Theta Realms - Dream Masters Brainwave Meditation Tool Box Vol.1

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Theta Realms - Dream Masters Brainwave Meditation Tool Box Vol.1 digital download. Info: [ WEBRip - 80 FLAC ] | 16.503 GB. ALL 80 full length Brainwave S...
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Theta Realms - Dream Masters Brainwave Meditation Tool Box Vol.1

Type: Digital download

Format: [ WEBRip - 80 FLAC ]

File size: 16.503 GB



This Massive toolbox of deep theta brainwave meditation sound journeys is an amazing collection of classic and more recent brainwave sound journeys By Theta Realms.

These sound tools are created to allow the listener to experience altered states naturally through the use of sound and a natural frequency following response called brainwave entrainment.

ALL 80 full length Brainwave Sound Journeys are embedded with their own unique theta frequency settings that if used correctly will always deliver a powerful stimulating deep theta waves experience.

Deep Meditation is a wonderful sensation as it allows us time to deeply relax and shut out the noise or the accumulation of stress from our daily lives.

Theta Realms proudly presents this huge collection of exceptional meditation experiences aided by brainwave entrainment methods such as binaural beats , isochronic tones and sound wave modulation.

- 80 FULL Meditation tracks Composed and Created by Theta Realms

- 50 plus HOURS of Brainwave Music - Explore and Meditate With Ease

- Over 3000 Minutes of Pure Theta Meditation Magic

- Combining Binaural Beats , Isochronic Tones and Sound wave Modulation techniques

- Achieve Deep meditative states and explore the deep theta awareness

- Perfect for Lucid Dreaming , Transcendental Meditation , Astral Projection , Vivid Visions

- Induce Sleep Naturally and Relax your Body on a Sonic Powered Journey

- There isn't a collection Like this OUT THERE!