Vanessa Womack - Managing a Diverse Team

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Vanessa Womack - Managing a Diverse Team digital download. Info: [20 WebRips (MP4) 20 Subs (VTT) Ex.Files (PDF)]. In this course, leadership coach Vanes...
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Vanessa Womack - Managing a Diverse Team

Type: Digital download

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Managing a Diverse Team

By: Vanessa Womack

Duration: 1h 20m

Released: Feb 23, 2018


Team leaders should aim to create an inclusive culture that celebrates differences and fosters the best performance from every team member. In this course, leadership coach Vanessa Womack equips you with knowledge and impactful strategies that can help you successfully manage, counsel, and lead a diverse team. Vanessa first explains how to prepare yourself to lead by identifying cornerstones of diversity and reviewing diversity and inclusion terminology. She then shares strategies for observing and coaching your team to cultivate behaviors that build trust and strengthen relationships.

Topics include:

  • Implementing an open-door policy
  • Building rapport with your team
  • Recognizing normal behavior of team members
  • Working with multigenerational teams
  • Identifying negative behaviors that could derail progress
  • Dealing with inappropriate behavior
  • Using coaching tools to monitor results
  • Reflecting on societal and political influences

Table of contents:



1. Manager's Self-Preparation

Get yourself ready to manage, counsel, and lead
Define diversity and inclusion terminology
Identify cornerstones of diversity
Establish an open-door policy up front

2. Observe Behaviors

Get to know the team and individuals
Recognize normal behavior of team members
Team dynamics, performance, and expectations
Multigenerational teams
Eliminate toxic influences, intimidation, bullying, and more

3. Coach Team to Improve Behavior

Deal with inappropriate behavior
Create a team agreement
Practice self-monitoring
Use coaching tools to monitor results

4. Build Trust and Strengthen Relationships

Allow people to express their culture
Reflect on societal and political influences
Appreciate input and suggestions from all
Build ongoing trust


Celebrate successes
Next steps


Vanessa Womack is a consultant, author, and speaker specializing in professional and leadership development.

In her current role as a consultant and facilitator at Vanessa Womack consulting, Vanessa offers clients professional and entrepreneurial coaching. She co-authored The Female CEO: Pearls, Power & Passion, and offers workshop facilitation for leadership and professional development. Vanessa has a demonstrated ability to work with business owners, corporate leadership, and political groups to create collaborative partnerships to facilitate change.