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Video School Online MembershipVideo School Membership Get unlimited access to all our current and future courses! $12/month + Cancel Any TimeOur membership pro...
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Video School Online Membership

Video School Online Membership

Video School Membership
Get unlimited access to all our current and future courses!

$12/month + Cancel Any Time

Our membership program gives you unlimited access to all of our Video School Online courses, including all of our future courses. Pay monthly or pay a one-time fee that gives you lifetime access, meaning you never have to pay for one of our courses again.

Why Video School?

Global - Join 2 Million+ fellow learners around the world
Practical - Learn by doing, with step-by-step tutorials and project-based learning
Support - Get one-on-one support from our instructor team
Happiness Guarantee - Don’t worry, we have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee

Why become a member?

90+ courses for video creators, photographers, online teachers, business creators, motion graphics artists, designers, and anyone else looking to make money with their skills.
Save $1,000s off the individual course prices for one low monthly price, or one low lifetime price.
Never pay for another course again! Once you become a member, you get all of our new courses.
Follow the Learning Paths to go from beginner to advanced in any topic.

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Some Reviews from Our Students:

“This course is absolutely amazing. In just the first lectures of this course, Phil has provided so many precious jewels and I imagine it will only get better. If you are looking to transform your life, enroll in this course now!” -Larnice

“This course is to the point, entertaining, and has a lot of great information! No banter, or boring chatter which is great! Very professional and highly recommended” - ShaRell

“Phil is one of the most amazing instructors I have come across… He goes the extra mile to answer his student’s questions.” - Abhishek

“Phil does a great job of explaining things and knows how to present the information in a usable way.” - Ryan

“Very helpful and practical information in easy to follow presentations. Thanks for sharing your experience and expertise with us.” - Tom

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