Todd Bates - Craigslist Marketing Mastery

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Todd Bates - Craigslist Marketing Mastery digital download. Info: [4 (docs) + 19 audios (MP3) + 4 workbooks (PDF)]. Discover How To Have An Endless Sup...
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Todd Bates - Craigslist Marketing Mastery

Type: Digital download

Format: [4 (docs) + 19 audios (MP3) + 4 workbooks (PDF)]


Generate an endless supply of highly motivated buyers

The #5 site in the world is craigslist and it is loaded with highly motivated buyers looking to find the perfect property.

These buyers are looking for opportunity and you can be the one to present them with opportunities that meet or exceed their criteria if you have the right system, steps, & scripts to get them to take action.

Craigslist Marketing Mastery Program includes:

Instructional videos that take you step by step through craigslist to show you exactly what you need to do for complete success.

Generate leads is great but closing business is better. Learn exactly what you need to say to craigslist prospects to get them to take action.

Templates that are ready for you to use to have amazing Craigslist ads that attract attention, compel buyers to take action, & get business for you!

What People Are Saying

"I chose the craigslist system as I want to work w/ buyers. That craiglist is free doesn't hurt. The headlines and the layouts (and code) are worth the cost alone. This is a good value"

Steve Mauer, Keller Williams Coastal Properties

Todd Bates - Craigslist Marketing Mastery

"I just wanted to thank you again for your invaluable Craigslist advertising techniques and internet marketing systems. The first two ads that I placed in Craigslist produced 4 calls! That may not seem like a lot, but after years of running ads on my own listings, I was lucky to get one or two phone calls every couple of months. I will admit that I was really overwhelmed with running two ads twice a day and setting up an 800 number on top of my other prospecting that needed to be done. However, I can see the results already and it has only been a little over a week since I started. I’m still working on my closing techniques with potential prospects on the phone, but at least there are more of them calling me now. As a fellow colleague and friend, I value your help and I’m extremely appreciative of all the time and effort that went into the program you put together. It works! 

I would highly recommend your classes and systems to any of my fellow agents and I thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and successful prospecting techniques with the rest of us. You two are the internet-marketing gurus!" 

Oriana Shea & Company
Long Beach, CA

Todd Bates - Craigslist Marketing Mastery

"The CraigsList information has been phenomenal. We have seen our leads go from 1-2 a day to 5-6 a day by using the simple ads that are shared in the material. It has definetely changed CraigsList for us."

Jason Secor,

Todd Bates - Craigslist Marketing Mastery

“Joey and Jamey, Just wanted to share with you my experience using your Craigslist Program. I worked through the setup and last week submitted, using the suggested times frames, craigslist ads for my upcoming open house. It works! I secured 2 buyer leads at my open house this past weekend. Both indicated they had seen my ads on Craigslist. Hurray! Thanks for sharing your expertise and helping me be a more productive realtor. ”

Win Glas
Main Street Realtors

“Discover How To Have An Endless Supply of Highly Motivated, Qualified, & Willing Buyers By Tomorrow Morning...Guaranteed”

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In Just 1 Minute and 40 Seconds I Will Reveal How You Can Get More Business From The #5 Site In The World, Click Play Above to Find Out How...

Dear Real Estate Professional,

There is a place that you can literally be in front of thousands of highly motivated buyers and if you put the right system in place you can have them beating down your door to meet with you and only you.

Craigslist is the number #5 website world wide and the number of unrepresented, highly motivated, and well qualified buyers that check this website every day for real estate is staggering.

These buyers are looking for a property and looking for the very information that you can provide to them.

There are THREE things standing in the way between you and one of the greatest single sources of motivated buyers in history:

  • You have to know how to write a compelling, motivating, and financially related ad headline to get them to view your ad.

  • Your ad has to give them information, provide them with pictures, yet leave out something so important to them that they will call you or visit your website or blog for more information.

  • If you don't use a powerful, thought provoking, and easy to use script with each and every one of these prospects you will be wasting your time and you won't uncover the best and highly motivated prospects.

Uncover the Secret to Using Craigslist to Guarantee That You Will Be Meeting With a New Qualified Buyer Every Day

You can spend months in frustration on Craigslist with no results or you can spend a few hours getting training on Craigslist and get easy to use templates and instructions that will give you the tools that you need in order to be successful.

A system like Craigslist attracts those who are...

  • Looking for something that they believe they absolutely cannot find anywhere else so they are willing to search through 1000's of ads, 100's of pages, and make dozens of calls to find what they are looking for.

  • They are willing to do an enormous amount of work themselves (or they wouldn't be on Craigslist) but wouldn't mind help if they could just find that person who was willing to give them the answer to what they are looking for.

  • Are ready to take action and are just looking for the right opportunity to take advantage of which is why they are doing so much work.

This One of a Kind Course Includes Everything You Need to Know to Master...Absolutely Master...The Art of Buyer Lead Generation

Training sessions designed to get you the skills and give you the templates and systems you need in order to make Craigslist a lead generation machine. We have developed training in different formats to make it easy for you to learn and implement the Craigslist Real Estate system for success.

  • Discover through video training how to place an ad on Craigslist that absolutely eliminates 99% of the competition and compels the customer to select your ad even if they have seen 100's of ads that day already.

  • Uncover the secret to getting Craigslist Prospects to change from someone who is willing to do all the work themselves and call on more ads to a ready, willing, and qualified buyer who wants to come in to your office that very afternoon.

  • Have complete access to powerful templates that will double the number of ads you are able to place and triple the number of appointments that you will get from Craigslist.

Each of the training sessions can be repeated on your own time so you can take the course when you have the time. You can download material, listen to it on the Internet, and use it as you like to start generating leads from Craigslist.

We'd Like to Show You How to Dominate Craigslist With a 10 Step Cheat Sheet That Will Have Buyers Begging You For Help

Using Craigslist to generate leads can be one of the most profitable marketing tasks that you ever do, if you have a system to follow to make sure that you are not wasting time. We have created 10 Point Master Checklist to nearly guarantee your success with using Craigslist.

To get this Cheat Sheet fill in your name and e-mail below and we will send you the Cheat Sheet right away and start generating leads, booking appointments, & selling more homes.