V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)

V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks) digital download. Info: [WebRips - 66 MP4, documents - 16 PDF] | 25.271 GB. The Muscle Building S...

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V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)

Type: Digital download

Format: [WebRips - 66 MP4, documents - 16 PDF]

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V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)

The Muscle Building Summit has brought together experts you see in fitness magazines, PRO status athletes from IFBB to IDFA organizations. Each presenter has a specialized area of expertise with a long standing, proven track record of success. We are privileged to have assembled 30+ top experts in the field of muscle building.
These experts will teach you how to build muscle. They have collectively trained thousands of people throughout their careers and they are brining all of their knowledge directly to your screen!
This exclusive online event is packed with value and information! Here is a sneak peek at our Seven Phases of Success.

The Muscle Building Summit will be broken down into 8 Phases

V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)

You will learn how to approach muscle building by setting a blueprint for training that is specific to your body type, needs and gender. Women and men have different goals when it comes to shaping their bodies. Think of it this way; whether you are building a house or an office building, you will need a foundation but the foundations for each of these is different. PHASE 1 is key to establishing the right foundation and mindset for goals that are specific to you.


To suggest that a 240 lb. man and a 115 Lb. woman can eat the same way to achieve optimal muscle growth is exactly the “one size fits all approach” that causes failure; not “rep” failure, but the wrong kind of failure. Are the macronutrient needs of a man and woman the same? Do they synthesize protein the same way? Caloric and macronutrient intake for muscle building are vastly different from weight loss or maintenance protocols. PHASE 2 will help you set a baseline for what your caloric and macronutrient amounts should be in order to maximize muscle building.
V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)

V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)


The textbook definition of periodization is "the progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period." Think about it; if you gain even one pound of muscle, almost EVERYTHING you are doing needs to change on order to keep progressing. When your body goes through any changes, you become a different version of “you.” This means your nutrition and training needs will require tweaking. Sound complicated? Only if you don’t have the right information. The good news is that the Muscle Building Summit experts will make it easy for you to understand what to do in every stage of your training.

PHASE 4 - Micronutrients and Metabolism

Now that we have established your basic nutritional needs for muscle building, the micronutrients need to be addressed. Or do they? Do things like: fluoride, selenium, sodium, iodine, copper and zinc, matter in building muscle? What about vitamins C, A, D, E, K, and the B-complex vitamins? Our experts will teach you which micronutrients to focus on and also which supplements you should be taking in order to optimize muscle building, as well as the ones that don’t do anything at all!
What about metabolism, the master engine? Thyroid, BMR and the like have a profound effect on muscle building. Can you really stoke your metabolism? Learn how to determine if your metabolism is damaged and how to repair it!
V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)

V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)


Pack on the muscle you want in the fastest way possible by focusing on the right exercises, the ones that are essential for building muscle. Are these the same for men and women? What order should they be done in? Learn about building a balanced physique so that muscles work in a proportionate way for optimal results. Of course, when you put in the time and effort, you also want a body that is aesthetically appealing, with great symmetry. For men, this might be the tapered V look, sporting a massive, powerful chest and narrow waist. A woman’s goals may differ, some are not looking for “size”, as much as a toned and sleek physique; maybe leaner legs, a leaner butt, a “bubble butt” etc. Our experts will focus on the exercises from their own experience which they call “the essentials.”


Depending on where you are in your muscle building goals, whether you should use a total body or split routine going forward can have a “make or break” effect on your progress. Our experts will teach you how and when to set up your training as a split or total body, whether to train for size and hypertrophy, endurance, strength and definition etc… How many sets, how much weight, how many reps? Should women train and eat differently than men?
V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)

V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)


What happens when the results stop coming? They always do! Your body needs to be “forced” beyond it’s sticking point and “shocked” into growth. But there is a proper way to shock the body and a host of “plateau busting hacks” the Muscle Building Summit experts know and they are spilling all their little secrets.
Don’t get stuck! Get “un-stuck” with the information only the elites know.

V.A. - Muscle Building Summit (Videos and Bonus eBooks)PHASE 8 - THE EDGE

Everyone has strengths and areas of challenge in their various muscle groups. You may have an east time putting size on your chest, but biceps are much slower to grow. Since by Phase 7 we know you have the information you need to train and eat for maximum muscle building, it may come down to mother nature and genetics. Learn how to go after your areas of challenge with structured “weak point” training.
Experts delve into hot trending areas and exploratory advanced techniques such as occlusion training, resetting circadian rhythms to create optimal conditions for muscle building, bio-hacking and more.