The Travel Bootcamp Instagram - How To Build Real Influence

The Travel Bootcamp Instagram - How To Build Real Influence. How to Build REAL Influencethe ultimate e-course for future influencers presented by Lauren Bath ...
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The Travel Bootcamp Instagram - How To Build Real Influence

The Travel Bootcamp Instagram - How To Build Real Influence

How to Build REAL Influence

the ultimate e-course for future influencers
presented by Lauren Bath and Trey Ratcliff

Grow your Instagram account
Uncover your own unique brand and voice
Develop a passionate, dedicated audience of genuine followers
Learn the business of influencing

Calling all future influencers!

Do you dream of having a massive Instagram following?

Have you wondered how to discover your own unique brand and voice?

Do you daydream about developing a passionate, dedicated audience?

Would you like to know the secrets of having real influence?

This is the course for you.

With instruction by two of the world’s leading influencers

No experience required!

Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to grow your following, using three clever methods
  • How to find your unique voice - and turn it into a fanbase
  • How to develop your individual strategy for online success
  • How to keep your audience engaged and interested
  • The ethics of being an influencer
  • How to spot a fake influencer
  • And so much more!

Let’s bust the myths of becoming an influencer:

1. You don’t need to be a professional photographer.

It’s true - you don’t need professional camera experience (or camera gear) to become an influencer. Take a look online at all the accounts who’ve amassed large followings, and you’ll see that while many of them have great photography skills… many of them don’t! What’s important is knowing the ingredients to your unique recipe - uncovering your voice, and your brand, and working out how you’re going to share that with the world. Once you know the formula, you’ll be amazed at how quickly people will start responding… and how quickly your account begins to grow!

2. You don’t need an audience of a million people to be considered ‘influential’.

It sounds unbelievable, but ‘more’ is not always better. In fact, a smaller fan base of committed, niche followers may be more likely to be influenced by you than an audience of several hundred thousand with a poor engagement rate. And when you become an influencer, engagement is key to success! Of course, if you’d like to grow a big following we’ll teach you that, too - just know that bigger audiences aren’t always best.

3. You don’t need to be a 20-year-old model to gain followers!

Our experts are examples of this. (They are confident and beautiful humans, of course, but let’s be honest - neither of them fits the archetypal blonde, tanned Insta-model). Both Lauren and Trey are living proof that you can grow a six- or seven-figure business, based largely around having digital influence, without having washboard abs.

4. It is possible to grow your audience quickly - you just need the right formula.

No, we’re not talking about cheating - you can forget about buying likes, buying followers, automated bots, loop giveaway scams, engagement pods or unicorn dust (which means you can forget having to worry about your account being shut down, being sued by clients for fraud, or being named and shamed in the media, too.) There’s no need for cheap tricks when you have the formula for genuine success - in fact the secret to fast growth comes down, in large part, to integrity and authenticity… NOT buying likes.

Learn online with expert tutoring

Featuring our unique, three-way content delivery system:

1. Watch the videos
Sit back and relax as you gain brilliant insights, delivered firsthand by Lauren Bath and Trey Ratcliff, via this entertaining, never-before-seen series of videos.

2. Get hands-on experience
See exactly how to become influential, and grow your online following, by applying the insightful exercises shared at the end of each video.

3. Keep the course notes
Each video is accompanied by a written version of the main points, complete with actionable takeaways, inspiration advice and never-before-released content that you can use as your road map to influencer success.

Unlimited lifetime access

Immediate download
The first lesson is delivered to your inbox, immediately upon purchase.

Six insightful topics
Content is delivered in six lessons over six weeks, so you can master each step to success.

Engaging video format
Sit back and watch, or simply listen and learn as you do work around the house.

BONUS: Industry glossary
A terminology section is included for easy reference - yours to keep forever!

BONUS: Chapter excerpts from a brand new bestseller
Receive favourite chapters from Trey’s brand new book, Under the Influence: How to Fake Your Way Into Getting Rich on Instagram - Influencer Fraud, Selfies, Anxiety, Ego and Mass Delusional Behaviour.

Each excerpt has been selected to further demonstrate the concepts outlined in that week’s lesson.

And more!

Comprehensive course outline

Week One: An Introduction to Having Real Influence

  • How to use this course
  • A definition of digital influence
  • How influencers impact us to change our behaviour
  • When are you influential?
  • Inspiration, case studies, homework & more

Week Two: Finding your Unique Voice and Developing a Brand Strategy

  • Identifying your purpose, or at least your passions
  • Finding your “voice”
  • How to brand yourself
  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Niche accounts versus broad accounts
  • You can’t fake yourself
  • Case studies, homework & more

Week Three: Finding Your Secret Sauce and the Three Ways to Build an Audience

  • Find your Secret Sauce, and the recipe 🙂
  • How to engage
  • The importance of sticking power
  • Find what doesn’t serve you, and cut it out
  • How not to be a complete copycat
  • Storytelling skills
  • Case studies, homework & more

Week Four: Good Social Hygiene

  • Understanding the Instagram algorithm
  • How to use hashtags now
  • Cleaning up your profile: why it matters (and the secret hacks you didn’t know about)
  • Your ultimate guide to Instagram Stories
  • How to make a cool grid
  • Using third-party apps: which are best?
  • Case studies, homework & more

Week Five: The Ethics of Real Influence

  • What do we mean by the “Ethics of Influence”?
  • Do no harm
  • Inspiring others
  • Rules of engagement
  • A note on selfies
  • Case studies, homework & more

Week Six: How to Spot a Fake Influencer (and Why You Should Not Jump on That Bandwagon)

  • What is cheating?
  • How do people cheat?
  • The fraud debate
  • Tools for spotting a cheat
  • Make your mumma proud
  • Repercussions for cheats
  • Case studies, homework & more

Learn from people just like you

Today, however, they tell a different story.

Join this course, and you won’t just identify what you really want from your approach to social media - you’ll also know the steps for how to get there.

With the knowledge that we give you, you’ll be truly in tune with your passions, and using the tools we provide, you’ll have a step by step guide to become influential in your field.

It’s not just fluff and inspiration, like “follow your dreams”. There’s also a formula for getting there, a way to write your content strategy, a way to approach the platform and lots of tips and tricks from seasoned digital influencers.

If you haven’t had the clarity or confidence to make a start, then this course will give you that. It’s a starting point, a kickstarter and a road map to live your best life.

Join now!

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