Udemy - Podcast Passion Masterclass

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Udemy - Podcast Passion Masterclass digital download. Info: [13 Vids(MP4)]. In this course we will cover some of the nuances that make your podcasts str...
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Udemy - Podcast Passion Masterclass

Type: Digital download

Format: [13 Vids(MP4)]

Podcast Passion Masterclass

Start Podcasting More Effectively by Expressing Your Authentic Passion

What you'll learn

- Connect to the material and the passion of their subject in a deeper way
- Connect to the person they are interviewing and connect with their passion
- Find a way to connect to the passion, even after multiple rounds of recording
- Find a way to create the energy of passion when that’s not how the podcaster is geared


  • Students will want to have a clear understanding of the audience they are delivering material to
  • How to Podcast
  • How to present / Public Speak


In this course we will cover some of the nuances that make your podcasts stronger and more engaging. Connecting to your passion and expressing it are crucial to growing your Podcasts. The elements of this Podcasting course are specific and dive deeper into the actual delivery of the podcast and how to connect that material to the audience.

This course is for the podcaster who is ready to take their content and the delivery of it to the next level as they learn key strategies in passion which is key in podcasting for audience connection and for overall delivery and assimilation of the material.

Lastly, this Podcast Passion Masterclass covers the dynamics of passion and the how’s and why’s of stepping into one’s own passion and utilizing it to connect with and engage the audience.

In this course, we will talk all about passion and discover:

  • What it is
  • Why it’s so important
  • How do connect to passion within the subject
  • How to connect to passion through technique even if you think you aren’t a passion person
  • Passion and deliver, what you perceive vs. what your audience perceives
  • Connecting to the passion even after multiple rounds of recording
  • And much more!

Passion, it’s your love for what you do, what you are talking about and it’s ultimately what connects your listeners to you and builds your Podcast audience. Passion for many is easy to achieve and deliver, for others not as easy but either way, passion can be thrown by the side when you get too focused on scripts in your Podcasting, content and technical issues. In this course, we will talk about why passion is key and how to deliver content with it, no matter what.

In order for your Podcast audience to be captivated, engage with you and be connected, they must feel the passion and excitement that you feel. If you don’t connect with the passion within yourself and deliver it as such, you can’t expect the audience to get excited about it. In order to deliver passion you have to connect with that passion inside of you and often times use technique to bring it out. You have to get out of your head, and into your body, and your story and experience, and bring that to life. Words alone cannot do it. In this course, you learn about how important passion is and how to connect with it, even if you don’t think you are geared as a passionate person.

Your instructors, Tracy Goodwin and Scott Paton, are dedicated to living life with Passion. They look forward to having you join them!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who is currently doing a podcast
  • Individuals who are new to podcasting
  • Any podcaster who wants to increase the ability to captivate and engage with the audience
  • Speakers, Coaches, Trainers, Udemy Instructors


Scott Paton
Executive Producer (42 Podcasts, 150+ Udemy courses)
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 12,593 Reviews
  • 537,075 Students
  • 149 Courses

Scott Paton has been podcasting since the spring of 2005. He has executive produced and/or co-hosted over 45 podcasts. An internationally renowned speaker, Scott has presented to audiences from London, England to Sydney, Australia, from Vancouver, BC to New York, NY, from LA to Rwanda. Thousands of entrepreneurs and NGO's have changed their public engagement strategies based on Scott's sharing. We hope you will, too! 

Scott has over 500,500 students from 199 countries taking at least one of his 150+ courses.

Scott joined Udemy in 2013. In late 2014, one of his clients inspired him to make a video course on Podcasting. He revisited Udemy and got very excited at the potential. After his course went live, Scott told his clients and many decided to make courses but needed help, so he has become a co-instructor with them, while continuing to support and build his own courses. His co-topics all include areas of life-long learning by Scott, including Stock Option Trading, Alternative Health, EFT, and Relationships.

Tracy Goodwin
Captivate the Room/Owner
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 155 Reviews
  • 29,776 Students
  • 4 Courses

Tracy Goodwin is known around the globe as the Red Sweater Lady for her extensive collection of communication and voice training videos. With over 20 plus years experience in voice, on camera and communication training, she is a master of her game. Tracy holds a BFA in Directing, an MA in Child Drama and an MA in Corporate Communications. Tracy has trained clients all over the world from professional actors to news personalities to C-Suite Executives. Tracy can teach you how to Captivate the Room by creating and delivering engaging content in a captivating and persuasive way. Tracy's methods are guaranteed to work and have been perfected over the years through education, training and consulting.

Scott Alex
Managing courses
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  • 12,508 Reviews
  • 525,293 Students
  • 143 Courses

Research published this year by Harvard and Stanford Business Schools suggests that health problems associated with job-related anxiety account for more deaths each year in the US than Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes. It is likely that the same is true in the UK.

The combination of the Amazon story and the recent study into the impact of work-related stress means that there are important questions that all organisations should ask themselves.

These include: What type of management culture do we foster? What informal conflict management techniques do we offer to foster healthy workplace relationships? What are we doing to enable people at work to enjoy their jobs and thrive, both psychologically and physically?

Scott teaches non-violent communication techniques that help managers live healthier productive lives.