Tony Youngs - Real Estate Expert & Forclosure Coach

Tony Youngs - Real Estate Expert & Forclosure Coach digital download.

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Tony Youngs - Real Estate Expert & Forclosure Coach

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Tony Youngs - Real Estate Expert & Forclosure Coach

Tony Youngs - Real Estate Expert & Forclosure Coach

Tony Youngs began his Real Estate entrepreneur career in 1986 after attending a seminar. He became rapidly successful in acquiring foreclosure properties and found his niche to be working with distressed properties. Tony started with no money and bad credit and still managed to purchase several properties using OMP & OPC. In fact, after repairs, his first deal netted him a sum of money equal to a full salary at Lockheed, an occupation Tony eventually gave up forever. To enhance his appetite for learning, Tony completed courses in real estate law, title searches, and bankruptcy law.

Now, for over 30 years, Tony has been perfecting and creating his own unique system, strategies, and techniques for acquiring foreclosure and hidden market properties. Because of his extreme knowledge and experience, Tony has been asked to speak at real estate and entrepreneur conventions, as well as real estate broker meetings, and national investor associations to audiences that range from 40 to 46,000.

He has been a featured guest on numerous television shows, such as “Financial Freedom in America”. “American Home Buyers Alliance”, “Atlanta Live”, and “Go for your Dreams”. He is a frequent guest on radio talk shows, and has been written about in magazines and news journals. Tony has also authored material for “Best Seller” real estate books published and sold in bookstores worldwide.

He is the creator of The Amazing 7 Ways to Profit from One Foreclosure and The Hidden Market System (a system to find properties before they go into foreclosure). His years of hands-on experience shine through in great detail. Tony keeps abreast of the constantly changing latest laws and adapts to the state guidelines. Several states have new laws and special contracts that are needed.

To this day, Tony still makes approximately 100 offers per month around the nation applying the “7 ways to create profit” and tracks them to the auction and then the REO stage and is on the cutting edge of the latest techniques and strategies for buying at each stage of the process. After a near death experience in 1993, he became truly passionate about helping people to a better quality of life.

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Tony Youngs - Real Estate Expert & Forclosure Coach