Tom Orent - Spy on my Wall

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Tom Orent - Spy on my Wall digital download. Info: [8 Videos (WMV) + 2 Manuals (PDF) + 1 CD (DATA)]. I can tell you the Tom Orent is a dentist and a Dan...
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Tom Orent - Spy on my Wall

Type: Digital download

Format: [8 Videos (WMV) + 2 Manuals (PDF) + 1 CD (DATA)]

Spy on my Wall

I can tell you the Tom Orent is a dentist and a Dan Kennedy Protégé. You may know his name for his frequent appearances in Dan Kennedy seminars/courses.

This course covers info marketing and below is the only thing I found on google that even mentioned this course. It was only give to coaching students that each paid over 50K to be coached by Dr Orent himself in info marketing. (Well, we know that’s not always necessarily true. Some of them always get sold to the public sooner or later…granted usually later)

Dr. Tom’s original info-business was almost entirely “manual labor,” speaking and selling his programs from the stage. Working with Dan Kennedy, Tom converted this “job” into a full-fledged, multi-faceted info-marketing business with a large, fast-growing newsletter and continuity business, high dollar coaching business, incredibly sophisticated online community – and is now one of the top info-marketers in Dan’s elite Platinum group.

In 1997, Dr. Tom Orent’s dental practice was drowning in debt approaching 7-figures, he was in the midst of an expensive divorce and his CPA and attorney prescribed bankruptcy as his only possible remedy. He fired his CPA and attorney, determined he would not file bankruptcy, and instead he began an intensive and hurried study of Direct Response Marketing, the psychology of influence and the basic nuts and bolts of running an intensely profitable business…all skill she was sorely lacking. Tom studied from the best of the best in marketing. He devoured every book and tape he could find from Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Robert Collier, Gary Bencivenga, Ted Nicholas and more.
Within three years of his “near miss” with bankruptcy, Tom had paid off every lease and loan except the mortgage on his building. Shortly thereafter he’d paid off the mortgage (8 years early) to his home/office and was truly “debt-free.” During his last few years in practice Tom worked in his practice only one day per week, and only 40 of 52 weeks per year. Yet he was still earning almost three times the net of the average full-time practicing general dentist.
Reducing his chairside clinical schedule to just Mondays allowed Tom to rapidly build his information products business from ground zero to high net. Three years ago he sold his dental practice and was in position financially to retire forever. Today Tom has reconnected with his first two children (currently coaching his 17-year-old daughter’s Junior Olympic volleyball team), is remarried and living a fairy tale life with his wife Elizabeth and their five-year-old daughter Alexandra.
For several years straight they have enjoyed a 7-figure income and finally moved out of the “home/office” to their dream home in the woods (just 25 minutes from Boston). They rent the first floor of the old home/office to the dentist who bought the practice, and converted every room of Tom’s original home into office space for their information products business!
Today he’s known for taking no phone calls (not even from his staff who work just 10 minutes away), not opening his mail for months on end, and designing a business to fit his life. He works when and where he wants.
Tom’s membership program for dentists currently brings in over $2,000,000.00 per year just in continuity (membership) fees. His ultra-high-end coaching program adds another $1,500,000.00. One of his unique abilities is the ultra-rapid development of products-today his company has created and sells over 150 different products to dentists in 39 countries.
In addition to his information products business to dentists, Tom has run a “boutique” high-fee small group over-the-shoulder program for info-marketers. His annual “Spy On My Wall” program has helped several brand-new info-marketers go from literally zero to over a million dollars annual sales within one year, as well as many seasoned savvy marketers instantly add multiple six figure bumps the week they returned to their businesses.