Ultimate Training Course GB (Faster EFT)

Ultimate Training Course GB (Faster EFT) digital download.

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Ultimate Training Course GB (Faster EFT)

Type: Digital download

Salepage: Faster EFT

FasterEFT - Ultimate Training Course GB

FasterEFT - Ultimate Training Course GB

The ultimate training course is perfect for people who want to learn Faster EFT from levels 1 to 3 solely for their own use in the convenience of their own homes and who do not, at this time, plan to become a certified EUTAPTICS TM Faster EFT Practitioner.

Faster EFT’s YouTube Channel has been gaining a wide viewership and offers an extensive array of free help, BUT 92% of the best training materials are not uploaded on YouTube for copyright purposes.

What is in The Faster EFT Ultimate Training Course?

This course will point you in the right direction to make impactful positive changes for yourself and your loved ones. Faster EFT is undeniably a powerful and effective process compared to many other modalities available globally both online and offline. It comprises of an arsenal of tools for personal transformation to create changes that aren’t only noticeable but long lasting.

Over the past year, we have been working hard to improve, update and revamp our Track A EUTAPTICS TM material for both seminar and online training. The Ultimate Training Course (the DVD set) is part of our former training system (formerly known as Track B),  and continues to offer valid and powerful information. It is the perfect course to learn Faster EFT Levels 1 to 3 solely for your own use.

The Benefits of Faster EFT Ultimate Training Course are as Follows:

Takes you up to Level 3

The lessons in this course cover all the Level 1, 2 and 3 material as it has been taught over the past years.

 Learning at your own convenience

The DVD set gives you the convenience of learning all you need to know to tap on yourself and your loved ones at your own pace in your own home. Learning this way allows better comprehension for some people, especially those who are very busy either working or taking care of their families.

Replay as many times as you want

You own the materials. They are not streamed online and don’t have an expiration. Another one of the perks is that it allows you to watch the videos as often as you need to deepen your comprehension of the lessons and techniques.


No traveling required, no hotel and accommodation fees and no additional expenses!  Although we highly suggest attending the live seminars if possible, Robert Smith understands that not an option for everyone.  That is the main reason this course is available for you today.

Library of Faster EFT at your fingertips

You will have hours Faster EFT materials at your fingertips and available for quick reference.

The video and sound quality of the materials will all be in high definition

Exclusive materials

And there are more benefits in the Ultimate Training Course:

  • 94 DVDs
  • 2 audio CDs
  • 1 Data DVD with MP3’s
  • Louise Hay’s book Heal Your Body
  • Steven Heller & Terry Steele’s book Monsters and Magical Sticks
  • Bob G. Bodenhamer & L. Michael Hall’s book The User’s Manual for the Brain

…. all from the comfort of your home!   This includes hours of material that was not presented in live seminars.

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FasterEFT - Ultimate Training Course GB