Titanya - Poi ball instructional dvd

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Titanya - Poi ball instructional dvd digital download. Info: [Dvd rip, 1 avi] | 445.00 MB. This ancient form of healing and communication is a fun and ea...
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Titanya - Poi ball instructional dvd

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Titanya - Poi ball instructional dvd


Poi Balls
This ancient form of healing and communication is a fun and easy way to create healthy energy. This healing activity is fun and beneficial for adults and children.
  • Balance your energy
  • Create healthy energy patterns such as the crossover
  • Create a deep sense of joy and harmony
  • Actives the pathways of joy in your body: Your Radiant Circuits
  • Gain more energy and strength
  • Bring positive energy to any environment
  • It is a fun recreational activity for the entire family
  • Helps children with learning disabilities
  • Aids hand/eye coordination
  • Aid in the recovery of strokes or any kind of brain injury
  • They raise your vibration up out of Depression and Illness
  • They help your Auric Field stay strong, especially great for children
  • They can empower you and make you feel confident
  • Helps with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and range of motion in the arms

History of Poi Balls

Titanya - Poi ball instructional dvd“Poi” originates from the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand and simply means “ball”. For over a thousand years, Poi was a form of communication and meditation with the women of New Zealand. Later, Maori women have danced with Poi Balls to keep their hands flexible and to provide entertainment.
Maori men used Poi Balls to increase flexibility and strength in their hands and arms, to improve balance and co-ordination required during battle.Titanya - Poi ball instructional dvd
Titanya’s Poi Ball DVD begins with a more complete overview of the history of the Poi and the story of how they became so popular. And you will learn all about the potential benefits to your health and vitality.