Thomas Moore - The Art of Simplicity

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Thomas Moore - The Art of Simplicity digital download. Info: [Audio - 4 MP3] | 29.05 MB. Let Thomas Moore be your source and mentor for discovering simpl...
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Thomas Moore - The Art of Simplicity

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Everyone has an instinct for simplicity that needs to be satisfied.
We know deep down that life is more than just the latest information, the newest trends, the best toys . . . much more. The simple life is not about the way the external world is ordered for us, but it has more to do with the way we relate to the world around us and to ourselves.

Let Thomas Moore be your source and mentor for discovering simplicity. Living simply his entire life, he has experienced its power and richness firsthand. According to Thomas, simplicity is a gift to be found, not manufactured. Learn how to receive this precious gift into your life and open yourself to its immense power and possibilities.

Thomas Moore’s knowledge transcends the popular, hermetic view of simplicity. Instead, he realizes the crucial role that community plays in having a simple existence, and he acknowledges that technological, medical, and economic progress can add to your well-being. It’s a matter of finding the spiritual in the commonplace and learning to access the guidance of your intuition and imagination.

The Art of Simplicity is your resource to living a better, simpler life. This program will teach you how to:

  • Use the power of saying “No”
  • Harness your energy for truly living in the present
  • Allow for vital disruption in your routine
  • Find enchantment in the world
  • Remain aware and attentive for the appearance of enlightenment
  • Love something without requiring yourself to fully understand it
  • Free yourself to follow your passions
  • Get rid of unnecessary physical, mental, and spiritual clutter

This program will help you remove the unimportant from your life so you can focus on what is really essential. Gain a greater perspective, clarify your values and priorities, and rediscover your love of living. Don’t let life dictate to you. Take control. Make it and keep it simple: master the art of simplicity.