The Vocalist Studio - The Four Pillars of Singing

The Vocalist Studio - The Four Pillars of Singing digital download. Info: [15 MPGs, 11 MP3s, 13 PDFs, 1 ZIP] | 2.781 GB. Here, you’ll be introduced to co...

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The Vocalist Studio - The Four Pillars of Singing

Type: Digital download

Format: [15 MPGs, 11 MP3s, 13 PDFs, 1 ZIP]

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I’ve spent the last 28 years in the trenches working with singers just like you.

Singers with a dream to sing in front of big crowds who, no matter how many Youtube videos they watch from self-proclaimed vocal experts, can’t break through and win auditions.

Singers who have a performance gig and are getting some traction, but who know that even though they’ve gotten pretty good, they would be having so much more success if they could sing strong, powerful notes in their head voice.

Singers who have had successful careers outside of music, wonder to themselves “is there anything more to life?”, and then relight the flame of a dream they once had long ago: to sing in a band.

The result of these decades of work is a comprehensive, science-based, TVS vocal training method that gives you a crystal clear path to singing the way you’ve always wanted to…the way you know you can sing.

Let’s take a quick tour to see what’s in the course…

The Four Pillars of Singing Course Curriculum

Stage 1 - Navigating the Course & Preparing for Training

In this module, we’ll lay the groundwork for the journey you’ll take in this course, and beyond the course as a vocal athlete who’s ready to get to work with proven training.We’ll also cover critical preparation and setting healthy training expectations.

The lessons:

Getting Started 

  • Quick Start Lesson 
  • Top 20 Factors for Success 

Training Environment & Tools 

  • The Training Environment 
  • Recommended Training Apps &
  • Software 
  • Training with Amplification
  • Recommended Vocal Gear
  • Microphone Grips & Ergonomics 

Additional Resources 

  • Training File Downloads & Training
  • Page 
  • FAQ's 
  • The Four Pillars of Singing Book
  • Perfect English Captions 
  • YouTube Channel Setup Tutorial


  • Review Your Singing 
  • How to Schedule a Lesson
  • Set up a 1 Hour Orientation Call

Stage 2 - TVS Fundamentals

Here, you’ll be introduced to common misconceptions in the singing world and a set of techniques you’ll need to know an the methodology used in this course.

The lessons:

TVS Techniques 

  • Understanding Vocal 
  • Technique Terms 
  • TVS Sign Language
  • What is Bridging & Connecting?
  • The Two Embouchures
  • The SNILE: How to Hold
  • Your Mouth When Singing
  • The Three Tongue Positions
  • The Vibratory Mechanisms:
  • The Science of Vocal Registers
  • Intrinsic Anchoring
  • Anchoring the Larynx
  • Extrinsic Anchoring
  • Vocal Fold Adduction:
  • Twanging vs Bernoulli Physics
  • The Two Sources of Vocal Adduction
  • Training with Appoggio
  • Knowing When to Move On to the 
  • Next Workout
  • Practicing Efficiently 

TVS Methodology

  • TVS Methodology Overview
  • What are The Four Pillars of 
  • Singing?
  • Stage 3 - The TVS Specialized Onsets

    These lessons guide you step by step through the training of each specific onset so that you’ll walk away knowing how to perform each onset perfectly, which will enable you to build specific motor skills of the voice, troubleshoot your vocal problems, and make a connection with your lyrics.

    Each training lesson comes with an HD Video demonstration of me performing the workout for you to study, a streaming folder of all the solo piano workouts for you to practice, slow & fast speeds, male & female versions, and notation.

    The lessons:

    The Track & Release Onset

    • About The Track & Release Onset
    • Training The Track & Release Onset

    The Quack & Release Onset

    • About The Quack & Release Onset
    • Training The Quack & Release Onset

    The Wind & Release Onset

    • About The Wind & Release Onset
    • Training The Wind & Release Onset

    The Messa di Voice Onset

    • About The Messa di Voice Onset
    • Training The Messa di Voice Onset

    The Pulse & Release Onset

    • About The Pulse & Release Onset 
    • Training The Pulse & Release Onset

    The Dampen & Release Onset

    • About The Dampen & Release Onset
    • Training The Dampen & Release Onset 

    The Attack & Release Onset

    • About The Attack & Release Onset 
    • Training The Attack & Release Onset 

    The Contract & Release Onset 

    • About The Contract & Release Onset 
    • Training The Contract & Release Onset

    Acoustic Mode Onsets

  • TVS Specialized Onsets Overview
  • TVS Vocal Modes Overview
  • The Sound Colors of Singing 
  • Overview
  • The Geometry of Vocal Training
  • The Onset & Phonation Package
  • Training Onsets & Sirens
  • The Mass of a Phonation

Physical Modes

  • TVS Vocal Modes Introduction
  • The Primitive Physical Modes
  • The Trained Physical Modes
  • Twang Vocal Mode

Cry Mode - The most Important 

  • Physical Mode
  • The Importance of Vocal Cry Mode
  • Cry Mode vs Sob Mode
  • Developing Vocal Cry Mode
  • Techniques for Developing Cry 
  • Mode

Acoustic Modes

  • TVS Acoustic Modes Introduction
  • Edging Acoustic Mode
  • Neutral Acoustic Mode
  • Curbing Acoustic Mode
  • Vowel Modification for Training
  • Vowel Modification for Singing
  • Consonants for Singing
  • Lyric Mapping

Your First Two Onsets

  • TVS Specialized Onset Introduction
  • About The Track & Release Onset
  • Training The Track & Release Onset
  • About The Pulse & Release Onset
  • Training The Pulse & Release Onset 

Warming Up the Voice

  • What Warm Ups Do for the Voice.
  • Problems that Warm Ups Can Fix
  • Warm Up Time Expectations
  • The Different Classifications of 
  • Warm-Ups
  • What are Semi-Occluded 
  • Phonations?
  • The Straw Exercise
  • Resonant Tracking on Nasals
  • Respiration Workouts
  • Track & Track
  • Track & Release Workout
  • Release & Sustain
  • About Lift Up/Pull Back
  • Training Lift Up/Pull Back
  • Stage Three – The TVS Specialized 
  • Onsets
Stage 4 - Integrated Training Routines

In this module, you’ll be initiated into Integrated Training Routines, which are like vocal workouts with intelligence.

From the TVS perspective, vocal exercises are not just “workouts.” They’re “Integrated Training Routines” made up of a smartly chosen onset, singing vowel, and vocalization.

Around here, we take the perspective that vocal training is exactly like pro athletic training. These integrated training routines are the equivalent of an athlete’s training routines in the gym.

The “ITRs” empower you to customize your own vocal workouts to address your own unique vocal goals.

And again, each lesson has video demonstrations, solo piano mp3 files for you to practice with at slow and fast speeds, male and female versions, and notation for you to use during practice.

The lessons:

Introduction to ITR's

  • Integrated Training Routines Introduction 
  • Onsets & Sirens Introduction 
  • Onsets & Melodic 5th Sirens 
  • Onsets & Octave Sirens

Coordination & Tuning ITR's

  • ITR Coordination & Tuning: #1 
  • ITR Coordination & Tuning: #2
  • ITR Coordination & Tuning: #3
  • ITR Coordination & Tuning: #4 
  • ITR Coordination & Tuning: #5 

Strength Building ITR's

  • ITR Strength Building #1
  • ITR Strength Building: #2 
  • ITR Strength Building: #3 
  • ITR Strength Building: #4 
  • ITR Strength Building: #5

Acoustic Mode ITR's

  • ITR Acoustic Mode: Edging
  • ITR Acoustic Mode: Neutral
  • ITR Acoustic Mode: Curbing 

Build Your Own Training Routines

Groove Improvisations

  • Groove Improvisation #1
  • Groove Improvisation #2
Stage 5 - Integrated Training Routines

AS if the ITR's and the ability to build your own routines weren't already enough to get your further in your singing than ever before - here are another 32 Vocalize to help you hone your craft.

The lessons:

Bridging & Connecting

Bridging & Connecting: #1

  • Bridging & Connecting: #2a 
  • Bridging & Connecting: #2b - Sustain 
  • Bridging & Connecting: #2c - Second Onset 
  • Bridging & Connecting: #3 - Minor Key

Bridging & Connecting with Calibrations

  • Bridging & Connecting with Calibrations: #1
  • Bridging & Connecting with Calibrations: #2


  • Articulation: #1
  • Articulation: #2

Octave Sweeps

  • Octave Sweeps: #1
  • Octave Sweeps: #2 - Sustain

The 9 Note Run

The Hero

The Tormentor

The Tower of Power

Cry Onset & Extreme Scream Pitch

TVS Solfege (Do, Re, Mi)

Endurance Strengthening

Twang Contractions & Calibrations

  • Twang Contractions & Calibrations: #1
  • Twang Contractions & Calibrations: #2


  • Pentatonic: One
  • Pentatonic: Run
  • Pentatonic: Call & Response
  • Pentatonic: The Staley
    Pentatonic: The Swinger
    Pentatonic: Teaser

The Grooves

  • Groove: The Rock Ballad
  • Groove: The Anthem of Reverie
  • Groove: The Piano Man
  • Groove: Finding the Not-So-Obvious Note
  • Groove: Han's Bendy Jazz Voicing
BONUS - Additional Material

To streamline the course we've moved some of the lessons that aren't "mission critical" into the bonus material, as well as some extras we thought you may find helpful or entertaining.

The lessons:

Beyond The Foundation: Vocal Effects

  • Vocal Effects Introduction
  • Diaphragm & Vibrato Development
  • Compressed Overlay Distortion
  • Decompressed Overlay Distortion
  • Extreme Scream Distortion
  • Extreme Scream Pitch
  • Windy Phonations
  • The Yarl: Tongue Retraction as an Effect

Additional Physical Mode Development

  • Developing Twang Mode
  • Twang Mode vs Quack Mode
  • What is Belt Vocal Mode?
  • Belt Voice Musculature Explained
  • Articulating Lyrics in a Head Voice Belt


  • Singer-cize Reminder 
  • Singer-cizing in the Rain 
  • Vinnie Calls & Vinnie Pulls 
  • Resonant Tracking, Onsets & Sirens 
  • Onsets & Sirens Overview 
  • Resonant Tracking 
  • Lip Trills 
  • Tongue Trills

Additional Techniques & Tips for Success

  • Bridging Early vs Bridging Late
  • Stop 'Hitting High Notes' and Start 'Singing 
  • Deep Notes'
  • The Most Difficult Notes
  • Stop Hearing, Start Listening
  • See Your Voice with Spectrum Software

Mythbusting: Debunking Common Vocal Myths

  • Can Anyone Learn to Sing?
  • 'Baritones' CAN Sing High!
  • 'Mixed Voice' is DEAD!
  • 'Bel Canto' and its 'Secrets from the 
  • Ancient Past' are DEAD!
  • Falsetto is NOT Your Head Voice! 

Earlier Video Compilations 

  • Earlier Compilations of Onset Lectures

YouTube Playlists 

  • YouTube Playlist: Robert Lunte Performances
  • YouTube Playlist: Student Performances
  • YouTube Playlist: Singing Tips & Voice 
  • Training
  • Vocal Lessons & Voice Training 
  • Techniques
  • YouTube Playlist: TVS Courses & Lessons
  • YouTube Playlist: TVS Webinars & Live 
  • Broadcasts
  • YouTube Playlist: Robert Lunte Interviews
  • YouTube Playlist: Student Testimonials