Udemy - Excel, Fin Analysis, Valuation and Financial Modeling 2019

Udemy - Excel, Fin Analysis, Valuation and Financial Modeling 2019 digital download. Info: [225 Videos (MP4) + Subtitles (VTT)]. This Training is Dedica...

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Udemy - Excel, Fin Analysis, Valuation and Financial Modeling 2019

Type: Digital download

Format: [225 Videos (MP4) + Subtitles (VTT)]

Salepage: https://www.udemy.com/course/excel-fin-analysis-valuation-and-financial-modeling-bundle/

Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/rTlqV

Udemy - Excel, Fin Analysis, Valuation and Financial Modeling 2019

What you'll learn
Excel shortcuts,Formulas,Formatting and Number Formatting
This Training is Dedicated to Learning about this most commonly used DCF Valuation Techniques Wherein You Shall Understand its Techniques Right From Scratch on a Financial Model.
This Course Gives a Brief idea about the Revenue and Cost Drivers, Forecasting the Future Financials and the Stock Price Recommendation.


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Finance concepts
  • Fundamental understanding of financial modeling is an added advantage
  • Basic knowledge of financial accounting, ratios will be great
  • Basic knowledge on Microsoft excel and word will be nice
  • The course starts from basic excel to basic accounting to advanced Financial model. Even if you dont have any finance background, you will do well in this course


This course is a comprehensive bundle of MS Excel, Valuation, Accounting, Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling. Any one interested in a career in Finance and Financial Analyst Industry. This course is a must. Many students and professionals assume that their chances of making an Analyst career in Finance Industry are bleak if they are not from the top tier colleges. However, we have seen industry trends where skilled students and professionals from lesser known universities and companies making into big financial firms and organizations. Universities are very limited in their curriculum as they are mostly restricted to focus on theoretical aspects than actual practical know-how. Financial Analyst Training involves analyzing companies’ financials in detailed manner. Analysis is conducted through a composite of financial records, news and interviews with company insiders. It is also known as securities research or Fundamental Analysis. It consist of the sell side research i.e. when research done by analyst are provided to their clients and also buy side research i.e. when analyst do research and use it to invest their firm’s money. The work within Financial Analysis mainly revolves around Financial Modeling Techniques, forecasting, valuations like DCF and Relative Valuations (estimate growth rate and valuations for companies in future). In this you will learn the following:

  1. Excel Tips and Tricks for Finance

  2. Valuations in details

  3. Financial Modeling where in we will study in details the balance sheet, income statements, cash flow, projections etc along with the financial model in practical.

Who this course is for:

  • Working Professionals
  • Students pursuing Degree, Diploma, Engineering and commerce who want to make a career in finance/Fixed Income market.
  • Professionals who want to pursue a career in the Private Equity industry
  • Anyone who wants to learn financial modeling and report writing on real estate sector