal Energy Of An Auditory Learner

You will have the “ammo” you need to talk to a woman without ever once letting your mind go blank, or being embarrassed when the conversation dies.

If You Learn By DOING,
You Want A Way To Practice
These Techniques:

I’ve discovered many men master things quicker when you can actually DO the exercises I teach. But the real key is — You can’t just watch them done, or do them unsupervised… Because you will miss the Trainer feedback, and make other mistakes.

You need to go through these exercises WHILE getting feedback from an expert, who knows exactly how to fix your individual, personal problems and sticking points.

And only then will you be ready to meet the next woman you desire, and seduce her… Instead of letting her slip away because of poor conversation skills.

But The Most Powerful Way To Learn… Is To Combine All Three Types Of Guidance:

Without a doubt, the most powerful, effective way of mastering conversation is to get all three types of feedback. Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic (physical).

For Visual Learners: A master of conversation would show you — Only two feet away — How talking to a woman is supposed to look. Everything from his tiniest touch to his body posture and stance.

For Auditory Learners: This same conversation expert would tell you — Mimicking the tonality YOU use — How to come up with your own “lines” on-the-fly. And will even show you how to put more bass in your voice… Or break-down why he said what he said.

For Men Who Need To “Do”: He would give you exercises to practice. He would then watch you, and make corrections to your form. Everything from how you cock your hips, to the speed you move your hands.


For years, I struggled to design a simple system you could use in the comfort of your own home. One way to give you MASTER Conversational Confidence without the grueling work, painful rejections and practice and complicated theories everyone else requires you to suffer through.

But… No matter how hard I tried… I just couldn’t figure it out. Something always seemed to be missing…

That Is… Until I Hosted
A Closed-Door Secret Seminar,
Only 20 Men Were Invited To:

I invited twenty of my closest friends and extremely willing conversation newbies to New York City and The W Hotel.

Out of these hundred-and-twenty volunteers, I chose only three men to be “contestants” on Conversation Cure.

You see, I couldn’t just choose anyone. I needed three men who had specific, extremely common problems when talking to women.

And I found them. I found three men who had exactly the sticking points I want to CURE in you, today. Things such as:

Running out of things to say… And letting your mind go “blank”…

Being too quiet, or timid around women…

Constantly trying to say the “right” thing… Or impress the girl you’re with…

Thinking it takes something “more” than solid, potent conversation to make a girl want you…

And many other common problems. You will have more than one in common with a contestant. I spent hours designing it this way.


Plus more, but I don’t want to ramble because this is extremely important… And I need your undivided attention.

I Put Three Contestants Into A Room With Three Gorgeous Women And Six Conversation MASTERS … And Conversation Cure Was Born

We took these three men — With the same sticking points that you may go through on a painful, daily basis — And we gave them the most powerful, effective, and lasting training I could develop.

These five men — and myself — Each taught multiple, extremely different techniques ranging from absolute newbie beginner to master-level advanced.

And each of these Conversational Masters (who I am about to introduce, in just a second) taught a completely different, unique topic which… When put together…

… Will give you absolute, unshakable, rock-solid confidence captivating any woman’s attention, interest and desire.

(And you can see just how effective these combine teaching techniques were, by checking out the Conversation Cure attendee videos at the bottom.)

So You Will SEE Men Like You
Make The Same Mistakes
And Get Personal Correction

You will see - LIVE and uncut — Exactly how you should look when holding a conversation with a woman.

You will see how to hold your hands (and it’s not in your pockets.. or touching your face). You will see what energy you need to have, to hold a woman’s attention…

… And you will see — in living, breathing, gorgeous detail — What a woman is supposed to look like, when your words light her up like a kid on Christmas morning.

And You Will HEAR Every Technique Spelled Out With Perfect Tonality

You will hear — Word-for-word — Exactly how you should sound, whether you’re meeting a woman during the day or speaking to her in a bar.

You will hear when she’s being sarcastic or joking (because it’s not always obvious, and if you take even ONE of her jokes serious… You’re dead in the water). You will discover how to put some extra bass and grit into your voice — And why it drives women wild…

… And you will hear exactly what low, seductive tonality makes a woman gasp, get flushed and red, and plasters a giant, silly grin on her face.

And You Can DO These Simple, Fun “Games” Along With The Three Contestants

Because you will — Almost immediately — Find a contestant which you identify with. You can either use the advice we gave him to fix your sticking points. Or use all of the advice and master conversational techniques you were already strong at.

You get to see their evolution of their getting better. So you dont just see someone who already mastered it, and miss all of the important steps along the way.

You will burn the right way to talk to a woman deep into your mental-muscle memory (so you never have to struggle or think of the “right” thing to say to a woman.. or ever let your mind go “blank” again)…

… And you will walk away from Conversation Cure — After watching it just once — With a knowing, sure and solid confidence that what you say to the next woman you meet will be exactly what she wants to hear.


The Conversation Cure Mega Package

8 Full-Length DVD’s in 2 Volumes and 3 Advanced Audio Training Sessions


Inside, you’ll Discover:

” Disc One: The Complete Fundamental Conversational Toolkit with Vin DiCarlo

I started Conversation Cure off with a bang.

These specific, highly-tuned tips and techniques are exactly what you need to start talking to women, today.

Aman Approaches a Group of Women and Finally Experiences FLOW (without any awkward pauses or silences)




These are the basics that most men miss. And sometimes just getting the fundamentals down makes a huge shift in your game.

You will never again walk by a beautiful woman, dying to talk to her… And beat yourself up because you choked at the last second.

And it’s all because talking to women will finally become stress-free, an “unsolved” mystery, and FUN.

Here’s a summary of the topics I covered:

  1. •Why “awkward silences” are only uncomfortable for YOU… And once you grasp this realization, you’ll fully understand how to make a woman feel calm and protected without
    ever saying a word
  2. •Being TOO “clever” or “serious” is a nail-in-the-coffin. Many guys make this mistake on a daily basis, robbing them from opportunities. This one little hint will give you the perfect amount of playful energy… Without turning you into the ‘entertainer’
  3. •One little-known “tweak” lets you never again run out of things to talk about… Ever. It’s completely mental, and can be learned in 30 seconds or less. (and it’s so simple, your
    four-year old cousin has been doing it his whole life)
  4. •Many guys make it HARD for women to have a conversation with them… Which is a huge reason why women blow them off! In this DVD I show you how to make talking to you so EASY for a woman… She will practically talk herself straight into your bedroom. (all you have to do is drop this one hidden”hook”, wait for her to grab it, sit back and relax)
  5. •What conversational knock-out left my friend Bob so rattled… He answered the door this morning with no shirt,
    bags under his eyes and his fly totally down?(The answer will amuse you)
  6. •The handful of “poison topics” which will destroy any attraction she ever had for you. These are landmines
    women throw out to test you… I’ll show you how to pass with flying colors (Full list included, and I also reveal the common theme that ties them all together)
  7. •How ten minutes of a simple, 3-step exercise will give you the conversational confidence of a veteran hostage negotiator (I’ve got one game
    DESIGNED for this topic… And it was — by far — One of the most fun and intriguing)
  8. •How to talk about your passions and hobbies in a way she will not only understand… She will want to know more, in order to start liking them herself, and begin to contribute to YOUR life. (Many men try to show that they understand HER passions, which can be a mistake)
  9. •Discover Zoe’s “addiction” to porn… And why talking to women about this kind of stuff isn’t “taboo” or forbidden if you use the right energy. In fact if you do it the right way it can be a ACCELERANT!
  10. •One single sentence means “Game Over”, no matter how “into you” you thought she was (Most men ‘miss the hint’
    and dig their graves deeper, but I’ll show you how to pre-empt this ‘kiss of death’ so you can PREVENT it from happening!)

“Disc Two: How To Ask The RIGHT Questions, And Using Questions In Advanced Techniques with Vin DiCarlo

And I did a double session, to start the first day.

Be honest: Have you ever bored a woman, because you asked too many questions?

Vin Gives Live Real-Time Feedback to Matt Mid-Conversation with the Women

(I lost three girlfriends because I didn’t know how to emotionally connect with her, I’ll never make THAT mistake again…)

I will show you how to ask the “right” questions… Which show women you’re socially ‘savvy’, and can handle her sexuality.

Because when you let a girl open up to you emotionally without prying or boring her like an interview…

… You become the “one-in-a-million” man she only reads about in Cosmo.

I will show exactly which questions these are, plus a whole lot more:

How to get women to emotionally feel the same bond through conversation… She feels after making love (This hint is hidden, and a little dirty — So use with caution)

Discover the “right” way to ask questions, so you never again see her slowly losing interest (And don’t have to
ask her name… Age… Job… Hometown…)

Find out why amazing “listeners” get thrown in the “Friend Zone”… Without ever knowing you’re doing something RIGHT (Just with the wrong energy, which I show you inside)

How to use simple questions to understand her on a deep and personal level she’s NEVER revealed to any other man before you

See, hear and FEEL immediate feedback from each conversation Master on sticking points YOU have (And see the
evolution from where you were… To where you are… To where you WANT TO BE with women)

One simple tip shows you how to project your voice, create a louder first impression and hold the dominant spot
in any group… As soon as you first meet them (This has nothing to do with the “strength” of your vocal chords
because its all in your mind)

This single mindset tweak forces the people around you to notice your presence… Even if they can’t yet SEE you (This is the “magic” I use to create a presence, before I’m able to directly talk to a woman)

Find out what women decide is the most important part of a conversation… Because they choose it as a tie breaker (And find out which guy pulls out the win at the end)

Discover ‘The Lie Detector’ - 3 common questions can show you whether she’s lying or telling the truth… No matter what (It’s like a polygraph test
you can do in seconds, but that’s just scratching the surface of it’s full capabilities)


“Disc Three: Three Ways To Master Effective Storytelling with Vin and Rewok My friend Rewok was up next.

He has a dominant, masculine energy and the ability to dominate a room, when he tells a story.

In fact, when you tell a passionate, emotionally charged story… You force her to feel those emotions for you.

Orleans Teaches Matt How to Project His Voice

So when you can lead a woman’s imagination — using only your words — You get instant respect from men, you can silence an entire room when you talk…

… And you will have the key to controlling her emotions. For good or for evil.

Here’s just a taste of what he covered:

  1. • How to captivate a woman with your stories… And take control of her emotions to a level which borders on hypnotism (And all it takes is one simple tweak in your language)
  2. • How to tell a story that’s entertaining, intriguing, passionate and emotionally charged… In just four sentences (Both men and women will be begging to hear a story… Instead of bored and leaving)
  3. • When to “Just Fucking Lie”… And why the JFL Technique creates stories with mystery-thriller cliffhangers, but won’t
    ever leave her feeling ‘lied to’ or used (It’s all in a simple piece of storyteller psychology)
  4. • One contestants riveting story about his journey to America has all three women nearly in tears… And you can see EVERYTHING from his body-language to his tonality, so you can master it yourself
  5. • 3 tactical tips about the words you pick will inject sexuality directly into your stories… And let her feel those “naughty
    feelings” privately, while thinking about you
  6. • Rewok covers basic story-telling mistakes you — and nearly everyone you know — Probably make, every single day (Fixing
    these simple “errors” will make you the BEST story-teller your friends have ever known. Hands down)
  7. • How to use your stories to escalate with her. (And create fantasies she will live along with you… Whether
    you’re talking at home, in a bar or in a club surrounded by pounding music and other people)
  8. • When and WHERE to tell a story so it comes out naturally, powerfully and spontaneously… Even if you’ve rehearsed and
    retold it thousands of times (And even if she’s heard it already, she will be begging for you to tell it again)
  9. • Use this one tweak to end your stories on a BANG… And make her feel the surge of adrenaline she gets from a roller-
    coaster ride (All from listening to you speak)
  10. • PLUS you will see 6 powerful stories get tweaked, refined and tailored into works of art you can steal and use — or
    adapt for yourself — As soon as tonight


” Disc Four: How to Get Her Aroused Through Tension and Hypnotic Seductive Language with Vin and Orleans

Orleans has the presence of a confident, touring-the-globe rockstar.

And whenever he speaks, he chooses his words extremely carefully.

Orleans Coaching Matt Through a Tension Drill by Projecting His Intention

You see, Orleans is a master of what I like to call “Seductive Languaging.”

By using emotionally loaded words — and we include a whole list to choose from — With a sexy masculine tone of voice…

… You can force a woman’s imagination to run wild.

And once she’s imagined what making love is like with you… Her body aches to see if you live up to the “hype”.

He will show you how to create room-filling, boiling Tension, as well as:

  1. • Most men don’t know this… But conversation usually SCREWS UP your first impression. Discover how to ‘fan the flame’ even MORE, using powerful, exciting words and topics
  2. • How to connect with a woman on a deep, and satisfying level… Without turning into her “gal pal” shopping buddy, and taking your rightful place as her lover
  3. • One specific, tailored type of sentence forms a deep, lasting connection… And you can use it with ANY topic (This is the “secret sauce” to some of Orleans’ fastest same-night-lays)
  4. • Discover how to react to any woman’s reactions to your advances — Good OR Bad. Know what they sound like, look
    like, feel like… And how to counter them with conversational “ninjitsu” (Which leaves you in a positive light
    in her mind)
  5. • Find out what “grade-level” you should REALLY talk to women at (WARNING: This will shock, surprise… And maybe slightly offend you… But it’s the honest truth)
  6. • How to put your deepest, most private passions into words… So she will pick up on it, understand, and find YOUR
    hobbies sexually alluring
  7. • 7 simple ways to “juice” your conversation, until the topics you’re talking about shine with a firey passionate energy (This is the key to bringing her home in 2 hours… 60 minutes… Or 10 minutes)
  8. • Watch how three gorgeous girls react to me and Orleans, when we drop a nuclear BOMB sentence LOADED with tension and seductive languaging (All three girls go wild… But Zoe almost slips off the couch)
  9. • Discover exactly how to speak to a woman so she can FEEL tension radiating off of your body (Girls pick up on
    your “energy” extremely well… And she will physically feel her skin getting warmer)

Find out why you DON’T need to be creative. Because I’ve include lines you can STEAL to get the delivery and FEELING
of seductive languaging mastered in no time

” Disc Five: Shaping, Role-Playing and Other Advanced Tools and Techniques with Vin and Heartwork

Heartwork is my “secret weapon”, so to speak.

What I mean is this: He knows how to “mold” a woman, until she fits his perfect type, emotionally.

Hearwork Demonstrates Holding Court using Group-Based Roleplaying and Storytelling

You will discover how to train a woman -through conversation, alone - To unleash the “side” of her, most attractive to you.

And because women are naturally submissive:

You will be able to take any girl, and bring out the exact behavior and attitude you find sexy.

Please understand these techniques are powerful. And they are more than a little dangerous in the wrong hands.

That being said, Heartwork will show you how to:

  1. • Discover everything you need to make a woman behave like your perfect “dream girl”… Even if you don’t know a THING about shaping (It’s easier than the conversations you’re having now.. And at LEAST ten-times more effective)
  2. • Find out how to make a woman WORK for YOUR sex… Instead of the other way around (This is what Casanova, James Bond and a handful of real-life seducers have mastered — And now it’s your turn)
  3. • How to role-play with a woman… With a few sneaky, extremely powerful psychological additions (You will have her
    pretending she’s your long-lost lover… While escalating “under the radar”)
  4. • A role-playing “game” you can play with her — which involves NO dress up or costumes — Yet will get her EXTREMELY excited (And you can pull it off in broad daylight, even in public)
  5. • How to set up a role-play so you control her every thought, reaction and even how she sees you romantically (Please don’t abuse this information, or you could ruin her attraction for ANY OTHER MAN in general)
  6. • How to make her feel like its you two against the world. And why being on “her side” will make love making practically “in the
    bag”, instead of something you need to work towards
  7. • One simple technique will let you “guess” about her inner personality — and be so accurate, 99% of the time — She will swear you can stare into her soul
  8. • “Nostra Pimpus” — And why these ten minutes of your life will let you walk up to any woman on the street, and she
    will swear you’ve known her for years

“Disc Six: The Three Levels of Conversation and How to Bring Her to the Deepest Level Quickly and Easily with IN10SE

IN10SE (aka TwoTimer in Neil Strauss’ book, “The Game”), is my guest of honor.

He will show you a way to access a woman’s deepest emotional levels, in seconds.

Contestant #3 Kai Getting Intimate Using Physical Escalation, while Talking on the Deepest Level

You will be able to talk to any woman for just a few minutes, and she will leave feeling like she’s known you forever.

And this not only makes meeting women simple, because you will never run out of things to say…

… You will be able to unlock her inner “trust” mechanisms. And sleep with her that night, if you wish.

I can promise you no woman you meet has ever known a guy who can stare straight into her soul like you, once you discover these few techniques:

  1. • Find out a brand-new “framework” behind conversation… And how following this blueprint makes ANY word you say to her the “right” words… No matter the context (It’s literally a “free pass” when you first meet her)
  2. • 3 Sloping Levels of Conversation map out where you are — at all times — With a woman, without ever having to guess, worry or stress over it (PLUS, you can master these levels in under ten minutes, tops)
  3. • Word-by-word examples, and a step-by-step process to getting deeper, more intense and extremely more intriguing to the beautiful woman you’re talking to (You will never fumble for words, ever again)
  4. • How to master HER emotions in a conversation… And lead her through an emotional maze designed to create a lasting bond and intimate attraction (This is boyfriend-in-seconds level conversation)
  5. • A handful of simple exercises — which you can do alone, in your living room — Will ingrain three simple quesions deep into your subconcious (And these three questions will unlock her deepest, darkest passions and desires)
  6. • See how IN10SE makes our three lovely ladies flush with passion and doe-eyed in seconds… Simply by using the techniques
    he teaches (And it only takes two minutes to learn)
  7. • LIVE demonstrations of each and every question and technique — With IN10SE’s personal corrections — Promise you will NEVER screw this up when you try it on a woman (Even if you fumble the WORDS to the question completely)


” Disc Seven: The Black-Ops Toolbox with IN10Se

These Are The ‘Forbidden Techniques’ Pick-Up Artists Around The Globe Are SCARED To Use.

And this will be the only time you can ever get them on video, as I will explain later.

IN10SE Demonstrating The October Man Sequence Step-By-Step

You will learn sub-rosa secrets only a few men around the world have ever known.

And you will be able to redefine a woman’s type… Instantly discover the size of her love making appetite… Discover the hidden secrets she tells NO ONE else (not even her diary)…

… In a few short minutes, with only three, extraordinarily powerful psychological techniques.

If power corrupts, these are the three techniques you should be scared of.

And this session will cover:

  1. • Strawberry Fields” - Use this powerful “personality test” to see straight into a woman’s desires (You will know — in seconds — Her Deepest Fantasies)
  2. • Exactly what the size of her field… How she picks her strawberries… The height of her fence… And which ones
    she places in her bucket mean, revealed (Patti turned bright red the second her answers were uncovered because they
    were so dead-on accurate)
  3. • “The Cube” - This is the same Cube a former Pick-Up Artist used to seduce Paris Hilton. IN10SE will show you the in’s and out’s of this ancient, deeply revealing pattern (Once you read her Cube, you will see her inner personality, and the side of her she shows NO ONE else… And this bond will last forever)
  4. • How to use The Cube on a lover, a long-time girlfriend or a girl you just met to deepen your bond… And find out what type of person she is on the INSIDE (Not a single lie, trick or deception can hide her inner personality, when you read her Cube correctly)
  5. • “The October Man Sequence” - The one “forbidden” hypnotic pattern which redefines a woman’s identity… And places YOU as her ideal partner. It is too powerful to have EVER been taught before publicly, and this is the ONLY time you will EVER see it on video
  6. • A few BRAND-NEW uses of The October Man Sequence you have never even imagined… Plus… The single most important
    KEY you can’t afford to miss (Or it will back-fire, explosively)
  7. • How to introduce all three “black box” techniques seamlessly… So you never come across “creepy” or “weird” (She will only see you as an incredible conversationalist and sensual teacher)
  8. • PLUS - How to use The October Man Sequence, The Cube and Strawberry Fields together… To heighten her arousal to the same level as a Tantric Massage (And it’s all through your words alone)


” Disc Eight: Effectively and Safely Dating Multiple Women with Julian Foxx

Finally, we come to Julian Foxx.

When you master conversation, you will probably be dating multiple women.

Could YOU talk your way out of getting caught cheating? With a DILDO strapped to your face? (It’s not easy, but our contestants did it without breaking a sweat!)

(at least until you decide to settle down)

But there is always a chance they will find out about each other.

And when she does, you can be sure it won’t be pretty.

So my friend Julian talks about his secret — and extremely effective — Ways of dating multiple women at once…

… And how to deal with the most challenging situations.

He will show you:

  1. • How to date multiple women “under the table”… Without them ever finding out about each other (A few little tips to
    make it that much easier)
  2. • Exactly what to do when a girl is snooping through your cell-phone, laptop or planner and finds a message from another
    women! (This technique has saved my ass more than a few times)
  3. • Step-by-step technique to calming your girlfriend down… Even if she sees you in public, with another girl and HOLDING
    HER HAND (You will never believe WHY this works, until you finally see it in action)
  4. • The “Flip It” Technique - This simple, one-step technique instantly takes everything she’s blaming you for… And puts
    HER on the defensive (Yet does it in a way which won’t piss her off even FURTHER)
  5. • Discover a few tailored techniques.. And subtle energy shifts.. You can’t afford to miss out on, if your girlfriends find out about each other (Miss even one, and you’ll have hell to pay)
  6. • Why cat-fights actually work in your favor.. And how to flip it around so she’s stuck trying to apologise — Not attack (And you will finally have some breathing room, even if she started in a screaming fit)
  7. • Step-by-step, word-for-word examples of how to get out of the WORST CASE SCENARIO: One of your girls walking into your room, while you’re with another girl(And you won’t have to lie about it… At all… If you follow this simple technique)


” You’re Not Just WATCHING, But…

You will also be able to sit down and listen to three CDs, full of each and every post-Conversation Cure advanced training session we held.

These were designed to take what you learned, and multiply the results months after the fact, by weaving in multiply media — And ways — Of learning, together.

” Advanced Audio Disc #1
Dominating Other Guys Through Conversation

If other men talk “over” you… Try to embarrass you in front of a woman… Or try to screw-up a conversation you’re having, they need to be stopped.

And fighting in a club will get you thrown out… Or worse.

So you need a way to not only disarm — But to embarrass and humiliate other men, who try to take your girl.

On this audio CD, I will show you my tried and true techniques for shutting other guys up, quick.

In fact, once you use one of the first simple techniques I show you…

… Jacked, muscle-bound Frat boys or tough guys will stay away from you, like they had on electrified dog-collars.

And it’s all simple to learn, easy to master. Techniques like:

  1. • How to get any jacked juicer or muscle head to back the hell off and give you room to breathe… Simply using one simple type of sentence (It’s time to turn the tables on guys hitting on YOUR women)
  2. • Discover how to keep her mystified with your presence as if you were carrying catnip in your pocket, while other men have NO CLUE how to steal her away (It’s like building an iron cage around the women you want)
  3. • Find out how to disarm guys who try to fight you for women, WITHOUT bloodying your knuckles or coming across as a wussy (And these men will leave you alone, and give you respect)


” Advanced Audio Disc #2
Conversation For Approaching

The first few second are crucial, when you meet a new woman.

She forms first impressions, and you feel an awkward tension while you dig for a commonality… Or anything to talk about.

And you may even see men who talk to a woman like they’re old friends.

Maybe like he’s known her for years, and they’re just “catching up”.

These men aren’t any different or “better” than you. They just believe a few different ideas about “meeting” a woman.

On this CD, I’ve put together all of those ideas… Plus a few of my favorite ways to master them.

And you will see women go “doe-eyed” and soft in just a few seconds, when you know:


  1. • What the first thing out of your mouth should be when you’re approaching a woman you’re REALLY truly interested in… And it’s not something you memorized or came up with that morning
  2. • A simple way to master “on-the-fly” openers which give her the compliment she REALLY wants to hear… (These are the “romance movie moments” she wishes happen in her life)
  3. • Discover a formula to walking up to women, which tells her you’re a valuable, man before you even open your mouth (You will never beleive how women look at you differently… In such a short time)

” Advanced Audio Disc #3
When To Shut The Fuck Up

Armed with your new Conversational Confidence, you may “overpower” a few women, at first.

And it might be tempting to go into full ‘manipulation mode’ with your newfound conversational superpowers.

Because women are insecure, as well. So she may look at you and say to herself, “He’s too smooth… He must be a player or something..”

And although this sounds fun, it’s not the reaction you want.

You want women eager to talk to you again… Almost begging on the phone to meet up in person.

And the real key to making this switch, is learning when to “turn it off”… Or… When To Shut Your Mouth!

(Not really… But you have to admit, it’s a catchy name, isn’t it?)

On this CD, you will discover:

  1. • Why being “too good” at conversation can actually scare some women away… And simple, easy-to-use techniques to dumb-down your swagger and come in under the radar
  2. • How the “Salesman’s Technique”, plus three seconds of silence will make her almost ten times more likely to accept the next touch you give her (even if it’s too strong, or too soon)
  3. • Find out a simple method to capturing a woman’s attention without once creeping her out, or putting her “on guard” (Because when she’s playing “defense”… It’s damn near impossible to score)

… Even after all three years he’s been in The Community…
And you can watch the video above to hear what he thought about The ‘Cure… In his own words.”

“How Do You Get Your Hands On The Cure?

I sat down and thought hard about what I should charge for The Conversation Cure.

This is information you will NEVER see on video. Anywhere.

Everyone at the live taping spent over one-thousand dollars on his ticket. Not to mention travel, lodging and food.

… And every man there said he learned — by the end of day one — Tips and techniques worth much more.

Because… After all… You can’t put a price on your ability to seduce a woman, using only your words. Without ever again “going blank” or running out of things to say.

And to value it too high would keep it out of the hands of the men who need it the most.

I made a simple decision: Because you get the full seminar experience, through DVD… But you don’t get to actually be in the same room as us…

(although the techniques were designed to work just as effectively, no matter how you learn the best)

… Conversation Cure will be one simple $69.95 investment in your future with women.

(and I’ve even made a payment plan available)

This is FAR less than any attendee spent to see The Cure in the first place. And it is less than half of the ticket price.

And you don’t just get The Conversation Seminar on DVD and CD.

” You Will Also Get A Stack Of Brand-New Bonuses:

Including two presentations filled with never-before-heard information…

… And a chance to talk to IN10SE, practically one-on-one for the first, and the last time EVER:

” Bonus Audio Disc #1:Mixed Sets Mastery

Now, if you’re not an audio learner — or you just want an action-item checklist to mastery — These two bonus CDs are exactly what you’re looking for.

This happens every night, in clubs across America:

The hottest girl in the club is surrounded by her guy friends and “posse”.

They feel intimidating to talk to, because you have to deal with both men and women at the same time.

But when it comes down to it… Girls who hang out with guys… Are the easiest girls to take home, that night.

This is all because she feels safe and secure around men who will “protect” her from creepy, or sleazy guys.

So if you want to take these girls home — But aren’t sure how to go about it — This bonus CD will show you:

How to talk to groups of both guys and girls without scaring the women, or being dominated by the men (The guys will respect you, the women will love you… And you win, both ways)

A little known social “loophole” actually makes women who are with men easier to bring home that same night… Discover how to exploit it to the fullest

Master your first impression so no one will ever label you the “odd one out” or say you dont belong here

” Bonus Audio Disc #2:Mastery In Conversation

Now, the road to Mastery is a long one…

… At least, that’s how the saying goes.

I don’t believe a word of it, because I’ve seen guys get downright amazing with women in as little as 3-6 months.

These men bring home 4 or more women per month. And they do it each and every month.

And it all comes down to a few, simple shifts in the way you practice what I will show you, in Conversation Cure.

So, on this Bonus CD, you will discover techniques and tips you can use to cut your “learning curve” into tiny little pieces.

Techniques such as:

How you can master talking to women, in 6 short months. Not a day longer, and you will have the internal, solid confidence only a master seducer can muster.

The first three steps you need to take, once you decide to get better with women. And if you do these out of order, you won’t screw everything up… But you will add at least 3 months to the process

And a step-by-step gameplan of exactly what you need to do the first week you have these techniques, in order to burn them into your brain… NEVER to be forgotten.


Here’s Exactly What’s Inside Your Conversation Cure…

I want you to know — without any doubt, what-so-ever in your mind — She likes you for you.

I want you to look deep into her eyes and know she wants you for the man you are… And for the man you want to show her, but you might not have the words or courage.

And I want you to be this man, without breaking your bank.

So let’s take a look at all you’re getting:

The Entire Conversation Cure Seminar On DVD - Valued at $697.00
(which is what each attendee paid for his seat)

Dominating Other Guys Through Conversation - Valued at $97.00
(the information on each CD is worth much more, but I want to be realistic)

Conversation For Approaching - Valued at $97.00

When NOT To Use Conversation - Valued at $97.00

Mixed Sets Mastery - Valued at $100.00
(These bonus audios have only been revealed to a handful of men worldwide)

Mastery In Conversation - Valued at $100.00

Total Value: Over $1,677.00


“Let’s Wrap It Up…

Like I said before: This is information you will NEVER AGAIN see on video. To value it to low would be an insult to IN10SE and the other Masters.

And to value it too high would keep it out of the hands of the men who need it the most.

But I had to make a decision.

So — Because you get the full seminar experience, through DVD… But you don’t get to actually be in the same room as us…

… You will only need to invest $69.95 in Conversation Cure.

(and I’ve even made a payment plan available)

That is less than half of the original ticket, with additional bonuses no one has ever seen.

Think about it this way:

For less than the cost of one new “gadget” to impress women… You can master your conversation skills, and never again let her slip right through your fingers.

You can be the man your friends warn their girlfriends about.

And you can sleep at night, confident in your ability to meet women — And satisfied with the day behind you.

All it takes, is a one-time investment of $69.95.

It is an investment in your future. Because it is a commitment to yourself.

” So Change Your Future With Women And NEVER AGAIN Run Out Of Things To Say Without Wasting Another Day Or Second

I’m going to be honest with you: Conversation Cure will not turn you into a “super-pimp” overnight.

What the techniques you’ll master in just one single watch-through of Conversation Cure will do, however…

… Is let you express yourself FULLY to a woman — without hiding anything — And without the stress, anxiety or butterflies that come with censoring your inner thoughts and ideas.

… You won’t worry about saying the “right thing” to a woman. And you won’t ever go “blank” mid conversation, because you will not only have the tools to create endless, fascinating conversation with her — You will know what perfect, confident conversation looks, sounds, and FEELS like.

… And you will walk up to the next woman you feel attracted to with a stone-cold confidence that you are an interesting, fascinating and sexually attractive man for her to talk to.

And listen, if it doesn’t do ANY of these things up to your standards, not mine, you can get every penny back without a question or hassle.

So decide to master talking to women. Decide to take the next conversation you have with a girl into your own hands.

Claim your copy of Conversation Cure by clicking the button below, and filling in your information.

I once got a little advice from my father, and it went something like this:

“If You Don’t Like The Results You’re Getting… Start Doing Something New”

Your Friend,



PS. So if you’ve ever gone “blank” talking to a woman… Worried about saying “the right thing”… Or lost a girl because of an awkward conversation…

… It’s time to take back control of your dating and sex life, today.

The first 277 guys to claim their copy of Conversation Cure — for just $69.95, will get a special collector’s “First Edition”… With a few bonus extras.

And it’s protected by a full 30-day, No Questions Asked Guarantee.

PPS. There’s no denying our country is in a bit of an “odd” state.

The economy is unpredictable at best. And finding work seems to be harder and harder.

Here’s what I’ve found:

Time and time again — The man who gets the job, is never the “highest qualified”…

… Sometimes it’s the hottest blonde, and sometimes it’s the CEO’s nephew…

… But most of the time, the man who gets the job… Is… The guy who holds the *best* interview.

And recruiters judge you on many criteria. But if you can make them feel a deep, personal, friendship bond through your conversation…. You’re one step closer than the next guy.

Will this instantly land you your dream job? No.

But in a time when so much is uncertain, it’s best to take every unfair advantage that comes your way.


“People Are Talking…”

Conversation Cure Success Story #1: Gerard

“Gerard has been doing amazing since Conversation Cure.

He was already an intermediate-to-advanced level guy going in.. (He could pull girls from bars or clubs pretty often).. But he came to Conversation Cure to get the gritty, advanced techniques he needed to send his game into a whole ‘nother level.

Since Conversation Cure, Gerard’s game has never been better

Conversation Cure Success Story #2: Aman

“Aman came from a tough, “Friend Zone” background.

When he would walk up to women… He was barely able to say “Hello” or get the time, before he got too nervous to continue. He also had what I call a “Low Tension Threshold”, and women couldn’t see him as a attractive man.

But now… Aman is like a whole new man. He’s currently able to talk to women without any trouble… And his mind rarely ever goes “blank” anymore.

And on the very few, extremely rare times it does… He has the skills and knowledge to bounce back from it, without missing a step.”

Conversation Cure Success Story #3: Matt

“Matt came to Conversation Cure almost too quiet to hear… Even from across the room.

He was intimidated talking to women, and his conversations would fizzle out in little to no time.

But after Conversation Cure, Matt is noticeably more relaxed, calm, cool and confident. His energy has completely shifted, and our girl Zoe even said he went from looking nervous to fun to be around.

With the tips and techniques he learned in Conversation Cure, Matt will never again be intimidated or “scared” of messing up conversation with a woman he likes.”

Conversation Cure Success Story #4: Jeff

“Jeff has been with me for awhile now. I’ve seen him go from absolutely a beginner with women — where he was stuck, even with simple small talk — To a much more relaxed, confident and appeal man.

And this is strongest apparent in his conversation. His voice is more solid, firm and resonant, while the topics he talks about — when combined with these deadly techniques — Capture nearly any intelligent woman’s interest.

And in Conversation Cure, Jeff discovered a brand-new set of techniques he hadn’t picked up from any of my other stuff and… Well, I’ll let him tell you himself, in the video above.”

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