Tri “SlowHabit” Nguyen - New 100K Small-Stakes PLO System

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Tri “SlowHabit” Nguyen - New 100K Small-Stakes PLO System digital download. Info: [14 Videos (MP4) + 12 PowerPoints (PPTX)]. In this highly acclaimed vi...
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Tri “SlowHabit” Nguyen - New 100K Small-Stakes PLO System

Type: Digital download

Format: [14 Videos (MP4) + 12 PowerPoints (PPTX)]


New 100K PLO System: Crushing 100PLO & 200PLO (Video Series)

In this highly acclaimed video series, through 15 lessons, successful high-stakes poker expert Tri Nguyen goes through the key concepts that prevent capable and intelligent poker players from making 100k per year playing PLO.

Here are the lessons.

The Required PLO Fundamentals

Before you run, you must learn how to walk.

In this section, Tri goes over important PLO fundamentals that are the differences between a breakeven player and a winning player.

Lesson 1: 10 PLO Secrets That Big Winners Don't Want You to Know

a. Is 5432 a good PLO hand? Learn why conventional wisdom is wrong.

b. Why double-suited hands such as KQ84 or AK54 are costing you money? The answer will surprise you.

c. Learn what the biggest common leak that's costing you a lot of money. You can't believe you've been doing this during poker sessions where you lost the most money.

d. Many more valuable tips that will undoubtedly improve your PLO game

Lesson 2: Advanced Pre-flop Strategies

a. What hands should you play with? Learn what hands are profitable in today's games, not what worked in 2008.

b. What should your pre-flop stats be? Learn what is the optimal percentage for your pre-flop game.

c. How to play weak AAxx, KKxx, QQxx profitably. Hint: it's not aggressive plays.

d. What hands to 3-bet and which hands to call with? Learn what you should do with hands such as QT97 or JT87.

e. What hands you SHOULDN'T 3-bet with? Learn why two good holdem hands don't make a good PLO hand.

f. What hands you SHOULD 3-bet with? The answer will be counter-intuitive for experienced holdem players.

Advanced Pre-flop Play

The difference between a breakeven player and a huge winner is how often they win the small pots without having the best hand.

In this section, Tri will show you how to take down uncontested pots by pointing out profitable spots that you can exploit.

You will also learn on which flops you should check behind and which flops you should bet.

Lesson 3: Single-raised flops with initiative

a. Learn when to check and when to c-bet after raising pre-flop. Figure this out once and for all so you don't feel lost on future PLO flops.

b. Learn why the common play of checking back with a weak flush draw on the flop is absolutely wrong.

c. Learn which type of opponents to check against on the flop. This will save you tons of money in the future.

Lesson 4: Single-raised flops without initiative in position

a. Learn which flops to float and bluff-raise against a pre-flop raiser. You will take down more than your fair shares of pot.

b. Learn why 854 is your dream flop against a tight solid pre-flop raiser.

Lesson 5: Single-raised flops without initiative out of position

a. Learn why leading (donk-betting) is the most powerful play in PLO

b. Learn which flops to donk-bet and which flops to check-raise

c. Learn which flops to check-call

Crushing 3-bet Pots

Winning 3-bet pots is lucrative and plays a huge role in your winrate. It is also tough to win pots against solid players. Tri will show you how to do play better in 3-bet pots with never seen before information.

Lesson 6: 3-bet pots with initiative in position

a. Learn which flops is good for you to c-bet in 3-bet pots

b. Learn which flops you should check behind

Lesson 7: 3-bet pots with initiative out of position

a. Learn how to play against aggressive players

b. Learn which type of hands to check-call with

c. Learn which hands to play fast to maximum your winrate

Lesson 8: 3-bet pots without initiative in position

a. Learn which flops to bet to take the betting lead

b. Learn which flops to check behind

c. Learn which flops to bluff-raise

Lesson 9: 3-bet pots without initiative out of position

a. Learn how to take control of the hand

b. Learn which flops are easy for you to win the pot

c. Learn how to play nut flush draws profitably

Thinking Outside the Box

To become a great player, you must challenge the status quo and always ask yourself if there is a better play than the "standard" option.

In this section, Tri teaches what variables you should consider before making a decision and to use these variables to open up your creativity.

Lesson 10: Mandatory Bluffing Spots

a. Learn what makes a spot a mandatory bluffing spot and how it makes you a better player

b. Learn how to spot a great bluffing spots and improve your winrate

c. Learn how to exploit great bluffing spots and why your opponents can't do anything about it

Lesson 11: Unorthodox Plays

a. Learn how to become a tougher player with unconventional tactics that are employed by big winners

b. Learn how to throw off your opponents and improve your winrate with simple yet non-standard plays

c. Learn which flops are easy to take down and how you can do it over and over again

Lesson 12: One Bet Size

a. Learn how to make the correct bet size for common spots that many players get wrong

b. Learn how to conceal the strength of your hand with advanced bet sizing strategies

c. Learn which boards to bluff by betting less and still getting your opponents to fold