Timothy Morge - Live Pre-Market Session 2009 - 2010

Timothy Morge - Live Pre-Market Session 2009 - 2010 digital download.

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Timothy Morge - Live Pre-Market Session 2009 - 2010

Type: Digital download

Timothy Morge - Live Pre-Market Session 2009 - 2010

Timothy Morge - Live Pre-Market Session 2009 - 2010


Median Lines, or “Pitchforks” as they are often called, are powerful trading tools developed in the “Golden Age” of technical Analysis by Dr. Alan Andrews, an investment analyst and educator with a Thermodynamics degree from MIT. Most charting packages include at least the “traditional” Median Line or “Pitchfork” study in their drawing tools, but have little or no reference material available. In fact, there is very little material available about these powerful tools and what materials are available can seem obscure and difficult to understand.

Timothy Morge is recognized as the leading authority on trading using Median Lines, a powerful trading tool pioneered by Dr. Alan Andrews in the 1920’s. He is the author of the highly acclaimed “Trading With Median Lines,” the trading book that for the first time revealed how to unlock the full potential hidden behind the popular “pitchfork” drawing tool found on most charting packages today. His new book, “Market Maps: High Probability Day Trading Techniques,” details how he uses Median Lines, Fibonacci Levels, the proprietary VolForce Indicator and Energy Points to pinpoint high probability turning points in all markets.one of the most respected names in the futures industry today. He is a regular speaker at CBOT and CME seminars and webinars viewed world-wide and has taught hundreds of professional traders at both the CBOT and CME his unique trading methodology. He was a featured speaker at the 2006 Annual Canadian Society of Technical Analysts and publishes articles regularly in various trading publications. Throughout his remarkable 30 year career, Morge has been a floor trader on the CME, an institutional trader managing cash forex positions in excess of $2 Billion U.S. Dollars, a trading mentor and the President of Blackthorne Capital, a CTA and private money management firm focusing on trading currency and stock index futures.

His web pages, Medianline.com and Marketgeometry.com, feature regular detailed glimpses into his own trading style and strategies and receives visits by hundreds of traders daily. He founded and continues to host the popular Median Line Forum, a free forum started in 1997, where traders from all over the world come together to discuss trading techniques and strategies The only comprehensive book available Median Lines, “Trading With Median Lines,” was written by Timothy Morge, a 30+ year trading veteran and long-time student of Dr. Andrews’ work.

Since mid-May of 2005, Timothy Morge has been teaching seminars to hundreds of professional traders at the CME and CBOT, Hedge Fund Managers and CTAs, as well as individual traders like you-And these seminars have been getting rave reviews from the participants. Now you can take the same seminar the professional traders are taking each week at the Chicago exchanges: The Market Maps Trading Seminar, taught by Timothy Morge. Read what some of these professional have been saying about the Market Maps Seminar:

My experience with the seminar and methodology has been sort of a catharsis in my life. I have been trading for 16 years and always thought I had enough skill to earn a living trading. The computers came, and took away the way I made money trading in the pit. This has shown me that with a commitment to learn this method, you can learn to trade any market with a good risk/reward and potential. It has been a bridge for me from the trading floor to the screen. A bridge that I (was beginning to think) I would never find.