Truefire - Andrew Ford's Bass Groove Survival Guide

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Truefire - Andrew Ford's Bass Groove Survival Guide digital download. Info: [MP4 - FLV, MP3, PDF, EXE] | 3.404 GB. The Bass Groove Survival Guide will in...
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Truefire - Andrew Ford's Bass Groove Survival Guide

Type: Digital download

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Composer, arranger, producer, educator and monster bass player, Andrew Ford's groove pedigree features recordings, tours and performances with the likes of Al Jarreau, Whitney Houston, Robben Ford, Chaka Khan, George Duke, Gladys Knight, James Ingram, Patti Austin, Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald, The Emotions, The Stylistics, Larry Carlton, Oleta Adams and so many other world-class musicians that it makes your head spin. Nobody on the planet is better qualified than Andrew Ford to present this Bass Groove Survival Guide.

The Bass Groove Survival Guide will indeed feed you for a lifetime. This extraordinary learning experience for bass players imparts a sense of groove without relying on technical explanations or tedious theory to work through. Rather, you will play your way through a series of 72 groove studies working with rhythm tracks and video playalongs across a wide variety of popular styles of music; Reggae, Shuffle, Country, Salsa, Samba, Bossa, R&B, Motown, Rock and Jazz. Learn to groove in these six styles and you'll be able to step into any gig, do the job, and get invited back time and time again.

For all of the musical styles, Andrew has prepared rhythm tracks featuring three common progressions; the 5-4-1, the 1-4-5-4 and the 1-5-6-4. Andrew will teach you 54 bass lines to play over those progressions, across all of those styles. After learning a set of bass lines in a particular style, Andrew guides you through a playalong where you put those lines to work immediately in a musical context.

Throughout the entire course, Andrew illustrates how to make the lines 'groove' through the use of timing, rhythmic variation, tone, technique, note choice and use of space. While some of the lines might appear to be very simple to play, they are actually very challenging to play correctly and so Andrew stresses and demonstrates how to capture the subtleties of each groove. All of the bass lines are tabbed and notated, plus Power Tab and Guitar Pro files are included as are all of the rhythm tracks to work with on your own.

Learn the 54 bass lines and work through the 72 studies presented in the Bass Groove Survival Guide and you will be able to apply the key learnings to any bass line, in any style of music. Groove on!