Tonya - Rawsome Flex Facial Exercises

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Tonya - Rawsome Flex Facial Exercises digital download. Info: [1 eBook - PDF] | 6.38 MB. I might never reach my goal, but I'll never quit trying. That as...
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Tonya - Rawsome Flex Facial Exercises

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Tonya - Rawsome Flex Facial Exercises

Why Another Facial Exercises Book?
Raw foods made me feel 20 years young again. Now I want to look as young as I feel. I might never reach my goal, but I'll never quit trying. That aspiration has led me to develop my Rawsome Flex: Beautifying System of Facial Exercises and Raw Foods.
I spent almost a thousand dollars to get every book that has ever been published in English and Russian on facial exercises, and I ordered every DVD available. There are some very well produced DVDs. But they lack one very important ingredient - motivation. These DVDs feature young, flawless models. They're so far from your own age and your own expectations - and mine - that it's discouraging. You keep wondering: Why are these fabulous babes doing facial exercises to begin with?
Tonya - Rawsome Flex Facial Exercises
Some programs I've tried or investigated are expensive, including costly hard-cover booklets to keep records, gloves for performing the exercises and Pacing CDs that I didn't need. Some are hard to follow. And others I thought were incomplete.

"Before doing the Rawsome Flex exercises, I could not even stand to look at myself in the mirror. I am not exaggerating. Even though my skin looked pretty good, having been a raw eater for over 7 years, I was dismayed by my sagging jowls and drooping eyebrows. I was beginning to look my age - and I hated it!

But after about 4 weeks of doing the exercises daily, I noticed that every time I would meet someone I hadn't seen in a month or more, they would remark, 'WOW, you look so GREAT!' or 'What have you been doing? You look fantastic!' I had not received such a flood of compliments since going raw 7 years ago.

I am too busy in the AM to do the exercises, so I decided to do 40 minutes at night along with my yoga and trampoline routine. I just watch my Netflix shows and the time goes fast. This way I don't feel guilty about watching TV because I am multi-tasking. (I have gone through all seasons of Desperate Housewives and am now on Brothers & Sisters--I love it without the commercials!) I also do the exercises during a movie if the person next to me doesn't mind.

With the "chin push ups" and "upper jaw builder" exercises, which use spoons as weight lifting props, I soon graduated from a very heavy tablespoon to 2 of them. But today I had to go out to Home Depot and get some serious weights (crown bolts for a dollar or two) because the 2 heavy spoons are too easy. I have been doing these exercises for 6 months and I swear they have wiped about 5 years off my face! Thank you, Tonya!"

— Susan Schenck, author of The Live Food Factor, The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet
Rawsome Flex System
My Rawsome Flex System is the result of my continuing effort to ward off aging. I've determined to develop a program I can do myself - no artificial aids for me, and definitely no nips and tucks! Only when I'm absolutely delighted, utterly hooked on this method's performance did I decide to share it with you.
Whatever I offer my readers, I do personally. Essentially, I developed all these exercises for myself. I increase my knowledge and experience, and pass it to you. Anything I've tried on myself and promoted for others has had to be a straightforward, simple routine; otherwise, I just wouldn't do it. The system also includes some unusual, simple, but effective beauty tips. And, naturally, some good raw food recipes.

Hello, I've been a huge fan of Tonya's since I saw her speak in Point Richmond, CA last year. I've been doing facial exercises according to Rawsome Flex religiously, for over 6 months. I've seen some amazing results around my eyes (they are much more awake), and my cheekbones have drastically added muscle layers. My face looks much less hollow and I am thrilled!

— C.J.
Facial Exercising is an Essential Part of My Beauty Routine
Facial exercises gave me another trump card just when I thought I had exhausted all the possibilities for a winning hand against aging, and against gravity in particular.
Facial exercises will narrow your face/body gap by ten years or more. If you follow a raw foods diet, facial exercises can be even more beneficial. Why stop your exercising at the neck. I'm determined to exercise my face - like the rest of my body - for the whole of my life, and I hope you will too.
One of the first adjustments I had to make in practicing facial exercises arose from the fact that I wear my nails long. Therefore, any exercises that involved putting my fingers in my mouth were out of the question. I set out to overcome that obstacle and others, and to develop alternatives that would provide the same benefits but that would be more pleasant to perform.
Though I do use some of the classic facial exercises that every program employs, the Rawsome Flex System is unique. In some instances, I originated my own versions of facial exercises. Every system I've tried offers some good exercises for the lower jaw, but none for the upper. I was able to fill this gap through an exercise of my own design.