Tom Purvis - IDEAFit Beyond Stretching ROM Training PT

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Tom Purvis - IDEAFit Beyond Stretching ROM Training PT digital download. Info: [1 Webrip - 1 mp4] | 1.164 GB. Unfortunately, considerable myth and misinf...
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Tom Purvis - IDEAFit Beyond Stretching ROM Training PT

Type: Digital download

Format: [1 Webrip - 1 mp4]

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Many people firmly believe that stretching is a key component of a sound exercise program. Unfortunately, considerable myth and misinformation exists concerning the whys and hows of proper stretching. Beyond Stretching: ROM Training explores stretching from the perspective of a detailed, inside view of the body. The DVD examines common types and goals of stretching and the research (or lack thereof) concerning stretching, as well as myths attendant to stretching. The DVD emphasizes the fact that fitness professionals must be prepared to stretch their minds in order to let go of their emotional attachments to traditional beliefs regarding stretching.

Among the Topics Covered:

  • Why do we need to stretch?
  • What is stretching?
  • What is range of motion?
  • Barriers to ROM
  • Properties of tissues
  • Research studies
  • Traditional stretching goals
  • Summary-questions and answers

Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health and Fitness Association.