The Soul Recovery Training with Robert Moss

The Soul Recovery Training with Robert Moss | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !  Salepage : The Soul Recovery Training with Robert MossIn this profound 7-part virtual train...
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The Soul Recovery Training with Robert Moss | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


In this profound 7-part virtual training, you’ll:

  • Open a deeper connection with your dreams and the powers that are seeking you in dreams
  • Receive practical guidance on energetic cleansing and protection
  • Discover how to journey to a place of healing with the help of the animal doctors
  • Reclaim vital energy by bringing back parts of yourself that went missing because of pain or grief or trauma in your earlier life
  • Develop a personal set of vibrant, living symbols
  • Journey across time to younger selves who need help and support in their own Now time
  • Learn the key principles to reopen your connection with your Higher Self
  • Find your own power songs and share them with others
  • Become a “word doctor” who can help others to heal by offering them the right stories
  • Meet the Soul of your Soul on the highest level accessible to you now
  • Celebrate and entertain your magical child and call in your creative spirit

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

During this 7-part transformational program, Robert will guide you through the fundamental insights, skills and practices you’ll need to recover the missing pieces of your soul to create and experience a more creative, lively and passionate life.

Each teaching session will build upon the next so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles to develop advanced shamanic practices and dreaming skills for soul recovery.


Module 1: Growing Your Soul Tree

Everyone who dreams is a little bit shaman.
— Saying of the Kagwahiv, a dreaming people of Amazonia

We’ll start by discussing the causes and symptoms of soul loss. We’ll open a space for soul recovery through spiritual cleansing, invoking spirit helpers, and by finding the songs and stories and poetic enchantment that call soul back to the body.

We’ll learn a fun, fast way to share dreams and life stories that is mutually empowering and can make us shamans of the breakfast table. We’ll practice shamanic journeying and grow a Dream Tree — a tree of vision — we can visit again and again and use as the portal for many journeys to worlds of soul and imagination. We’ll discover how to break a dream drought and how to present our life issues to a sacred guide and healer in the night through dream incubation.

You’ll receive from this module:

  • A deeper connection with your dreams and the powers that are seeking you in dreams
  • A power place that will never fail you — your Soul Tree or Dream Tree
  • Songs and stories to call soul back home
  • Practical guidance on energetic cleansing and protection
  • Soul-affirming everyday practices for sharing dreams and life stories
  • Ways to put your life questions to your dreams and the world around you

Module 2: Reclaiming Your Animal Spirits

Don’t cry little one
Don’t cry little one
The bear is coming to dance for you
The bear is coming to dance for you

— Mohawk song

When shamans embark on soul travel and soul healing, they operate under the protection and guidance of animal guardians. Forging a close relationship with one or more power animals is invaluable in maintaining healthy boundaries and defending psychic space. A conscious connection with the animal guardians shows us how to follow the natural paths of our energy. A strong working connection with the animal powers brings the ability to shapeshift the energy body and project energy forms that can operate at a distance from the physical body. Our ancestors believed that we are born with a connection with a particular totem animal. On a shamanic path, you may develop connections with many animal spirits.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How animals that have figured in your life or your dreams can become shamanic allies
  • How to journey to a place of healing with the help of the animal doctors
  • How to let your animal spirits raise your vitality, show you the natural path of your energies, and heighten your instinct, intuition and psychic protection in daily life
  • What you can apply from the natural habits and the lore surrounding your power animals, and how to feed and nurture their energy in your life

Module 3: Bringing Home Your Magical Child

I will find out where she has gone
And kiss her lips and take her hands
And walk among long dappled grass
And pluck till time and times are done
The silver apples of the moon,
The golden apples of the sun.

— W.B. Yeats, “The Song of Wandering Aengus”

You are now ready to make a shamanic journey to meet younger aspects of yourself who checked out of your life when the world seemed too hard or indifferent, and to support others as they make their own journeys. You may be astonished to find that a child self of you has been held safe all these years in a different dimension, like the Land of Lost Boys in Peter Pan — or has been hiding out in an old place. We’ll travel together to an extraordinary location in non-ordinary reality where you will have access to many aspects of yourself, and their gifts.

You may discover that you are also a time traveler and can journey to a younger self in her own Now time. As a voice in her mind, you can provide the encouragement and counsel she may need at a time of unbearable pain or challenge. You can be the friend and protector she lacked when her need was great. From this can flow tremendous healing for both of you, for you in your present time and for her in her own time.

In this module, you’ll be encouraged to:

  • Open and follow the path to your magical child
  • Use your personal dreams and life memories as portals for soul recovery
  • Participate in a group shamanic journey to a special place where you can encounter and reclaim multiple aspects of yourself and their gifts
  • Reclaim vital energy by bringing back parts of yourself that went missing because of pain or grief or trauma in your earlier life
  • Journey across time to younger selves who need help and support in their own Now time

Module 4: Soul Journeying Through the Energy Centers

I come to you in order to see.
— Would-be apprentice to Inuit shaman, as reported by Knud Rasmussen

A self-scan of the energy centers is a wonderful tool for self-diagnosis. Journeying through the energy centers with the help of guided meditation and shamanic drumming, facilitates the deep shift in consciousness that is required for accurate self-diagnosis and takes us far beyond diagnosis into realms of healing and empowerment. The journey opens gateways for soul recovery and release from life blockages. It can raise tremendous life force and channels the movement of energy into harmonious, unrestricted flow.

In a series of 7 short journeys, you’ll:

  • Create your personal energy chart and living “totem pole”
  • Connect more deeply with animal guardians and discover where they want to live in your body and assist in healing and empowerment
  • Develop a personal set of vibrant, living symbols
  • Open your throat chakra so you can speak your truth and be heard
  • Release your inner creator in spontaneous drawing from your journeys
  • Construct a map you can use for further journeys for empowerment and soul healing

Module 5: Singing Soul Back Home

Come back, lost soul. I am whistling to guide you. You are walking on moonlight.
— From the story of Medatia, first shaman of the Makiritare

In Celtic tradition, you can sing the soul back home. Gwydion, the shapeshifting shaman-poet of the Mabinogion, sings a lost soul down out of a tree by chanting a poem he composes. Guarani shamans perform soul healing by giving you the right words. When a shaman is talking to you, they say, he or she is giving you soul. Their words are soul, and the Guarani actually have a term, ayyu, that means “word soul.” This comes alive in you when your heart is touched, and the magic words enter you and change you.

We can learn to be soul singers and word doctors for each other. We can learn to grow a dream — a healing image, a soul story, a song that calls back soul — for someone who does not have a dream.

In the class you will be invited to learn the arts of dreamgrowing, story swapping and poetic enchantment for the benefit of others. You’ll learn Robert’s powerful and original Vision Transfer technique, which has brought fire and spirit to many. You’ll rejoice when you see it working in the life of someone you’ve been concerned about through the brightness of returning soul shining in their eyes.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

  • Help others connect with the animal spirits
  • Grow a dream for someone in need of a dream
  • Guide others to places of healing and empowerment in non-ordinary reality
  • Become a “word doctor” who can help others to heal by offering them the right stories
  • Find your own power songs and share them with others

Module 6: Spiritual Enthronement

daughter of the Moon
silken bud unfolding
riding out on your wild blue bull
through the Gate of Wonder.
— From “Inanna and Ebih,” written by the High Priestess of the Moon at Ur, circa 2300 BCE, free version by RM

Of all the guides and mentors that may become available to us in a lifetime, the most important is a friend of the soul that will never lie to us and will never judge us. It is the Higher Self, which the Sufis call, beautifully, the soul of the soul. Ultimately we can only make peace between the many aspects of ourselves by opening a direct and conscious connection with the Self on a higher level — the Self that is no stranger.

When we have opened a space in ourselves for healing and transformation, it is sometimes possible to bring through an aspect of the Higher Self that we have not previously embodied in this life experience. This goes beyond soul recovery or soul retrieval. It can be called spiritual enthronement: the enthroning of a larger spiritual presence in the body and personality of the receiver.

What is enthroned is in no way alien to you; it is an aspect of your own deeper and fuller identity. This may bring the memory of many life journeys, and of the character and structure of the multidimensional self. It may be perceived as an angelic being, or as a deity or goddess. Fusion with an aspect of the Higher Self produces a quantum leap in the evolution of individual consciousness, and brings through radiant energy and Light. This class will be an extraordinary journey.

You’ll be invited to:

  • Look in the mirror of the Sun Goddess
  • Meet the Soul of your Soul on the highest level accessible to you now
  • Practice deep soul remembering, reclaiming the knowledge of who you were before you came into your present body
  • Connect with your soul family across space and time
  • Embody knowledge and energy from your Higher Self in your present life — and keep it with you!

Module 7: Entertaining the Spirits
Growing Soul on Your Spiral Path

The soul has the power to conform to her character the destiny allotted to her.
— Plotinus

When we are passionately engaged in a creative venture — love, art or something else that is really worthwhile — we draw support from other minds and other beings, seen and unseen. We draw greater support the greater the challenges involved in our venture. Great spirits love great challenges.

When we bring something fresh and new into the world, we entertain the spirits and delight our own creative genius, and our lives are infused with natural magic, confirmed by the play of synchronicity. Soul claps its hands and sings when you find what you love and make that your calling. You discover that the world can be your playground, not your prison — and the child and the creator in you come out to play with you.

In our final class, we’ll play wonderful new games together, and you’ll be inspired to:

  • Nurture soul friends and become a true soul friend for others
  • Dialog and play with your family of selves, in this life and beyond this life
  • Celebrate and entertain your magical child and call in your creative spirit
  • Walk an everyday path of magic by paying attention to signs, symbols and synchronicity
  • Travel through life on a spiral path of conscious evolution
  • Do what you love and let the world support you

The Soul Recovery Training Bonus Collection

In addition to Robert’s transformative 7-module virtual course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions. These bonus sessions are being offered to complement what you’ll learn in the course — and take your understanding and practice to a deeper level.