Tonya Butler - Music Business Management and Leadership

Tonya Butler - Music Business Management and Leadership digital download.

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Tonya Butler - Music Business Management and Leadership

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Tonya Butler - Music Business Management and Leadership

Tonya Butler - Music Business Management and Leadership

Leadership and Management in the Music Industry will explore the concept of leadership as it applies to the unique challenges involved in working with creatives and managing music, entertainment, and arts-related organizations. Using established research, articles, videos, current events, interviews, and profiles on some of the creative and business industry’s most “visionary” leaders, students will examine the various styles of leadership with particular emphasis on case study analysis and the application of leadership concepts to real-world scenarios. Through self-assessments, you will identify your own personal strengths and weaknesses, your professional leadership style, and your ability, potential, and desire to effect individual and organizational change. In other words, you’ll learn to not only lead the change, but how to bring the rest of the music industry with you.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics and attributes of a successful leader
  • Distinguish between the various leadership theories and styles
  • Describe the difference between being a leader vs. being a manager
  • Conduct research and perform case study analysis of popular leaders
  • Identify the characteristics of a creative organization and its structure
  • Understand the creative process and how to work with creative individuals
  • Identify the elements of organizational change and conflict
  • Understand the decision-making process and the importance of data
  • Recognize the difference between power and authority
  • Define organizational culture and the factors that influence it
  • Apply each concept to the music and creative industries
  • Identify personal strengths, weaknesses, and leadership styles


Lesson 1 Leadership Concepts

Lesson 2 Organizational Behavior

Lesson 3 Organizational Structure

Lesson 4 Organizational Change

Lesson 5 The Creative Personality

Lesson 6 The Creative Attitude

Lesson 7 Building and Managing Creative Teams

Lesson 8 Organizational Conflict and Negotiation

Lesson 9 Decision Making

Lesson 10 Power and Politics

Lesson 11 Organizational Culture

Lesson 12 Transformational Leadership


Proof of a Bachelor’s Degree

Proof of a bachelor’s degree is required to enroll in this non-degree, graduate-level course.