TRX TV: 3-D STRONG - March 2011

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TRX TV: 3-D STRONG - March 2011 digital download. Info: [1 eBook (PDF) + 13 Videos (M4V)] | 733.16 MB. March's 30-minute workout will be a challenge. But...
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TRX TV: 3-D STRONG - March 2011

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 eBook (PDF) + 13 Videos (M4V)]

File size: 733.16 MB



March's 30-minute workout will be a challenge. But then, that's what strength building is all about. You'll use the TRX to build real, usable, functional strength in all planes of motion. We're talking intense, integrated whole body, multi-planar movements that will challenge you to control your body as a single unit while producing high muscle tension. No matter what you're training for, this workout will make your body strong and prepared for the way it moves in life and sport.

Features a 30-minute strength workout in beginning, intermediate and advanced progressions. Led by TRX Master Trainer Dan McDonough, the workout boasts several new, never-before-seen TRX moves and a handy Visual Guide (in the intermediate progression). All content is easily downloadable to your mobile device.

In addition to the workout, you get ALL 12 of TRX TV's weekly videos from March*:

  • 4 Training Tips - Quick pointers to help you get the most out of your TRX workout.
  • 4 Featured Movements - Detailed breakdowns of a single exercise and how to apply it to your training.
  • 4 Weekly Sequences - Understand the science behind three or four exercises.

(*It is recommended that you watch the videos week by week and in the following order to get the most out of the instruction: Training Tip, Featured Movement and then Weekly Sequence.)

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