Tom DeLiso - Reality Creator 1

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Tom DeLiso - Reality Creator 1 digital download. Info: [pdf] | 1.53 MB. Full course in creating your world on the physical level. * Loaded with technique...
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Tom DeLiso - Reality Creator 1

Type: Digital download

Format: [pdf]

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Full course in creating your world on the physical level. * Loaded with techniques and tips for changing your reality! * Reality Creating explained in detail. * Covers the Physical side of creating!
Includes: mass reality creating, now point, energy exercises! * Reality Creator I teaches you the basic foundations of creating your own reality: the quarks, the details, and the tricks. RC1 approaches your reality from the physical side, which is a good place to start, as you are a physical person rooted in flesh. RC1 starts by showing you how your thoughts create your world. The Creation Mechanism (reality's inner framework) is discussed so that you get a firm understanding of how the process works, how your thoughts are transformed into the reality you see about you. After that I discuss fine tuning your reality creating skills by showing you how things like momentum, conflicting beliefs, positive thoughts, and even symbolic thinking affect your reality creating. Then I show you how to make your reality creating power last, by managing it properly, so that you have enough of this vital energy to last your entire day. Finally the book finishes up with some neat tools and tricks that you can use to help make reality creating easier. I also cover more advanced reality creating ideas and prepare you for the next book.