Traders Alliance (Tradewithprecision)

Traders Alliance (Tradewithprecision) digital download.

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Traders Alliance (Tradewithprecision)

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Tradewithprecision - Traders Alliance

Tradewithprecision - Traders Alliance

4 Traders, 1 Mentor, 7 Months.

Roll your sleeves up for group-based trader training.

The Traders Alliance is all about pushing yourself, to support and be supported, camaraderie and life-long friendships.

Trading can be a lonely pursuit especially when you are experiencing the highs and lows which come with learning any skill. Imagine how much easier the process would be if you had a small close knit alliance of like-minded traders to share ideas and experiences, motivate and support, and most importantly learn from? Then imagine taking that concept one step further by adding a TWP trader and mentor, where they lead and participate in the group to ensure you are constantly learning and focussed on achieving your goals?

Welcome to Traders Alliance!

What can you expect from the Traders Alliance:

  • We take on a maximum of 4 traders per group to form independent Groups.
  • Your designated TWP team leader will have a high level of involvement with your group to help achieve maximum performance of all members
  • Before being allocated to your mentoring group you will be required to participate in a short survey so we can fit each trader to a mentoring group which is made up of traders who have a similar skill level, trade similar markets, trade in similar time zones and are aiming for similar goals. If we do not have a suitable group for you initially then we will either offer you a space on a waiting list or refund your money.
  • Each mentoring group will meet (via the internet) formally for a 1 hour intensive workshop once per week for the first 7 weeks and then once per month for the following 5 months. Each of the 12 official workshops will be lead by a TWP mentor and whilst it will have set learning objectives, your mentor will also tailor each session to ensure the group is achieving its trading goals as quickly as possible.
  • After the initial 7 week intensive induction each mentoring group will be set up to continue supporting and guiding each other on a weekly basis with your mentor joining the group monthly for the remaining 5 sessions.
  • Outside of the scheduled workshops the group will be in regular contact with their mentor and the other group members via a dedicated skype chat group where the sharing of trade ideas and setups will be encouraged.
  • At each workshop members will be set learning objectives, goals and homework which they MUST complete before the next workshop. It will be an intensive 7-8 months for all Group Mentoring members.
  • Warning: If you are afraid of hard work then this is NOT for you! Full participation is essential!
  • The first Trader Alliances commenced early in 2012 and it has not looked back - read feedback below

In order to qualify for Traders Alliance membership you must fulfil these minimum requirements:

  1. Must have attended the Mastering the Markets course (anything from Silver upwards).
  2. Must have been trading actively for a minimum of 3-6 months - this is for intermediate to advanced traders only.
  3. Must be committed to improving your trading, be prepared to participate actively in the mentoring group and do all that is asked of you by your mentor.
  4. In addition, you MUST attend the scheduled workshops, trade actively and complete the tasks set by your mentor. If you put the effort in, then we will stick with you to help your performance improve. Only apply if you are committed to completing the steps for successful trading.