TJ Rohleder - $100 Million Dollar Copywriting Course

TJ Rohleder - $100 Million Dollar Copywriting Course digital download. Info: [18 CDs (MP3s)]. "How I used the amazing secrets of Dan Kennedy, Bill Glaze...

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TJ Rohleder - $100 Million Dollar Copywriting Course

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$100 Million Copywriting Workshop

“How I used the amazing secrets of Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, and a handful of other wise marketing gurus you’ve never heard of to write powerful sales letters that have brought me well over $100 MILLION DOLLARS in Direct-Mail sales….

And How YOU Can Use My Rare And Unusual System To Do Even Better!!”

Read this short letter NOW – to discover how easy it is to get my


the amazing power to make you financially set for life!

Dear Friend:

Perhaps you don’t know it yet, but You are just one sales letter away from millions of dollars.

IT’S TRUE -- just one good Direct-Mail letter will let you deposit massive sums of money into your bank account. AND I CAN HELP YOU WRITE THIS LETTER, LIKE FEW OTHERS CAN. Hi, my name is T.J. Rohleder and I’ve been a long-time client of Dan Kennedy… and Bill Glazers and a serious and somewhat compulsive and obsessive marketing student for over 20 years, now turned teacher…

Here’s my claim to fame in a nutshell: my wife and partner, Eileen, started our Direct Marketing company in 1988 with only a few hundred dollars that we got from selling a beat up 1985 Chevy van -- and (with the help of many experts) turned it into over ten million dollars within our first five years… Then we went onto bringing in over $100,000,000.00 in mostly Direct-Mail sales within 19 years… AND NOW, with your permission…

I will freely share my greatest

little-known $100-MILLION DOLLAR


I’ll tell you about this in a minute. But FIRST; If I’m right about you, then you are already a serious student of marketing. If so, you probably already know a great deal about many aspects of Direct-Mail and the basic strategies and methods of writing ad copy that sells… SO WHY LISTEN TO ME? After all, I’m not a big-time marketing guru like Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and Jay Abraham. In fact, I’m just an ordinary guy who lives in the middle of nowhere (just grab a map and try to find my headquarters in Goessel Kansas!) and I still spend many thousands of dollars a year on a wide variety of books, CD’s, seminars, and consulting programs, to further my own education…

But this is EXACTLY why you should listen to me and get your hands on my 2-day


You see, once you listen to me and spend a couple of days with my workshop audios, YOU WILL JUMP FOR JOY and scream; “If that guy can write sales letters that bring in tens of millions of dollars, then I can do it, too!” You’ll be right… You really can.

Listen; I am LIVING PROOF that anyone -- including YOU -- can write sales letters that bring in massive sums of money. As you’ll soon see; I’m the most average guy on the planet, with NONE of the qualities that you may think it takes to become a great copywriter who can write sales letters that pull in millions of dollars a year…

But because I am no genius – then I am the perfect person to show you how to write your own ads and sales letters that bring in huge sums of sales and profits!

I’LL PROVE THIS TO YOU by the time you finish this letter.

So let’s get right to it

You are cordially invited to re-live two life-changing days with me – so I can give you my all-time greatest tips, tricks and strategies that give you the power to write sales letters that bring you huge sums of money!

As you’ll see, I have learned from the world’s most brilliant marketing experts, such as Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Russ von Hoelscher, Bob Stone, Gene Schwartz, Dick Benson, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Alan R. Bechtold, Joe Sugerman, Ted Thomas, Joe Polish, Ron LeGrand, Yanik Silver, Jeff Paul, Dave Dee and John Carlton, and dozens of other truly great marketers who you have probably never heard of, but are razor sharp and have taught me so much. I have been like A GIANT SPONGE and spent a fortune of my own money to discover the best-of-the-best of all the brightest marketing gurus – to develop my new COPYWRITING SYSTEM that I can’t wait to give you!

>> It all starts with my 2-day $100-MILLION DOLLAR COPYWRITING WORKSHOP that I want YOU to have on video, so you can go through it any time you wish….

I will begin by giving you the 8-Step Formula that is THE FOUNDATION behind my entire System for writing ads and sales letters that can make you set for life... As you’ll discover – these steps are kindergarten-easy and can make you a fortune.

Just how easy are these eight steps?

That’s simple: You will do the very first step within the first hour of my two-day workshop audios. I’ll make it EASY and even FUN for you to take this first step… And once you take this first step, the rest of them all fall down like a set of dominoes…

My 8-step System is easy to understand and simple to use. As you’ll see; it has the power to give you an endless sum of money and a lifetime of fulfillment that you will experience when you become a great copywriter and develop the ability to write ads and sales letters that instantly pull in thousands or even millions of dollars. I’ll tell you more about these steps before we wrap up this letter. But for right now let me tell you how my unique System came to be…

Here’s how I developed my



It all began in February of 2005…

That was the year Bill Glazer asked me to deliver a roundtable presentation about writing copy that sells -- at the annual SuperConference he holds with Dan Kennedy… I quickly agreed and did it without one note or any real thought about what I’d say to the group… But those who were there got a lot out of it.

Then in 2007, Bill asked me to do it again… This time there would be 1,000 people at the SuperConference, and I couldn’t wait to share the best-of-the-best of my all-time greatest tips, tricks and strategies! So three weeks before…the conference, I pulled out a legal pad and began making a list of the very best copywriting secrets I had discovered since I wrote my first ad in 1988… After one week, I had filled up 4 legal pads and 273 secrets… This list was boiled down again and again until by the time I got to Chicago, it was under thirty… That list was still too long. So I sat there in my hotel room and asked myself; ‘What were the most essential elements that gave me the power to write ads and sales letters that had consistently brought in so much money?”

I asked this question over and over and the answers became crystal clear. AND

By the time of my presentation on the second evening of the SuperConference, I had the list down to EIGHT very simple to understand and easy to use steps that anyone

including YOU – can use to become a great copywriter and start writing ads and sales letters that pull in huge sums of never-ending money that keeps growing bigger!

I am so grateful that Bill and Dan allowed me to share my greatest copywriting secrets at their last SuperConference. This FORCED me to think about all of the greatest secrets and methods that have empowered me to become the very best Direct-Response Marketing Copywriter I can be and generate over $100,000,000.00 in mostly Direct-Mail sales in less than 19 years….

And NOW I am ready, willing, and able to give you these explosive wealth-making secrets!

The time-tested tips, tricks, and little-known strategies and methods you’ll get when you listen to my $100-MILLION DOLLAR COPYWRITING WORKSHOP audios will empower you to become the very best Copywriter you can become and start writing profit-producing ads and sales letters that generate huge sums of money

And speaking of fulfillment…

What is EVEN GREATER than the money you can make is knowing that you have the power to sit down and write some words that instantly make people thrilled to send their money to you. Knowing that you can do this WHENEVER YOU WANT, is even more… exciting than the money!

Imagine how it will feel to wake up in the morning and know

for a fact that you had the ability to do a few hours of writing that caused thousands of people to give you their money.

GO AHEAD. PICTURE THIS, NOW: You could wake up any morning of the week and get an idea to sell some product or service. Then you’d simply use the short-cut secrets you’ll get from me to write an ad or sales letter that made people pull out their checkbooks or credit cards and RUSH their money to you… Then within a few weeks from the time you wrote it, huge sums of money had came pouring in…

Can you picture this? Good. Because this is the type of power that every good Copywriter feels. It’s the powerful feeling of CERTAINTY that YOU WILL HAVE when you know how to write powerful copy that make huge sums of money whenever you want.

Dan Kennedy says: “The ability to write good Direct-Response Marketing copy is the single greatest skill you can ever learn.” He’s right. I thank God that people like Dan and many other gifted Copywriters taught me the secrets to writing great copy… And now I want to give you the best-of-the-best of all the secrets that have taken me from a few hundred dollars to over one hundred million dollars in less than nineteen years! It’s all available for you when you get my $100-MILLION DOLLAR COPYWRITING SYSTEM that you will get when you say ‘YES!’ to this invitation. As you’ll hear – the eight main Steps are the foundation of everything you need to know…

But wait – that’s just the beginning…

Here Are My TOP-10


You Will Discover When You Simply Listen to

My 2-Day Workshop Audios:

Secret #1 –

A major shortcut secret for writing ads and sales

letters that can make you GIANT sums of money!

This is a copywriting formula that is so simple a 12-year-old can use it to write SUPER PROFITABLE ads and sales letters. But I’ve made even easier for you! Yes, my system for using this simple copywriters formula will make it super easy for you to quickly start turning out powerful and profitable ads and sales letters from day one! This is a major shortcut secret for writing ads and sales letters that can make you GIANT sums of money! Best of all, it’s so simple to understand and easy to use – you will be shocked and amazed! Once you get this secret, you will be empowered for life. You will now have the ability to begin easily writing ads and sales letters that make you GIANT sums of money! This one secret alone is a major shortcut that…you can use to instantly start writing great ads and sales letters like an old pro from day one.

Secret #2 –

I will blow the lid off of what I firmly believe

is the single greatest copywriting secret that hardly anyone talks about, and yet all of the world’s greatest copywriters use. Once you are armed with this secret, you will have the ability

to write the same type of powerful ad copy

that the world’s best copywriters write!

That’s a BOLD statement, I know. But I will prove this to you! In fact, as you’ll see, once you have this secret you will have the ability to write ads and sales letters that are just as powerful as any ad or sales letter that was written for you by one of the most highly paid copywriters on the planet! Yes, it’s amazing but true! This secret lets you instantly turn out powerful ads and sales letters that are as good or even better than the ads and sales letters from some of the highest paid copywriters on the planet!

This one secret alone is worth more than the entire cost of my $100-Million Copywriting WORKSHOP audios. Once you know it, you will never think about expensive copywriters the same way – ever again. Why? Because this secret takes the mystery out of what those super-expensive freelancers do to get their clients to stand in line with fistfuls of dollars. Once you understand this secret, you will have the same power they have. This will not only save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in freelance copywriting fees, but it can also be worth many hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to you.

Secret #3 -

This simple secret gives you a tremendous edge over all of the other copywriters who are just getting started, by avoiding the biggest mistake that almost all new copywriters make. This is another secret that very few people know. Those who do know and use this secret have discovered the fastest and easiest way to write powerful ad copy that sells like crazy! Those who do not know this simple secret will always be handicapped.

Writing powerful Direct Response ads and sales letters will always be a huge burden and constant struggle until and unless you understand secret number three. With this secret, you will not only be able to quickly and easily write the most powerful ads and sales letters right away, but you’ll also get the most enjoyment out of it!

Yes, this secret makes the job of writing ads and sales letters one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things you’ll ever do! You will be super excited when you learn this amazing secret! This will make your job of writing ads and sales letters so much more fun! While other new copywriters are filled with tremendous frustration, you’ll be having the time of your life and making a ton of money to boot!

Secret #4 -

Gene Schwartz’s hidden secret for writing powerful sales letters that brought in many tens of millions of dollars – and can do the same for you!

As you may know, Gene Schwartz was arguably one of the greatest Direct Response Marketing copywriters who ever lived. His sales letters brought in many tens of millions of dollars and had a magical quality to them that you seldom see in any other sales letters.

Gene has been gone for a number of years now, but he left some of his greatest secrets behind in a few of the books he wrote and interviews he gave. It was during one such interview he gave that I discovered one of his amazing copywriting secrets that has been worth a fortune to me – and can make you a ton of money, too! This secret was only one small sentence in an interview he gave with Cecil C. Hoge, Sr. in the early 1980’s – and yet it is absolute proof that just one idea can be worth millions of dollars. This one idea has and is making me a ton of money. I have never heard any other copywriter talk about it, and it was only briefly mentioned in the interview. And yet, once you hear this amazingly simple secret and understand why it is so powerful, you will be as shocked as I was! I can’t wait to reveal this one secret to you! But that’s not all! I have a valuable collection of several of Gene Swartz’s best sales letters in my own personal swipe!

Secret #5 -

How a goofy little guy from Florida gave me the single greatest copywriting secret I have ever discovered. I paid this guy $8,000.00 cash – and only got this one secret – but it has been worth millions to me. Now I can’t wait to give it to you!

In 1994 I paid a freelance copywriter to help me with my sales letters and marketing. He stayed here at the house for two days and walked way with $8,000.00 of my money. At first I felt cheated. Why? Because all he did was sit at our kitchen table and told us one story after... another about his previous life as a marketer. He had lots of great stories, but it wasn’t worth $8,000.00 cash to hear them. But he did teach me one very valuable ting about writing sales letters that sell. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It is a powerful copywriting technique that goes AGAINST almost everything that most copywriting experts tell you to do. Anyway, this was the only good idea I got for the $8,000.00 we gave the expert…



I began using this radical copywriting technique on my next sales letter – and got a much higher response rate than any sales letter I had ever written in a fast period of time. That’s right – this amazing $8,000.00 secret gives you the power to write ads and sales letters even FASTER than ever before. With it, your sales letters will not only come together quicker, but they will be so much more powerful! I can’t wait to reveal this secret to you! It makes writing sales letters much more enjoyable, faster, and much more powerful!

What’s more, chances are very good that you will not discover this secret anywhere else. Remember, this secret is a copywriting method that goes directly against what most experts teach – and yet it works like magic! You will be amazed at the way this one secret lets you write faster sales letters that bring you more money and are so much easier to write.

One final note: I have been using this $8,000.00 secret since 1994 and have added many of my own powerful ideas to it. Because of this, this amazing secret is many times STRONGER than the original technique I paid $8,000.00 cash to receive. This one secret alone will put you LIGHT YEARS ahead of most of the copywriters in your market. Armed with this one secret alone, you will begin writing super FAST sales letters that bring in more money than any other sales letter you have EVER written.

Secret #6 -

A radical new copywriting technique that makes writing sales letters and follow-up sequences faster and easier than ever before! This million-dollar copywriting secret could easily make you more money than all the rest! It will make writing powerful sales letters so much more fun and exciting! It also lets you write faster sales letters that have more pulling power than ever before!

These are mighty bold promises and I don’t blame you for being skeptical about this – AND YET, it just so happens to be true! This sixth secret is a living example of the old phrase: “One thing leads to another!” You see, I discovered the first part of this secret back in 1994 when I paid the expert from Florida $8,000.00 cash to come to our home and help us with our marketing. He gave me one idea of real lasting value by coming here – so I will always be very grateful for his help. And as I already told you, I began using his against-the-grain copywriting technique right away and saw a huge jump in my response rate from day one!

But I didn’t stop there…

I kept pushing the idea and ended up EXPANDING it into all aspects of my copywriting. The more I did to expand this simple idea, the more money my sales letters made. But not only that, I was also producing more sales letters than ever before and they were much more fun to write! This one secret that I paid eight thousand dollars to receive ended up becoming THE MAJOR FOUNDATION of my entire philosophy of writing super powerful ads and sales letters.

As you’ll see, this is also one of the most radically different

and somewhat controversial copywriting techniques that I have to teach you. It definitely goes against many things that most copywriters teach, and yet it works like magic!

You will use this radical idea to write more ads and sales letters, much faster, and with more ease than ever before! No other copywriter on the planet that I know of teaches this radical approach to writing powerful ads and sales letters. You will get it from me – for the first and quite possibly only time - by listening to my workshop audios.

Secret #7 -

The fastest, simplest, and easiest way to start writing the most powerful ads or sales letters.

The BIGGEST PROBLEM for most people is getting started. They are totally confused and filled with frustration. Even experienced copywriters who know how to write ads and sales letters that bring in huge sums of money find it difficult to get started on a new project. They find all kinds of ways to put off writing the ads or Direct Mail packages that they know will bring in more money.

Is this you? Have you tried to write ads and sales letters in the past and been “vapor locked” and totally confused about where or how to start? If so, I know how you feel. I spent many years HATING the process of starting on a new ad or sales letter. During these periods, I suffered from a tremendous amount of confusion and frustration.

The bottom line: I just didn’t know how it was all going to come together. There were way too many questions and not enough answers. The whole job seemed way too BIG and I became totally immobilized. But then I found the golden solution to getting started in any new project – and now I can’t wait to give it to you!

Once you have this golden solution, you will never be confused or frustrated ever again! The entire process of writing a long-form ad or sales letter or entire follow-up sequence will be simple and easy to do. Instead of being confused and frustrated, you will be super excited and ready to go! My golden jump-start solution will totally liberate you! With it, you will have a… major advantage over many seasoned return copywriters who still quietly struggle through all kinds of confusion and pain with each new sales letter they write. This amazing solution will make you excited about getting started on all of the new ads and sales letters you write. You will have a lot of fun and end up cranking out one great sales letter after another!

Wait until you fully understand the power of this incredible secret! If you really want to become a great copywriter who consistently cranks out one powerful sales letter after another, then this will be the most exciting secret you will discover when listening to my $100-MILLION COPYWRITING WORKSHOP audios!

Secret #8 -

The little-known secret to cranking out the

most powerful ads and sales letters from day one!

In fact, you will sit back, re-read your ads and sales letters, and be SHOCKED and amazed! You’ll find yourself saying things like, “I can’t believe I wrote this!” But you did write it and you were able to do it with the simple to understand and easy system that took me years to discover. And now,

I will generously share it with you!

Most people who are new to copywriting are intimidated by it. They look at the ads and sales letters that are written by the masters and say, “There’s no way I could ever do that!” The more they read these ads and sales letters, listen to recordings, and read books on copywriting, the more overwhelmed they are. Is this you? Have you been a bit overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of new things you have to learn? If so, I have great news for you. I can show you the golden secret that will let you start writing powerful and persuasive ads and sales letters that get people super excited and want to send their money to you!

That’s a mighty bold promise, but it’s true!

I suffered through many years of frustration and confusion

before I learned the secret to writing super persuasive sales copy. But once I did discover this secret, my ads and sales letters began to bring in massive sums of money! The same thing will happen to you once you discover the secret!

I don’t blame you for being skeptical about this. I would be, too, if I were you. And yet, what I have to tell you really is a secret. It’s something that I suffered for many years before I discovered it. During this period of suffering, I was still writing ads and sales letters that brought in millions of dollars. But I absolutely HATED the entire process of getting started and having to figure out how I was going to create the most persuasive sales presentation that made my prospects super excited about pulling out their checkbooks or credit cards and RUSHING their money to me. There was so much pain and confusion…so many frustrating days where my sales copy sucked…and I knew it! And yet, I didn’t know what to do to make my sales pitch come alive with the kind of power and passion I saw in other sales letters that were written by master copywriters. All this changed when I discovered the simple copywriting process I will give you. With my secret, you will be cranking out the most powerful ads and sales letters from day one!

And one more thing: This really is a “secret.” You see, even though other copywriters have talked about it in their books – nobody that I know of has ever developed it to the degree I have. You’ll know this for a fact when you listen to my 2-day workshop audios. Then, within a few weeks, you will be thrilled to see how much more powerful and persuasive all of your ads and sales letters are and how much money they are making you!

Secret #9 -

The secret we discovered by accident that took us from $300.00 in 1988 to over $10,000,000.00 in less than five years. I will tell you the full story

of this amazing secret – and you will be thrilled

to discover how simple and easy it is!

This one secret has enabled us to bring in over $100-million in Direct Mail sales more than anything I have to share with you. In fact, if you came to me and said, “Give me a handful of your greatest secrets that can put millions of dollars in my pocket,” this would be at the top of my list. Like so many other methods I teach, this one is very simple and yet nobody that I know of is teaching it! That’s right. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a wide variety of books, CDs, newsletters, seminars, teleseminars, coaching programs, and one-on-one consulting and coaching services – and nobody has ever revealed this very simple marketing strategy that has been responsible for bringing in an ever-growing flow of money. This is shocking to me – and will be to you, too!

However, because it is such a powerful secret and because nobody else that I know of is teaching it to others or stressing

the importance of it, then the fact that you are using it

will give you a major advantage over your competitors!

This one secret alone can and will make you huge sums of money that none of your competitors are making. It will spur you on by keeping you focused and making sure that there is always plenty of money that is constantly flowing in to you. This secret may be very simple to understand and easy to use, but it will make you massive sums of money when you put it into action. And speaking of action, that’s the best news yet. You see, this secret will only take 90 minutes a week to do. That’s it! In just a little over one hour each week, you will be using a very simple secret that hardly anyone knows about and is using correctly. (That’s why it’s a secret!) And you will have a genuine competitive advantage over them, as well as the power to put so much more money in your bank account! Thanks to this one secret, the money just keep flowing in forever and can continue getting bigger!

Secret #10 -

The single greatest copywriting secret I learned from the legendary marketing guru, Gary Halbert – that instantly made me a powerful copywriter and let me write my all-time greatest sales letter that brought in many millions of dollars.

I learned so many great things from Gary Halbert. The man was a true genius. I first subscribed to Gary’s newsletter in the early 1990’s. I didn’t just read each newsletter; I devoured it! There were always one or two great ideas that I could add to my marketing and make more money before the next issue arrived. Gary was a great teacher and I am so grateful for the newsletters he published and the seminars he held. He was a passionate man who freely shared his greatest marketing ideas with his clients. And (especially in the early 1990’s) there were so many powerful cutting-edge tips, tricks, and strategies that were taught! Some monthly issues were truly mind-blowing! But out of all the amazing secrets Gar