The Spirit of Abundance with Edward Mills

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The Spirit of Abundance with Edward Mills | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Create A Sacred AND Stable Relationship With Money

Yes, it is indeed possible to hold a deep, intimate and dynamic connection with the Divine Creative Force, while also having a solid, stable and expansive relationship with money. In fact, that is a key piece of Authentic Abundance.


Authentic Abundance goes beyond just financial prosperity-it’s really a stance in life that involves full acceptance (and deep appreciation) of what you have in your life NOW while remaining open and receptive to the infinite blessings that are still to come.

In this course, you’ll go through a step-by-step, proven, process that will transform and heal your relationship with money-and help you build a bridge over the chasm that so often seems to divide spirit and money.

We often make things way too complicated, when they don’t have to be. When it comes right down to it, abundance is quite simple.

It’s actually so basic that our minds usually end up doing whatever they can to make it really convoluted. In case you haven’t noticed, your ego feels important when it has complex things to figure out.

It’s been proven that taking short, simple actions CONSISTENTLY is much more effective in breaking negative habits than taking long, drawn-out, complicated actions once or twice-and then waiting for the results.

That’s why you’ve probably experienced the “Seminar Effect”-when you go to a super high-energy event and feel so excited that your life has changed and believe everything is going to be amazing when you return home…


Of course “reality” kicks in a few days later when the “high” from the event wears off, and you find yourself repeating the same patterns as before.

These high-energy events definitely do serve a purpose in your personal growth. But if you have to choose one OR the other for major, lasting change-you’ll want a program that gives you simple, step-by-step guidance and a plan to implement the program consistently-over an extended period.

And that’s what The Spirit of Abundance course is all about.

The beauty of The Spirit of Abundance program is that it short-circuits your mind’s ability to add complexity into the system. And when you follow the workbook, you’ll have a daily set of simple, easy and FAST steps that activate all five of the Manifestation Keys.

And when you do this consistently-every day for 30 days -you’ll have created a whole new habit-pattern in your life.

Consistent, simple, abundance-enhancing actions are what will lead you to AUTHENTIC Abundance. Once you complete The Spirit of Abundance program you will have a proven system and powerful tools that you can keep using as you continue your journey into AUTHENTIC Abundance.

The more consistently you use these tools and integrate them into your ongoing, daily practice, the faster you will create a spirit-filled, bountiful life with more of the things that you want.


Module 1
Kick the Scarcity Habit


Scarcity and lack are habits. They are not your natural state. They are not “reality.” In module 1 of the The Spirit of Abundance you will be given simple tools to help you “unlearn” the habit of scarcity. We’ll also spend time this module going over the details of the 30-Day Abundance Quest.

Some highlights from module 1:

  • Why UN-learning is the key to authentic abundance
  • Why habits are much easier to transform than reality
  • A simple, but powerful Neutral Separation Technique for detaching yourself from other people’s beliefs about money and abundance (this will be a powerful tool in the UN-learning process)

Module 2
VISION - Daring to Create the Grandest Version of the Greatest Vision You’ve Ever Had


Somewhere along the way, most of us turned off our capacity to dream big and imagine great possibilities and grand potentials. During module 2 you’ll have the opportunity to remember and reactivate your capacity to dream big. Small, safe dreams don’t cut it anymore. The world needs YOUR big vision. In this module you’ll be given permission and the guidance and tools to DREAM BIG!

Highlights from module 2:

  • Opening the door to desire. Unlike what some traditions teach, there is nothing wrong with desire. You’ll remember just how fun and exciting it can be to let yourself say YES to your deepest desires.
  • You’ll be guided through a powerful 5-year Life Vision process.
  • You’ll access multiple exercises in the course workbook to get your dreaming “muscle” back into shape.

Module 3
INTENTION - Knowing What You Really Want


In module 3 we move to the 2nd Manifestation Key: Intention. Intention-setting is the process of narrowing your focus and claiming what you really want. It’s putting your flag in the ground. Desire is a good starting point-but intention is the powerful energy that will guide you through the process of manifesting what you want.

Highlights from module 3:

  • The most important thing to remember when asking others for guidance around your intentions.
  • A dialoguing process for getting clear on your intentions
  • The Intention Embodiment Meditation that will help you lock your intention into your body

Module 4
BELIEF - You’ll See It When You Believe It!


In module 4 we’ll focus on the 3rd Manifestation Key: Belief. When it comes to the cause and effect relationship between beliefs and “reality,” most of us have it backwards. We’ve been taught that we’ll believe something when we see it. As scientists have proven, reality “bends” to our beliefs. It’s only when you believe something that you’ll see it.

Here are some of the highlights from module 4:

  • Why the “power of positive thinking” should really be called the “power of positive believing
  • A potent technique for discovering your core beliefs about abundance
  • The body-based practice for replacing your old, disempowering beliefs about abundance with new empowering beliefs

Module 5
ENERGY - If Everything is Energy, Then Why Does It Still Hurt?


In this module we move to the 4th Manifestation Key: Vibration. By now you’ve heard the phrase, “Everything is energy.” And while this is true at the level of atoms and subatomic particles, it doesn’t make it any less painful when you get sick, injured or feel the emotional pain from an insult or an old trauma-or continue to struggle to get the things you want. The Vibration Key doesn’t minimize the reality of your physical experience, but it gives you another doorway through which you can accelerate the creation of what you want.

Here are some of the highlights from module 5:

  • Learn what the word “vibration” actually means
  • Discover the fastest way to diagnose your vibrational level
  • Create YOUR unique, vibration-raising toolbox
  • Experience a rainbow light meditation that raises your vibration without fail

Module 6
ACTION - Ready, Set, GO!


The previous four keys lay the groundwork for this, the 5th Manifestation Key of Action. If you take action without having your Vision, Intention, Beliefs and Vibration aligned, you’re going to create a lot of extra work and struggle for you. On the other hand, doing the work to get those others keys into alignment without taking action is going to get you nowhere. However, when you line up the first four keys and THEN take action from that place… WATCH OUT!

Here are some of the highlights from module 6:

  • How to know when to take action and when to wait and work on bringing the other keys into alignment
  • Why disconnected action will always feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel
  • Why aligned action will NOT always feel easy (hint: it has to do with your comfort zone)
  • How to know the difference between sabotaging procrastination and productive gestation
  • The technique that will get you taking action when the time is right (even if you don’t want to)

Module 7
Mission… POSSIBLE!


You have a mission here-a purpose, a reason that you are here. You have a unique message to share that comes from your unique life experiences. No one else can share YOUR message! In Module 7 we’ll explore the next steps you’ll take as you continue your journey towards AUTHENTIC Abundance and to the ever-expanding expression of your purpose.

Highlights from module 7:

  • Why consistency is your most potent ally on your journey
  • How to create personal systems that empower your abundance
  • The simple, powerful process successful people use to start their day

Module 8
Integration and Activation


In module 8 you’ll learn how to integrate and activate what you’ve learned into your life. You’ll discover how to keep your authentic abundance practice moving forward as you continue to move forward with focus, power and joy to create the life you have dreamed.

Highlights from module 8:

  • How to stay motivated to maintain a daily spiritual money practice.
  • How to use the tools from the course in other areas of your life.
  • A powerful guided visualization you can use to track and catalyze your abundance goals
  • How to install an “abundance gauge” in your system that will let you know where you are in the manifestation process
  • Personalized coaching around your specific abundance issues