Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads

Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads digital download.

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Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads

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Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads

Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads

Founder of Video Ads Academy, official “Google Partner”, and one of the world’s leading authorities on YouTube advertising.

Running his first YouTube ad back in 2012, Tommie has spent and consulted on more than $30,000,000 on YouTube ads alone and more than $100,000,000 on all paid platforms!
He’s mentored dozens of today’s smartest brands for 500 Startups, a Silicon Valley VC firm which produced
In the last 13 years his clients and partners have generated well over $500M in revenue
From Organifi and Natural Health Sherpa, to Dean Graziosi and Alex Becker, Tommie has been trusted by businesses to help them grow in ways they didn’t know were even possible by leveraging the power of YouTube advertising.
Using the exact “C3 Formula” you’ll learn inside this course…
He helped Organifi launch with $0 revenue to doing more than $30M in 3 years and becoming the 134th fastest growing company on the INC 5000…
He helped Axe Wellness generate an extra $1,000,000 in less than 5 months using just one strategy he provided them…
He helped Natural Health Sherpa go from $0 to spending multiple 6 figures per month in less than 10 months across YouTube and other Native platforms he was running for them…
And he helped The Breakup Doctor go from generating $5k a month to over 7-figures annually!
He’s successfully helped run YouTube ads in every niche and industry you can imagine… From ecommerce, supplements, and digital products, to real estate agents, software, and influencers.

Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads



I tell it like it is. I don’t sugarcoat stuff. We call that “keeping it 100.”
I’ll only share stuff I know based on real data and real results.
I’m not into theories and I don’t like people who claim to be experts and teach as if they’ve proven their theory, but don’t have any data to back up what they are saying. Drives me nuts.
Today Tommie sits atop a short list of the best paid media advertisers on the planet.
When it comes to running YouTube ads for all kinds of different businesses and budgets, there’s simply no one better to learn from.

Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads


Start Mastering Youtube Ads Today!

Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads


Part of the reason for this “perfect storm” happening right now with YouTube ads is due to the dramatic shift in media consumption we’ve seen accelerate over the last few years.
Smart TV’s, tablets, and mobile phones are streaming videos literally everywhere you look…
Everyone and their grandma (literally their grandma) is on social media watching videos today.
So it probably isn’t too surprising to hear that video consumption is at an all time high right now with no signs of slowing down.

Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads

While reading is at an all time low and the returns from “traditional media” like newspapers or text-driven advertising are dwarfed by the profits generated by just one winning YouTube ad.
In fact, the only thing people spend more time on than social media is sleeping and watching TV! And over the course of a lifetime, on average people will spend more time on YouTube than any other Social platform!

Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads

Philipp Schindler

Google SVP

“Advertisers are using YouTube now to reach the audiences
they can’t find anywhere else.
And remember, more
18-to-49-year-olds are actually watching YouTube than all linear TV combined. And brands are also seeing more incremental
reach on YouTube compared to TV.”
Which is also probably why Google - who owns YouTube and is arguably the smartest company in the world - launched YouTube TV as the “cut the cord” movement continues to decimate normal cable broadcasting and traditional advertising.
They’re in both the social media and television game!
So whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube…today people prefer video over any kind of media. And that’s what’s winning the biggest with advertising as well.
We’ve seen people using YouTube ads for everything from people selling books, fitness plans and beauty products…
To expensive cars, corporate training, and personal coaching!
Pretty much every niche or industry you can imagine is already using YouTube to grow their business.


Now you probably already know this, but Google, Facebook, or any ad platform for that matter doesn’t care one bit if you “don’t know what you’re doing” before you start running ads.
You won’t get an email from them telling you how to tweak your creative to lower your cost per click or that your campaign goal is set up wrong.
Just like the government requires you to pay taxes but doesn’t tell you the absolute best tax-saving hacks or ways to keep more of what you make…
An ad platform is the exact same!
  • So why waste valuable time and money trying to figure out how to crack YouTube ads when someone like Tommie has already spent $30m+ and more than a decade
    of his life to “pay the price” for you?
  • Why play “YouTube guru roulette” by sifting through all the dangerous and conflicting “guru” YouTube advice currently available for free online, when instead you could have a proven data-driven strategy that works in all niches and industries?
  • And why risk launching ads that were “built to fail” from the very start when you could have tommie show you step-by-step the right way to create profitable campaigns from scratch?


Instead imagine how it’d feel to finally “crack” YouTube ads…
  • No more worrying about your Facebook ad account getting randomly banned for no reason…
  • No more suffocating compliance regulations that are constantly changing…
  • And no more sky high ad costs due to an overly crowded ad platform.
These are just a few reasons why many of today’s smartest marketers are convinced that YouTube ads are the future of online marketing.

YouTube is the world’s second-most visited website Right after its parent company, Google.

And this isn’t some “Facebook ads are dead” type thing, because they’re obviously not.
We’re using them and you should most likely be as well. But too many people ride what we call the “overreliance rollercoaster” and rely too heavily on their Facebook ads to produce.
But as you’ve probably experienced, that’s incredibly risky and unpredictable.
And right now in 2021, YouTube ads are essentially where Facebook ads were more than 13 years ago! At least for now…
It’s the biggest online advertising opportunity we’ve seen in over a decade.



Module 1: Mastering the youtube ad fundamentals

In this module you’ll discover the “must know” YouTube ad fundamentals and Tommie’s proven “C3 Formula”. If you’ve never run YouTubes ads before and wondered “where do I start”…this is it. You’ll learn everything you need to ensure you do things right and don’t waste a penny.
Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads
Lesson #1: Tommie’s YouTube Ads C3 FormulaLesson #2: Smart Marketers Success MetricsLesson #3: How To Make The Most Money With Lifetime ValueLesson #4: Busting The 12 Common Myths About YouTube Ads
Lesson #5: YouTube Ads vs. Facebook Ads BreakdownLesson #6: Setting Up Your Google Ads AccountLesson #7: Setting Up Your YouTube ChannelLesson #8: Navigating YouTube & Google Ad Manager

Module 2: Smart Media Planning & Market Research

This module you’ll take a deep dive into the art of finding your target market…even if they’re hard to find. You’ll master not just driving YouTube traffic, but driving the right kind of traffic. Plus you’ll see how to leverage Google’s industry leading prospecting data (Google owns YouTube).
Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads
Lesson #1: Mind Blowing Market Research (Template Included)Lesson #2: Hidden Keys To Keyword Research StrategyLesson #3: “Borrowing Data” With Competitive ResearchLesson #4: Burning Questions You Must Answer First
Lesson #5: Building Your “Bleeding Neck” Buyer Persona’sLesson #6: The Right Way To Think About TargetingLesson #7: Critical Tweaks To YouTube Specific Landing Pages

Module 3: Creative: Making Killer Video Ads That Convert

In this module you’ll learn how to create high-converting videos from start to finish. From step-by-step script writing templates, to coming up with engaging ad ideas, you’ll get everything you need to start confidently creating breakthrough video ads!
Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads
Lesson #1: Tommie’s Proven “Video Creative Framework”Lesson #2: How Leading Video Agencies Create AdsLesson #3: Brainstorming Creative Ad ConceptsLesson #4: $30M+ High-Converting Video Ad FrameworkLesson #5: Launching “Remarketing” Creatives That Crush
Lesson #6: Quick & Easy 1 Minute Script That Converts Like CrazyLesson #7: The Hard Hitting “Problem Driven” Conversion ScriptLesson #8: The Magical Storytelling Script For Ads Your Prospects LoveLesson #9: How To Model Your Creative After Proven Ads

Module 4: Campaigns: Setting Up Your Campaigns The Right Way

This module reveals how to set up your campaigns the right way and maximize conversions for whatever your specific goal is. You’ll learn how to make everything trackable (from leads to sale) so you know what’s working and what isn’t without wasting time and money simply guessing.
Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads
Lesson #1: Campaign Creation With The “C3 Formula”Lesson #2: Conversion Action & Tag SetupLesson #3: Creating Your Perfect Audience - RemarketingLesson #4: Creating Your Perfect Audience - Custom Audiences
Lesson #5: Detailed Campaign Setup & Types Of CampaignsLesson #6: Setting Up Your Campaigns - Skippable InstreamLesson #7: Setting Up Your Campaigns - Video Discovery

Module 5: Conversions: How To Create YouTube Funnels That Convert

In this module you’ll discover how to create high-converting YouTube ad funnels for all kinds of different niches and industries. Tommie has spent more than $30M+ perfecting his “funnel process” so that no matter your business, you can leverage YouTube ads to grow.
Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads
Lesson #1: Ecommerce FunnelsLesson #2: Digital Products - Courses - Membership Site FunnelsLesson #3: Lead Gen - Services - Agency FunnelsLesson #4: Webinar Funnels
Lesson #5: Free Plus Shipping FunnelsLesson #6: SaaS + Software FunnelsLesson #7: How To Instantly Troubleshoot Non Converting AdsLesson #8: Steps To Ensure Your Website Is Google Compliant

Module 6: Metrics That Matter: Building A Data-Driven YouTube Ads Machine

By the end of this module, you’ll have built a data-driven YouTube ads machine that helps you to make more while spending less. You’ll know exactly what metrics matter, what don’t, and how to use them to make smart data-driven decisions day in and day out to optimize and scale faster.
Tommie Powers Foundr - How To Master YouTube Ads
Lesson #1: Metrics, Optimization, & Data-Driven DecisionsLesson #2: “Revenue Based Tracking” (Money In - Money Out)Lesson #3: Analyzing Your Primary Success Metrics
Lesson #4: Key Metrics To Review For Creative DecisionsLesson #5: Understanding “Conversion Windows”Lesson #6: What To Do Once You’ve Got Winning Ads


Foundr’s No Guru Policy

Here at Foundr we have a strict “no guru policy”. It’s one that we’ve had since Day 1 all the way back in 2013. We only work with leading practitioners of their craft.
Foundr instructors must meet a stringent set of qualifications in order to be able to work with us to create a course for our community. One of them being that they must be an actual founder who has built a successful business (oftentimes multiple) in the exact field they will be teaching you in. We allow zero fluff, zero theory, and zero bs.
So when you invest the time and money into a Foundr course, you can be absolutely certain you’re learning proven content from someone who’s done it before. It will work if you work it.
If you’ve ever hired an agency to run your ads then you know they’re not cheap. Especially not if you want the very best like Tommie and his team at Video Ads Academy to run them for you.
But you know what’s even more costly than that help? The cost of wasted time and opportunity when someone runs your ads but can’t deliver the results they promised.
That’s why instead of spending a fortune to hire someone or risk wasting your time on someone that doesn’t work…
Our suggestion for most founders is to first learn how to run your YouTube ads yourself or have someonein-house!
Is the goal for you to run your own ads 100% of the time? For most of you it’s likely not.
Instead the goal is to put profits before payroll. To trade your time (running the ads) for money, until it makes sense financially not to. Then you can trade your money for someone else’s time.



And once your ads are winning and you’re bringing in consistent new revenue, you can even just use this entire course as a “playbook” to train one of your team members and have them run the ads for you.
So instead of paying $10,000 to have some “guru” coach you…
$5,000 a month for someone else to run your ads…
Or even $2500 to attend an event that contains just a fraction of what’s in this course…
For just $1,997 or less than $5.47 a day…
You’ll get instant access to the entire How To Master YouTube Ads course where you’ll learn how to bring in new leads and customers at profit every single day!
It’s the exact step-by-step blueprint Tommie has used to help some of today’s fastest growing brands succeed with YouTube ads while also generating over $500M in total revenue for his partners and clients.
And unlike that cup of coffee that’s gone in a few minutes, this is business building knowledge that lasts a lifetime!

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