The Realistic Trader - Siam Kidd - Crypto Currencies Course

The Realistic Trader - Siam Kidd - Crypto Currencies Course. So, why do I need to know about these? Cryptos are the EVOLUTION of Money and Blockchain T...
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The Realistic Trader - Siam Kidd - Crypto Currencies Course

The Realistic Trader - Siam Kidd - Crypto Currencies Course

So, why do I need to know about these?

Cryptos are the EVOLUTION of Money and Blockchain Tech is the REVOLUTION of Trust. This is a big as deal as going from Bartering to Coined Money 2400 years ago or from Coined Money to Digital Money in the 1970s. What the Internet did for Communication, Cryptos will do for Money. As a Crypto can’t simply be printed willy nilly like the Pound or Dollar due to their Cryptographic algorithms and that they are decentralised, open sourced, transparent and you can now send money INSTANTLY with zero fees, it’s a paradigm shift for Money.

“The future of money is digital currency.”
“Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.”

Bill Gates

Founder of Microsoft

Libby Andrews

I would never have had the confidence to invest in Cryptos without Siam’s course. It explained things in a simple non tech way and gave a simple formula for crypto investment.

Dan Trussler

Fantastic Cryptocurrency course, has really demystified this new way of exchanging currency and enabled me as a basic user of technology to become invested in crypto’s! Thanks Siam.

So, what am I going to learn?

Section One

Getting Ready to Invest

  • 1. Hello & Welcome + The 5 Ms of Basic Crypto Investing.
  • 2. Understanding the difference between Fiat & Crypto Exchanges & Gateways + the Generic Layout of most exchanges + Activity Flow.
  • 3. Opening your account with 1 or 3 of the main Fiat Exchanges + Opening your accounts with the 3 main Crypto Exchanges (as of Q1 2018).
  • 4. The different types of wallet and understanding the basic processes of having and using a wallet.
  • 5. Creating your Bitcoin Paper wallet.
  • 6. Creating your Ether Paper wallet.
  • 7. For the more security conscious: Creating a My Ether Wallet Offline.
  • 8. For the more security conscious: Sending My Ether Wallet transactions Offline.

Section Two - Mechanics

Understanding What On Earth All Of This Is

  • 9. The differences between Money & Currencies.
  • 10. What’s a Fiat currency and why nearly EVERYONE in the crypto space is mistaking cryptos for money when they are not.
  • 11. What is a Blockchain, why it’s going to consume the world and why does it matter?
  • 12. What is a Crypto and Bitcoin?
  • 13. What is Mining?
  • 14. What is Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake.
  • 15. What’s a Hard Fork?
  • 16. What is a Smart Contract and the big buzz about Ethereum?
  • 17. The 3 Phases of a New Disruptive Tech & The Diffusion of Innovation Curve.
  • 18. Why Blockchain isn’t the future of Blockchain tech.

Section Three - Markets

How To Maintain The Bigger Picture And Getting To Grips With The Exchanges…

  • 19. The Standard Bubble Wave.
  • 20. The big picture and my personal take on the 5 best ‘Use Cases’ for Cryptos.
  • 21. Why I think we are on the precipice of monumental capital inflows.
  • 22. What is an ICO and why you should avoid them!
  • 23. Why you need to understand the original Tech Bubble as this short term Bubble is identical, but on steroids!
  • 24. Re-cap of how to transfer GBP/EUR/USD to your Fiat exchange.
  • 25. Converting your GBP/EUR/USD into Altcoins (AKA buying your cryptos).
  • 26. How to convert your Altcoins back into GBP/USD/GBP for when you want to extract some profit in the future.
  • 27. Pinging your Altcoins between exchanges.
  • 28. Depositing and Withdrawing Bitcoin into and from your Paper Wallet.
  • 29. Depositing and Withdrawing Ethereum into and from your Paper Wallet.
  • 30. Depositing ERC20 Tokens to My Ether Wallet & a recap about Cold Wallets.

Section Four - Methods

Time To Start Investing…

  • 31. The 5 Different Crypto Strategies to choose and deploy in this market.
  • 32. Revealing the Top 5 Coins To Get In! (There’s a twist here).
  • 33. NEO! The next Ethereum! It’s the Chinese equivalent and is potentially huge…
  • 34. Creating your NEO Wallet in order to claim your GAS!
  • 35. OMG! Banking the Unbanked!
  • 36. Cardano. The new Western/Japanese Ethereum Challenger.
  • 37. Phore. A privacy coin and potentially the first Crypto eBay?
  • 38. Tron. The most outlandish goals of any Crypto out there.
  • 39. Ethos. The first universal wallet.
  • 40. NEX. A game changing decentralised Fiat/Crypto exchange.
  • 41. NANO. Setting the new benchmark in Crypto Currencies.
  • 42. The NEO/Ontology Ecosystem - Presentation from one of our earliest Crypto students - Imran Ladha. Ontology is going to be huge.
  • 43. Setting up a basic portfolio tracking account so you know at a glance how your portfolio is doing.
  • 44. Despite advising against investing in ICOs, here is how to invest in an ICO safely if you so wish to.
  • 45. The best mobile apps to stay current with Altcoin news & portfolio tracking.
  • 46. Understanding the BTC vs Alt vs Global Market Cap seesaw + When to measure your portfolio in BTC or Fiat.
  • 47. Buying more Cheapies.
  • 48. How I lost over $1000 and why you’re not late to the party.
  • 49. How to find which exchange a particular coin is on and a general walkthrough of

Section Five - Mindset

The Most Important Section In My Opinion

  • 50. Dealing with losses. Presentation from one of our earliest students - Habib Azam.
  • 51. Why You Need To Extinguish Your Get Rich Quick Urges… Vlog #14.
  • 52. A Caution Warning for Crypto Investors…

Section Six - Meltdowns

Game Time Baby…

  • 53. Why I LOVE market crashes + Identifying if it is a correction or reversal.
  • 54. Recap of the 3 Opportunities here and how to play them out.
  • 55. The big problem with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.
  • 56. Being cautious about Mining.

Section Seven - Finishing School

It’s Been Emotional…

  • 57. You’re done! Here’s what you need to do next. FB, Telegram, One Dayer and relax.
  • 58. Diversification is for idiots…
  • 59. Some questions from the FB Group.
  • 60. Recording of a FB Live Q&A.
  • 61. Cryptocurrencies, Emerging Markets And NEO Coin…
  • 62. If you want to simply explain Cryptos to the uninformed, maybe this BBC Interview will help.
  • 63. What HBOS Whistleblower thinks about Cryptos.
  • 64. Crypto surges, hindsight and knowing when to be a pig!
  • 65. Crypto exchange nightmares and why we are nowhere near ‘Peak Bubble’.
  • 66. Why I never contribute to pensions and why I rarely put money into ICOs.
  • 67. Bitconnect dying…finally!
  • 68. Crypto Ramblings - Privacy coins, Exchange coins, Security and the possible Bitcoin breakout…
  • 69. Conviction & Crypto Unicorns.
  • 70.Did The World Elite Create Cryptos Or Will They Hijack It?

Time to Invest in Your Future

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