TrueFire - 123 Songwriting by Ravi

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TrueFire - 123 Songwriting by Ravi digital download. Info: [3 AVI, 1 PDF] | 3.983 GB. You'll start with chord progressions, learning how to string them t...
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TrueFire - 123 Songwriting by Ravi

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The creative process is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a musician. Whether or not one aspires to be a songwriter, musicianship can only be enhanced by understanding the music that we play from the inside. However, becoming a songwriter or improving your songwriting is an unparalleled artistic achievement for the musically inclined. It is a journey into your soul; an expression of your being.

1-2-3 Songwriting teaches you how to find and develop your own process for writing great songs. Ravi will teach you how to generate story ideas, chord progressions, or turn that riff gnawing away in your mind into a sonic masterpiece that will make you proud. Best of all, this process is fun, yet sometimes challenging, but always rewarding. By the end of this course you will have at least three new songs, at least three different writing processes, and a blueprint for the rest of your songwriting journey.

For every song that's been written, there are thousands that haven't yet been written. There are a lot of things that go into a song. There are so many elements that make up a song: verses, choruses, bridges, ramps, intros, outros, hooks, titles, lyrics.

There are hundreds of songwriting courses out there, but none like 1-2-3 Songwriting. You'll take a different approach to crafting tunes without any tedious theory. Why? Because it's unnecessary. Many great songwriters have written many great songs without any theory knowledge at all.

This is not just a sit back and watch Ravi do it type of course. It's truly an interactive songwriting experience. You are going to compose your way through this course. Ravi will guide you through the songwriting process step by step and show you how to evaluate your songs along the way.

All songs share many of the same elements. Words. Music. Verses. Choruses. You get the idea. But, the method or process is usually different with each songwriter. Different songwriters have different starting points. In this course, you'll focus on the 3 most common starting points: a lyric, a riff, and a chord progression.

Ravi will guide you through a multi-step process for each of those 3 songwriting starting points, and you'll craft a new song each way. You're not just going to learn HOW to craft songs, but you're actually going to finish this course with 3 new songs of your own!

Through the 3 processes, you're really going to dig deep into the craft of songwriting. You'll start with chord progressions, learning how to string them together to create sections of songs, then you'll string those sections together to build a song.

You'll come up with story lines and work through them to create a set of great lyrics. You'll dwindle those lyrics down to an awesome title, and then create a compelling hook -- something your fans will be singing in the shower over and over. You'll work on intros and outros and overall form of the song from beginning to end until you've come up with a work of art that you can truly be proud of.

Ravi has included some killer resources that will help you through the songwriting process. For example, a Key Chart, which will tell you which chords work best within a key, and a tasty chord chart that will show you how to embellish some of those old standard chords to inspire more interesting melodies. In addition to those learning tools, Ravi also has created a checklist for you that gives you step-by-step reminders and hints for crafting songs.

Enough talk. Time to put pen to paper, hand to guitar, and eyes and ears on Ravi's 1-2-3 Songwriting. Let's craft a hit!