The Modern Man - The Ultimate Guide To Conversation

The Modern Man - The Ultimate Guide To Conversation digital download. Info: [37 MP3s] | 553.56 MB. Understand the true purpose of a conversation between ...

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The Modern Man - The Ultimate Guide To Conversation

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The Modern Man - The Ultimate Guide To Conversation

  • Introduction: Understand the true purpose of a conversation between a man and a woman. Plus, discover the style of conversation that allows you to attract almost every woman you meet.
Understanding Women in Conversation
  • What women prefer: Learn the 3 essential components to an enjoyable, attractive conversation with a woman. Unless you include these 3 things, women won't find your conversation interesting, appealing or enjoyable and will lose interest no matter what else you are trying to offer/do.
  • Reading between the lines: Discover how to read between the lines and understand what women really mean when they say certain things to you. Use this to your advantage to know when a woman likes you and wants you to make a move on her.
  • Making a great first impression: Captivate a woman's attention and sweep her off her feet with our tested, proven to work ways to make a great first impression. She will be amazed, attracted, interested and excited to be talking to you.
  • Avoiding awkward silences: Discover the only proven way to avoid awkward silences during conversation. From now on, your conversations with flow smoothly and easily and you won't run out of things to say, or start feeling awkward and become tongue tied.
  • Getting her talking: Use subtle conversation techniques that will get her doing most of the talking, or at the very least, become open and interested in talking to you and contributing a lot to the conversation.
Common Fears and Frustrations in Conversation
  • Women looking uninterested: How to handle a situation where a woman appears to be uninterested in talking to you, or is pretending to be uninterested to test your confidence.
  • Fear of rejection: Do you sometimes avoid talking to women you find attractive because you fear being rejected? Here's how to overcome this problem and be confident from now on.
  • Having to make small talk: A lot of intelligent guys don't like 'small talk' because it doesn't allow them to showcase their strength (academic intelligence). However, small talk is an essential part of socializing with women you don't know. Learn the best way to make small talk, in a fun, interesting and intelligent way that is enjoyable for the both of you.
  • Fear of being judged or embarrassed: When talking to a woman you like, do you find yourself holding back on expressing yourself due to a fear of being judged for saying, or doing the wrong thing? What to do instead.
  • Unsure how to show interest: A lot of guys spend hours, weeks or months talking to a woman they like, but only talk to her as a friend. Discover the quickest, easiest and most effective ways to show sexual and romantic interest and have it reciprocated by the woman.
  • Confusing conversation: Women often say one thing and mean something completely different. Then, they expect you to just 'understand' what they're trying to tell you, or hint at. In this section, you'll learn the secret language of women...and women will love you for it.
  • Running out of things to say: Most guys feel like they run out of things to say when talking to women. In this section, you'll learn 6 powerful secrets to keeping conversations going and keeping them interesting.
  • Women not saying much at the start: If you've ever felt frustrated that some women don't say much when you first start talking to them, you're most-likely making some crucial conversation mistakes, which cause women to react in that way. Discover the cure in this section. Of course, sometimes you will meet a horrible woman and that's not your fault, but almost all cases, women will open up and be friendly if you approach the conversation correctly (i.e in an attractive way that makes her feel compelled to contribute).
  • Unsure how to handle disagreements: What if you say something that a woman disagrees with? What if she's not into the same kind of things as you? Learn how to use a 'disagreement' as an opportunity to build her attraction and interest in you.
  • Fear of talking to beautiful women: Discover why most men don't talk to the women they find most attractive. Plus, learn the secret conversation technique that helps you begin enjoying a plentiful supply of beautiful women who like you and want to be with you.
Conversation Starters
  • The perfect start: The 6 things you need to know to ensure that your conversation with a woman starts smoothly and she likes you straight away. Get this wrong and you will create an awkward vibe, or cause her to be closed up.
  • Conversation starter formula: Instantly come up with the perfect conversation starter, by using our simple, practical 'Conversation Starter Formula.' Works every time!
  • Recommended conversation starters: Discover the 3 best types of conversation starters that ensure you will make a great first impression and kick things off correctly.
  • 60+ situational conversation starters: Hear Dan, Ben and Stu demonstrate and explain how to use over 60 different conversation starters in this section. Examples include conversation starters for: Supermarket/grocery store, bar, walking along the street, in a café, lining up to get tickets for a movie, on public transport, woman walking a dog, woman carrying a musical instrument, woman listening to music on her phone and much more.
  • Conversation starters to avoid: Some conversation starters will lead to an instant rejection, or cause a woman to look at you strangely. Listen to this section to discover the types of conversation starters that you must avoid!
Keeping a Conversation Going and Keeping it Interesting
  • Getting the conversation going: What can you say after a conversation starter to get the conversation moving along? Listen to this section and discover the best things to talk about after the conversation starter that naturally get women excited and interested to be talking to you.
  • Listening to her: Find out where most guys go wrong regarding listening to women as they talk to them. Plus, apply our proven to work techniques that naturally establish instant connections with the women you meet. These techniques make a woman feel like you really understand her and that you and her 'click' in an attractive way.
  • Responding in different ways: Most guys make the mistake of responding in pretty much the same way to almost everything a woman says. Be more interesting, appealing and attractive by responding in the fun and interesting ways that we suggest in this section. You will enjoy the conversation so much more as well.
  • Using flirting: Avoid the 'friend zone' by using our non-sleazy, proven flirting techniques that drive women wild. Make her melt in your presence and feel an intense, sexual attraction for you that lasts.
  • Using humor: Ever heard a woman say that she wants a guy who can make her laugh? Women love to feel good and unless your conversation is funny and includes humor, most women will lose interest in talking to you. You don't have to make a woman laugh all the time, but you do need to add in the right type of humor or else the conversation will become boring or too nice (i.e. you will end up in the friend zone).
  • Being more animated in your expressions: Pump up your personality and be fun, interesting and engaging by using the practical techniques from this section. You'll notice that a woman's face will 'light up' with excitement and happiness when you use these powerful techniques. It's also so much more enjoyable for you because you don't end up 'going into your shell' by being too polite, reserved or hesitant. You let your real, true self and feelings come through and women love you for it.
  • Using emotional words: Do you find that your conversations with women tend to get boring pretty quickly? Especially after you've done the whole "Where are you from? What do you do?" part of the conversation? Experience the power of using emotional words in your conversation...and watch woman after woman almost instantly fall in love with you.
  • Common questions to keep the conversation going: Ask the thought-provoking questions that are included in this section and you'll be deep in conversation for hours!
  • Being your real self: A lot of guys make the mistake of putting on a false, or extra nice personality around women...and women can smell it a mile away. Create deep, meaningful and truthful connections with women by using our proven techniques for being your real self. There's nothing better than a woman loving you for YOU.
  • Telling stories: Why is it that some people can tell great stories that captivate everyone's attention, while others sound boring or even like they're bragging? Listen to this powerful section as we reveal easy, practical techniques that you can use instantly to have women (and people in general) become mesmerized by your stories.
  • Going into deep rapport: When is the right time to 'get deep' and explore deeper and more personal, private conversations with a woman? Learn the what, when, how, why and where of going into deep rapport with women. Use these techniques to quickly build relationships with women that you meet and establish a powerful connection that sets you apart from all the other guys.
  • Social Dos and Don'ts: Learn the top Dos and Don'ts of socializing with women. Get these right and you'll be seen as a cool, confident and charming guy. Get them wrong and women (and people in general) won't be able to connect with you properly (i.e. it will feel awkward).
  • Conversation topics to avoid: Find out the conversation topics that will turn women off in an instant. You must avoid these topics at all costs, unless you have a high level of skill with talking to women and can handle anything. Prior to that level though, you must try to avoid these topics at all costs because if you can't handle the woman's reaction to it, she will feel turned off and close up.
  • Complimenting women in the right way: Listen to examples of how and when to compliment women. Sweep a woman off her feet with a perfectly placed compliment. Also, discover all the mistakes that guys make with compliments that ruin a woman's interest during conversation, on a date and in a relationship.
  • Handling compliments and criticism with class: What should you say if a woman compliments you? There are many correct and incorrect ways to respond. Same goes if a woman criticizes you, or disagrees with something you've said or done. You'll hear many examples in this section that will save you from creating embarrassing situations when talking to women.
  • Ending conversations smoothly: When should you end a conversation with a woman, walk away and leave her wanting more? How can you do it smoothly? What should you say to her so she feels keen to talk to you again? Learn the classiest and most attractive way to end conversations with women, so they are excited to talk to you the next time.
Mistakes Guys Make That Ruin Conversation With Women
  • Talking about yourself: How much should you talk about yourself, versus getting a woman to talk about herself? Get this wrong and you will find it hard to attract pretty women and establish meaningful relationships with them that last.
  • Being attentive: Discover the right amount of attention that you should show to a woman during conversation when you want her to feel instant and lasting attraction for you. Get this wrong and you can easily come across as too needy, or too uninterested. It's important to get this part right if you want smooth, easy and consistent success with women.
  • Being emotional: We all know that women don't like guys who are too sensitive. However, what kind of emotion does a woman actually want you to show during conversation? Listen to this section to discover how to make a woman melt and literally 'fall in love with you' during conversation by expressing emotions in an attractive way.
  • Assertive vs. passive: How strong should you be in your opinions when talking to a woman? How forceful should you be when asking a woman out, or getting her phone number? The answers to these questions (and many more in this section) will amaze you.
  • Talking to women vs. talking to guys: There are important changes that you need to make to your conversation style when talking to a woman vs. talking to a guy. Get this wrong with attractive women and you'll end up in the 'friend zone'.
  • Creating distrust: Discover the subtle mistakes that some guys make during conversations, which cause a woman to feel cautious and not trust his motives. Learn the right way to talk to a woman, so she feels comfortable, trusts you and immediately opens up to kissing, sex or a relationship.
  • Being unimpressive: Subtle conversational mistakes that some guys make when talking about themselves, which cause them to look unimpressive. Surprisingly, these mistakes mostly happen when a guy is trying to impress a woman. Discover the right way to impress women with even the simplest things.
  • Contribution level: Do you sometimes say nothing at all (i.e. to avoid saying the wrong thing, or due to worrying too much about what to say), instead of saying anything just to keep the conversation going? Discover why this will ruin your chances with most women and how to fix it immediately, using the practical, easy-to-use techniques in this section.
  • Trying to fix her problems: Most guys ruin the perfect chance to connect with a woman, or attract her when she asks for advice on something, or is complaining, or whining about something. Discover the BEST ways to respond when a woman is looking for advice, complaining about something or just whining and being annoying. These responses ensure that you maintain her attraction for you, while still being a good man to her.
  • Mood killers: Avoid ruining the mood between you and a woman by steering clear of the conversation mistakes revealed in this section.
  • Disconnections: Find out the different ways guys accidentally cause a 'disconnect' between themselves and a woman they are trying to attract. Learn how to create instant and lasting connections between you and the women you meet.
  • Not funny: Discover why getting the right blend of humor in your conversations with women is critical to your success. Plus, why some guys who try too hard to be funny (in the wrong way) end up screwing up their chances with women.
  • Dishonesty: A lot of guys tell 'white lies' when trying to impress women and don't realize that most women can tell. Find out how to get women to love you for who you are right now...and not for any exaggerated story, or particular achievement in life that you think might be impressive to her, enough to want to be with you.
  • Lacking manliness: You may have heard a woman say, "I want a real man" and wondered what she means by that. If so, make sure you listen to this section and discover the secrets to showing women that you are the real man they've been looking for all along.
  • Lacking a sexual vibe: Find out how to instantly create a sexual vibe between you and a woman, so she wants to have sex with you and start a relationship with you, rather than putting you in the dreaded 'friend zone'.
  • Neediness: When you REALLY like a woman, do you find it hard to stay relaxed and not seem to keen? Neediness is a MASSIVE turn off to attractive women and there are many signs of neediness that you need to avoid. Listen to this section to learn how to be totally cool, confident and relaxed when talking to the woman of your dreams.
Conversation Jam Session
  • Random words: Listen in as Dan, Ben and Stu create conversations on the fly based on random words chosen on the spot. You'll learn how Dan, Ben and Stu instantly create humor and attractive conversations on the fly and how they come up with the examples.
Maintaining Confidence in Conversation
  • Confidence Mindset #1: Ever made a bad first impression on a woman during conversation and lost confidence over it, or said something awkward to a woman and regretted it for a long time? Here's how to feel totally confident in those situations from now on, as well as how to recover from a bad first impression.
  • Confidence Mindset #2: How can you remain composed and confident during conversations with women you really like, or with a group of attractive women? The answer will surprise you. Use the mindset from this section to maintain your confidence and composure when talking to attractive women.
  • Confidence Mindset #3: Learn how many guys subtly destroy their chances with a woman during a conversation and ending up losing confidence as a result. Plus, find out how to always feel totally confident when talking to a woman, while also ensuring that she feels irresistibly attracted to you.
  • Confidence Mindset #4: Do you sometimes feel shy, nervous or anxious when the spotlight turns on you during a conversation with a woman you like? Here's how to avoid ever feeling that way again. Plus, a confident mindset that will serve you well for the rest of your life, not only with women but in all social situations.
Date Conversation
  • Establishing a relationship: Too often, guys ruin their chance with a woman on the first date by saying all the wrong things. Discover how to set the foundation for a sexual, loving and lasting relationship while on dates with women.
  • Making her want you sexually: How to ensure that your date doesn't end awkwardly, with you being placed in the 'friend zone.' Use the proven techniques in this section to make a woman want you so much that begins to make it obvious that she is interested sexually and romantically.
  • Making her fall in love with you: Learn how to make a woman feel intense attraction for you and begin to naturally fall in love with you during a conversation.
  • Dating multiple women: If you don't want a committed relationship right now and would rather date and have sex with multiple women for a while, follow the advice given on managing many dating relationships at once. It's up to you what you do with this power. You can also use this attitude to make one woman try hard to get you to commit to her, even if you're not dating or sleeping with other women. You then allow her to become your girlfriend and she feels excited, proud and keen to be the best woman she can be for you.