Thinking For A Change - Michael Breen

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Thinking For A Change - Michael Breen

Thinking For A Change - Michael Breen

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  • You Will Only Achieve Success When You Stop Running Your Life On Autopilot
    What You’ll Discover On This Program
    • How writing a “secret” list will completely transform your life and your thinking… this one list could change your life overnight!
    • Why following the ridiculous repetitive advice in personal development books will lock you into an endless loop of failure and frustration
    • How to quickly and easily cancel out “bad” thinking… and finally take control of your mind
    • What nearly all of Michael’s famous celebrity clients are doing wrong and how you can “free” yourself from this limitation… you get to benefit from their mistakes and get results faster, quicker and easier.
    • Why 99% of all NLP, Personal Development and Hypnosis trainers totally miss the boat when it comes to the “unconscious” mind (Michael sets this right in the first hour of the program)
    • How completing the first assignment Michael gives on this program will increase the chances of you achieving your goals.
    • Make changes at an accelerated pace by quickly and easily “cancelling” out the emotional charge that comes with the stories (and lies) you keep telling yourself.
    • “Short Cut” thinking strategies you can learn to use immediately… no matter what situation you are in.
    • The secret questions you can ask yourself to create a massive shift in your thinking … and your life
    • Exactly how to identify autopilot programs and habits that have been holding you back and what to do instead.
    • Why it’s important to use 3×5 cards when doing ‘real’ thinking…
    • The “secrets” to leveraging your worst experiences and problems to move you further and faster towards your goals… and how Michael used his failures to get to where he is today.
    • How just few small changes in your thinking can lead to exponential results in your life… it really doesn’t take much at all to see big changes in every part of your life.
    • How to “reactivate” dead, forgotten and lost resources from your past… this is the fastest way to build up your confidence and belief in yourself.
    • The most overlooked “hidden” reason why most people don’t get what they want… (Hint its got to do with what you say vs. what you actually do)
    • Watch as Michael “flushes” out the real reason people don’t get what they want in the live active coaching ‘hot seats’
    • Why you create stories and WHY you’re afraid of verbalizing what you want… this one concept alone is worth the price of the entire program.
    • A proven and wildly effective way to “get out of your head” … a lot of people tell you that you need to get out of your head, but Michael actually shows you how to do this.
    • Why you really don’t need to get over your mental block and limiting beliefs in order to get what you want… in fact Michael will demonstrate why there is no such thing as a mental block.
    • What a professor of mathematics can show you about identifying and magnifying all the advantages you have in your life… even the ones you have log forgotten about.
    • How Michaels 40 minute session on the Framing tool will help you interrogate every pattern, limiting belief and habit that is no longer serving you… in just a few minutes
    • 2 overlooked questions you can ask yourself that will almost magically open up new possibilities and opportunities… it works every single time you ask the questions.
    • How to avoid the “half-formed” goals disease (this is the main reason why most people never achieve their goals)… and a quick and easy way to ensure you always have enough clarity on your goals
    • Why you should never try to communicate with your unconscious and what to do instead
    • Why your fear of loss is stopping you from creating a life of your choosing…
    • A sneaky way to use your body to identify when you are running autopilot programs
    • A surprisingly easy way to make change a certainty. It has to do with making the “signal” value of your change stronger than the “signal” value of your BS story.
    • An almost fool proof way to ensure that you’re the one programming your mind…and how to permanently put an end to being programmed by the media, your past and others around you.
    • The secret technique all successful people use to get things done… and how the personal development industry is stopping you form mastering this technique.
    • The one question to ask yourself that almost guarantees that you’ll have a better future
    • And so much more !