University Of Preme - How To Build An Instagram Business

University Of Preme - How To Build An Instagram BusinessHow to Build an Instagram BusinessLearn to Resell with 0% seller Fees! Learn to Resell on InstagramWhy ...
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University Of Preme - How To Build An Instagram Business

University Of Preme - How To Build An Instagram Business

How to Build an Instagram Business

Learn to Resell with 0% seller Fees!

Learn to Resell on Instagram

Why should you accept losing at least 10% of your sale to the overpriced fees from traditional selling platforms like StockX, Bump, Grailed, Depop Ebay etc.

Instagram has no selling fees! It’s not just a social media platform, more and more businesses are selling directly to their Instagram audience. Cut out the middle man and all the fees that come with selling platforms, I’m going to show you how to build an Instagram empire!


What the Course will do for you!

Whether you’ve tried to running an Instagram account for your business and aren’t seeing results or you haven’t tried yet, this course is going to cut out all the mistakes everyone else makes. Even the successful pages, spend years working out what the right formula is for high Instagram growth and engagement and how to turn followers into customers.

In two years, I’ve built an account with over 40,000 followers! I’m providing you and your business the rare opportunity to learn and use the exact same proven method that I used to build my large following. That method isn’t unique to my account. The tips and skills I’m going to show you work for any business trying to build a community on Instagram.

this isn’t just marketing rubbish! Take a look at some of the reviews of the course from some of the biggest Instagram pages in the resell community

‘ A great in depth course of tips I’ve used myself to grow! This will definitely help you differentiate from other pages’ - (300k+ followers)

Why you need this course now!

1. Proven Results - This isn’t a course from somebody who ‘thinks’ they understand how Instagram works. I’m an Instagram expert, I know that algorithm inside out and you know the tips and techniques I’m going to teach you are proven to work. Bypass your competition, I’ll steer you clear of all the mistakes they are making and show you the path to success.

2. In Depth Content - If you’ve seen my Instagram account, you know that I don’t do vague and basic. I’m not going to waste your time with obvious things to do. This course is in depth, every lesson was scripted and edited to make sure I was cramming as much useful information as possible. I could have spread this out over 20 lessons but I want you guys to learn as fast as possible so you can building your accounts so get ready for 10 content packed lessons!

3. Where your customers are - With over a billion users, your future customers are on Instagram. Don’t miss the opportunity to build a community and sell directly to your followers. Your competitors are on Instagram, in 2020 you can’t afford to not be

4. The Price - I was motivated to create this course as I saw how resell platforms continued to raise their fees and rip off sellers. I don’t want to do the same thing. I want this investment that you are making buying my course to pay for itself as quickly as possible. That’s why I’ve decided to only charge $54.

The Potential for Reseller Instagram Accounts

On traditional resell platforms like StockX, Bump, Grailed, Depop, Ebay etc., you are limited to just selling your items for market price. If you try and sell above market price, your potential customer is just going to buy from another seller. That’s because on those sites, there is very little opportunity for you to build a brand as a resell business and create any brand loyalty.

On Instagram, you’ve got the potential to really build your own online virtual shop. Not only can you sell items for market price and pay no sellers fees but as your audience grows, so does the number of riskier ‘bricks’ you can cop, because you know you’ve got someone in your audience who will buy it. You can take it further and make even more money by ing to raffle items or selling used ‘grails’ for profit. There really is no limit what you can do with your Instagram audience, the bigger it becomes.

‘Great course for anyone trying to get ed on the IG platform - the ‘How to Create a Raffle Account’ lesson is SPOT ON!’ - Khaledsupremela ‘The Raffle God’ (10k followers)

Course Curriculum


10 Lessons to Success


Lesson 1 - Fundamentals (7:18)


Lesson 2 - Getting Set Up (6:49)

Lesson 3 - Building a Community (7:15)
Lesson 4 - The Power of Your Story (8:15)
Lesson 5 - What Does Your Feed Look Like? (7:55)
Lesson 6 - Using Promotions Properly (12:21)
Lesson 7 - Giveaways - What Are You Giving Away, What Are You Gaining (9:55)
Lesson 8 - Reflecting On Your Growth (6:31)
Lesson 9 - How To Build a Raffle Account (13:50)
Lesson 10 - Reselling on Resellers, Selling Used Grails (15:04)

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