Theron Lalla - The Natural’s PUA Bible

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Theron Lalla - The Natural’s PUA Bible digital download. Info: [eBook - 1 PDF] | 206.12 kB. This bible is a collection of a select few of the most helpfu...
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Theron Lalla - The Natural’s PUA Bible

Type: Digital download

Format: [eBook - 1 PDF]

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This is NOT a guide FOR naturals learning seduction. This is a guide to help everyone else get the attitude that NATURALS already have. This bible is a collection of a select few of the most helpful posts taken from various sources (mASF, sosuave, Bristol lair, etc.) without becoming overly large. In one of these articles, Maddash says that PickUp is 75% character and 25% tactics. This bible is a basic compilation of the knowledge and mindset you need for that 75%. They are not theories that you can add to yourself, they are mindsets you need to adopt. It is FAR from comprehensive, but it is meant to be this way. Eventually, once you get the major part of the attitude down, everything else will fall into place, and the details will take care of themselves. I dont believe that saturating yourself with pickup information will help you. So Ive kept the bible as short as possible, and left out things that werent really

necessary, even though they were helpful (such as TDs 25 point list).

To use this bible, I suggest reading one article, and then dont read anything else for a while, and go out and sarge a few times (using whatever method you prefer). Once you have internalized not MEMORIZED, but actually think in the same wavelength as the article go on to the next one. - Theron Lalla