Todd Snively & Chris Keef - Amazon Ecomm Elite

Todd Snively,Chris Keef - Amazon Ecomm Elite digital download.

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Todd Snively & Chris Keef - Amazon Ecomm Elite

Type: Digital download

Todd Snively & Chris Keef - Amazon Ecomm Elite

Todd Snively & Chris Keef - Amazon Ecomm Elite

Price : $2497
Just pay : $300
Ecomm Elite is opening it’s doors to new members, and we want to take few minutes to tell you why this is the LAST membership you will ever need to become successful selling online.

Chris and Todd are of one mind when it comes to how they feel about some of the programs and courses andmentors out there, and the fact that sometimes you just don’t get the value for your hard earned money. It is their goal to provide you a value unmatched by any other program out there.

Todd Snively & Chris Keef - Amazon Ecomm Elite

above - Todd and Chris after meeting with Amazon programmers

Understand that this value is not to be downloaded, absorbed and implemented in a day - no - this is ongoing value, which is why they chose this membership structure.

For example, you may have already discovered that as you progress in your business you find that you needadditional, more sophisticated, software and tools to keep your life simple, and your business prosperous.

Chris and Todd have been on that same journey for a long time, selling millions and millions of dollars of products, every year.

You may never have heard of Todd or Chris, and that’s fine, what’s important is that these guys are the real deal when it comes to making money selling products online.

Todd and Chris make their full-time living selling online, especially on Amazon. Christmas is coming up. Take a look at what Christmas, 2014 looked like for Todd:

Most days over $10k/day during December, and look at December 16th, over $20,000 in one day!

Ever wonder what the slowest day of the year is? Believe it or not, it’s Christmas Eve! Let’s zoom in on Todd’s sales for Christmas Eve, 2014. Note that on the slowest day of the year Todd sold $5,365.76 worth of products - even more impressive is the improvement over Chistmas Eve, 2013. Wonder what Todd’s sales for this Christmas are going to look like? Better yet - what are YOUR sales going to look like? You still have enough time, starting from scratch even, to have results like this for Christmas, 2015.

For those of you that know something about online sales, you know that September tends to be the slowest month of the year. Summer unofficially ends with Labor day weekend, kids are headed back to school, minds are just not focused on online buying at this time of year. So, what are Todd’s sales looking like?
Just the other day, September 5, 2015, he sold over $8,100 of products. Another vast improvement over $6,500 from last year, and now, very, very routine.

Deposits from Amazon like this are common place and not even close to the biggest ones Todd or Chris have received:

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