The Wizard Of Shred - The Ultimate Alternate Picking Training System

The Wizard Of Shred - The Ultimate Alternate Picking Training System digital download. Info: [12 DVD - Rip] | 7.480 GB. Licks that are super impressive b...

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The Wizard Of Shred - The Ultimate Alternate Picking Training System

Type: Digital download

Format: [12 DVD - Rip]

File size: 7.480 GB



You get 7 tools that leads to explosive results:Six manageable stepsLearning how to sing and dance at the same time is very difficult. But learning how to dance first, then to sing second and then to combine the two in the end, is a pretty manageable challenge. But trying to do all three things at once will slow down the learning process massively. Chances are, you?ll give up in the process.Alternate picking is not two but six challenges in one. Trying to learn all six at once leads to failure and frustration, as it does for 99.9 % of all people who try to master this technique. In this video you?ll get the fundamental understandings that leads to rapid learning.

Running time: 0:35

A monstrously effective approachW

hat really determines whether or not you achieve your speed picking dreams? I can tell you right now, it;s not about practice and it's not about talent. What goes on in your mind is what determines your success or failure, nothing else?This single thing determines how much you practice, how persistent you are, how enthusiastic you are and how intelligently you approach the challenges at hand. This video will show you how to create the mindset of a champion and when you?re done you?ll have a plan that will make you completely unstoppable.

Running time: 0:50

Licks that are super impressive but not super hardThis video is packed with licks and runs that you can learn quickly. And there are licks for every skill level, so you can put your new skills to use immediately. This mini-library of licks follows the six challenges described in the first video.So as you win through each challenge you also unlock another set of licks, sequences and runs. Every lick is described in great detail by using closeups and step by step instructions.Running time: 1:10

Create a tailor made personal planWith a great plan you can predict when you'll reach your goal. And with this planning tool at hand, you can create your own plan in minutes. It also let's you track your progress and actually see the improvements you make on a day to day basis.

The contents are:

1. Monthly Goal Setting Sheet

2. Weekly Planning Sheet

3. Progress Tracking Sheet

4. Visual Tracking Sheet

5. Planning Quick Guide

And 2 amazing bonus videos, $50 value:The final level of mastery

This video will reveal the alternate picking licks of the pro's. This is serious stuff. The licks on this video will put demands on your new skills and challenge you to take the final step. The video will take you through:

1. Complex sequences

2. String skipping licks

3. Arpeggio techniques

4. Odd numbers licksRunning time: 1:05

Alternate picking and legato licks and runsLoosen up your playing with these powerful and extremely convincing licks. Everything is explained in detail right there on the screen. No needto spell your way through complex tablatures. The video is packed with licks that mix alternate picking and legato technique. Mixing the two techniques allows you to achieve a fluent and relaxed playing style and you?ll develop more variety in the sounds you produce. Running time 1:10