Tieraona Low Dog, MD - Foundations In Herbal Medicine (Medicine Lodge Ranch 2020)

Tieraona Low Dog, MD - Foundations In Herbal Medicine (Medicine Lodge Ranch 2020) Foundatons In Herbal Medicine Take a deep dive into herbal medicine with Tier...
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Tieraona Low Dog, MD - Foundations In Herbal Medicine (Medicine Lodge Ranch 2020)

Tieraona Low Dog, MD - Foundations In Herbal Medicine (Medicine Lodge Ranch 2020)

Foundatons In Herbal Medicine
Take a deep dive into herbal medicine with Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Master Herbal Medicine

Are you a health care professional with a passion for plants? You’ll love the new Foundations in Herbal Medicine. Originally derived from a nine-month residential program, Foundations is an online, distance-learning program for herbal and natural medicine founded and taught by Tieraona Low Dog, MD.

This highly comprehensive multimedia course allows you to learn about herbs from the roots up—from pharmacology and preparation to their impact on all the body’s systems. Combining the rich history of herbal medicine with the best of research, Foundations will help you understand how herbal products fit into our modern health care system.

Dr. Low Dog: Internationally Recognized Herbal Expert and Teacher

In addition to her deep knowledge of the plant world, Dr. Low Dog has an uncanny ability to distill difficult material, enabling her to teach the latest botanical research and complex medical concepts in a warm and user-friendly fashion. With her clinical experience and constant review of scientific studies she’s able to sift through hearsay and hyperbole, presenting a credible combination of traditional and evidence-based herbal knowledge in an inspiring format.

500 hours of Multimedia Resources

The new Foundations uses videos of Dr. Low Dog’s classroom lectures, written course material, and a private group page on Facebook to create a substantial and comprehensive 500-hour learning program. You may also take advantage of an optional three-day Herbal Intensive class at Dr. Low Dog’s ranch in northern New Mexico to gain hands-on training that complements the curriculum.

Designed for Health Care Professionals and Herbal Enthusiasts

Foundations is designed to serve as a platform for individuals who wish to explore the role of natural medicine within the broader context of health and contains core material oriented toward clinicians.

The course presents herbal medicine within an integrated and holistic framework, discussing relevant nutritional interventions and dietary supplements where appropriate. Whether for chronic diseases or minor conditions that don’t require the powerful hand of Western medicine, herbs have a significant role. If you’re ready to go deeper with some of the best (and most accurate) information available, join us today.

Your Instructor

Tieraona Low Dog, MD

A Note from Tieraona:

I am a physician who originally trained as an herbalist, midwife, massage therapist, and martial artist. I have been exposed to and deeply influenced by the wisdom of the grandmothers, midwives, and indigenous peoples of these lands. I have learned to gather, prepare and use the healing plants, ease the body’s pain with massage, help women bring their babies into the world, and tend to the sick. I have been at the bedside as life enters this world, and also as it leaves. I’ve sat quietly during ceremonies, taking in their mystery and wonder, witnessing the power of prayer and belief. I’ve watched as healers called upon the ancestors for strength and direction, assisted surgeons as they removed bullets and tumors, and transplanted organs, witnessed people near death in the intensive care unit walk out well a short time later, and just about everything in between.

All of these experiences, from the profoundly spiritual to the most medically advanced, have shaped my approach toward health and healing, and eventually led me to the field of integrative medicine - a discipline that melds effective natural healing methods, lifestyle, and medically proven treatments. It allows clinicians a broader way to think about the restoration of health and the prevention and management of disease. It is neither wise or sustainable to continue to rely so heavily upon prescription drugs to help us focus, fall sleep, lift our mood, ease our pain, suppress a cough, keep our bones strong, fight off minor infections, squelch a rash, and soothe an upset stomach.

Over the past 15 years, I have helped oversee the training of more than one thousand doctors and nurses in this common sense approach to health, healing and wholeness in my role as Fellowship Director for the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. Now I want to share my experience and knowledge with you, so that you feel comfortable with the “how, what, when and why” of using natural therapies and when it is inappropriate to do so. If you want a deep dive into the world of natural and integrative medicine, I invite you to join me at Medicine Lodge Ranch.

For more information about me, see:

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Foundations In Herbal Medicine

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Course Curriculum

Foundations in Herbal Medicine: Orientation Call

FIHM: Orientation Call recording

FIHM: Introduction

Introductory Video by Tieraona Low Dog, MD
“Herbal Medicine” by Dr. Rudolf Weiss

FIHM: Herbal Pharmacology

Herbal Pharmacology Video Notes
Herbal Pharmacology: Video 1
Herbal Pharmacology: Video 2
Herbal Pharmacology: Video 3
Herbal Pharmacology: Video 4
Herbal Pharmacology: Video 5
Herbal Pharmacology Unit: Practice Quiz
Quiz Notes
Herbal Pharmacology Unit: Final Quiz

FIHM: Herbal Actions

Herbal Actions: Video Notes
Herbal Actions: Video 1
Herbal Actions: Video 2
Herbal Actions: Video 3
Herbal Actions: Video 4
Herbal Actions: Video 5
Herbal Actions: Video 6
Herbal Actions Unit: Practice Quiz
Quiz Notes
Herbal Actions Unit: Final Quiz

FIHM: Herbal Preparations

Herbal Preparations Chapter by Tieraona Low Dog, MD
Herbal Preparations PreWork
Additional Materials
Herbal Preparations: Video 1
Herbal Preparations: Video 2
Herbal Preparations Unit: Practice Quiz
Quiz Notes
Herbal Preparations Unit: Final Quiz

FIHM: Herbal Formulations

Herbal Formulations Video Notes
Herbal Formulations: Video

FIHM: Gastrointestinal System

Gastrointestinal System: Video Notes
Gastrointestinal System: Video 1
Gastrointestinal System: Video 2
Gastrointestinal System: Video 3
Gastrointestinal System: Video 4
Gastrointestinal System: Video 5
Gastrointestinal System: Video 6
Gastrointestinal System: Video 7
Gastrointestinal System: Additional Reading Materials
Gastrointestinal System: Unit Case Study
Gastrointestinal System: Case Study Video - Tieraona’s Take

FIHM: Dietary Supplements

Introduction to Dietary Supplements
What is a “Dietary Supplement”?
Quality of Dietary Supplements
Prevalence and Demographics of Dietary Supplement Usage
Dietary Supplements: Safety Overview
Reporting An Adverse Event
Understanding Nutrients and Nutritional Status
Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion
Understanding Terminology: RDA, DRI, UL and DV
Deconstructing The Dietary Supplement Label
Dietary Supplement Delivery Forms
The “Other Ingredients” In Dietary Supplements
Vitamin A: Retinoids
Vitamin A: Mini Quiz
Vitamin A: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin B1: Thiamin(e)
Vitamin B1: Mini Quiz
Vitamin B1: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin B2: Riboflavin
Vitamin B2: Mini Quiz
Vitamin B2: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin B3: Niacin
Vitamin B3: Mini Quiz
Vitamin B3: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin B5: Pantothenic Acid
Vitamin B5: Mini Quiz
Vitamin B5: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin B6: The pyroxidines
Vitamin B6: Mini Quiz
Vitamin B6: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin B7: Biotin
Vitamin B7: Mini Quiz
Vitamin B7: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin B9: Folate/Folic Acid
Vitamin B9: Mini Quiz
Vitamin B9: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin B12: Cobalamin
Vitamin B12: Mini Quiz
Vitamin B12: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin C: Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin C: Mini Quiz
Vitamin C: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin D
Vitamin D: Mini Quiz
Vitamin D: Mini Quiz Answers
Vitamin E
Vitamin E: Mini Quiz
Vitamin E: Mini Quiz Answer
Vitamin K
Vitamin K: Mini Quiz
Vitamin K: Mini Quiz Answers
What Are Minerals? Introduction
Calcium: Mini Quiz
Calcium: Mini Quiz Answers
Magnesium: Mini Quiz
Magnesium: Mini Quiz Answers
Iron: Mini Quiz
Iron: Mini Quiz Answers
Iodine: Mini Quiz
Iodine: Mini Quiz Answers
Zinc: Mini Quiz
Zinc: Mini Quiz Answers

FIHM: Nutrition Prescription

Nutrition Prescription: Video Notes
Nutrition Prescription: Video

FIHM: Nervous & Immune System

Nervous & Immune System: Video Notes
Nervous & Immune System: Video 1
Nervous & Immune System: Video 2
Nervous & Immune System: Video 3
Nervous & Immune System: Additional Reading
Nervous & Immune System: Practice Unit Quiz
Quiz Notes
Nervous & Immune System: Unit Quiz
Nervous & Immune System: Unit Case Study
Nervous & Immune System: Case Study Video - Tieraona’s take

FIHM: The Skin

The Skin: Video Notes
The Skin: Video 1
The Skin: Video 2
The Skin: Additional Reading
The Skin: Practice Unit Quiz
Quiz Notes
The Skin: Unit Quiz
The Skin: Unit Case Study
The Skin: Case Study Video - Tieraona’s Take

FIHM: Respiratory System
Respiratory System: Video Notes
Respiratory System: Video 1
Respiratory System: Video 2
Respiratory System: Video 3
Respiratory System: Video 4
Respiratory System: Video 5
Respiratory System: Video 6
Respiratory System: Video 7
Respiratory System: Video 8
Respiratory System: Additional Reading
Respiratory System Unit: Practice Quiz
Quiz Notes
Respiratory System: Unit Quiz
The Respiratory System Case Study
The Respiratory System: Case Study Video - Tieraona’s Take
FIHM: Cardiovascular System
Cardiovascular System: Video Notes
Cardiovascular System: Video 1
Cardiovascular System: Video 2
Cardiovascular System: Video 3
Cardiovascular System: Additional Reading
Cardiovascular System Unit: Practice Quiz
Quiz Notes
Cardiovascular System: Unit Quiz
Cardiovascular System: Case Study
Cardiovascular System: Case Study Video - Tieraona’s Take
FIHM: Women’s Health
Women’s Health: Video Notes
Women’s Health: Video 1
Women’s Health: Video 2
Women’s Health: Video 3
Women’s Health - Part One: Practice Quiz
Women’s Health - Part One: Quiz Notes
Women’s Health - Part One: Unit Quiz
Women’s Health (Part One): Case Study
Women’s Health (Part One): Case Study Video - Tieraona’s Take
Women’s Health: Video 4
Women’s Health: Video 5
Women’s Health: Video 6
Women’s Health: Video 7
Women’s Health: Video 8
Women’s Health: Additional Reading
Women’s Health - Part Two: Practice Quiz
Women’s Health - Part Two: Quiz Notes
Women’s Health - Part Two: Unit Quiz
Women’s Health (Part Two): Case Study
Women’s Health (Part Two): Case Study Video - Tieraona’s Take
FIHM: Urinary System
Urinary System: Video Notes
Urinary System: Video 1
Urinary System: Video 2
Urinary System: Additional Reading
Urinary System Unit: Practice Quiz
Quiz Notes
Urinary System: Unit Quiz
Urinary System: Case Study
The Urinary System: Case Study Video - Tieraona’s Take
FIHM: Musculoskeletal System
Musculoskeletal System: Video Notes
Musculoskeletal System: Video 1 (Basics)
Musculoskeletal System: Video 2 (Basics)
Musculoskeletal System: Video 3 (Basics)
Musculoskeletal System: Video (Fibromyalgia)
Musculoskeletal System: Video (Lupus)
Musculoskeletal System: Video (Osteoporosis)
Musculoskeletal System: Additional Reading
Musculoskeletal System Unit: Practice Quiz
Quiz Notes
Musculoskeletal System: Unit Quiz
Musculoskeletal System: Case Study

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