Trump University - Tax Lien Home Study Course

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Trump University - Tax Lien Home Study Course digital download. Info: [17 Videos (FLV)+ 17 AUDIO (MP3) +2 eBooks (PDF)]. Master Secrets of Tax Lien Inve...
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Trump University - Tax Lien Home Study Course

Type: Digital download

Format: [17 Videos (FLV)+ 17 AUDIO (MP3) +2 eBooks (PDF)]

Master Secrets of Tax Lien Investing

Your complete learning system on low-risk, high-return tax lien investments

Ask yourself…
What am I doing to secure my financial future?

If your answer doesn’t include Tax Lien Investing, or the opportunity to make up to a 36% rate of return, you’ll definitely want to read on…

Tax lien certificates (known as TLCs) are one of the most lucrative areas in real estate investing, and–one of the most secretive. For many years, real estate agents, bankers, and attorneys have kept these profitable treasures under lock-and-key. Now, we’re busting their safe wide open!

Knowing where and how to invest is a skill born of experience and expertise. But with Trump University’s complete Tax Lien Investing Home Study course, you get an amazing shortcut. We lay the groundwork and share the knowledge so you can focus on making your success a reality.

Your home-study course includes:

* 15 powerful chapters, each detailing in comprehensive detail,
everything you need to get started right away.
* Easily accessible and easy-to-read information
* 6 Web presentations
* A complete Glossary of Terms.

Topics included in your Tax Lien Investing course:

* What are Tax Liens?
* TLCs are the premier alternative investment
* Bidding methods
* The Auction
* Risk vs. Reward
* Maximizing Tax Lien profitability
* Tax deed investing
* Over the counter purchasing
* Where to buy your Liens
* Getting and researching the list
* Investing from home
* A complete investment plan
* Tracking your investments
* Controlling the risks
* Special circumstances