The Modern Man - Make her love you for life

The Modern Man - Make her love you for life.  How to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you, respect you and be totally in love with you when in ...
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The Modern Man - Make her love you for life


How to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you, respect you and be totally in love with you when in a relationship.

  • 9 hours.
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When you use this approach in a relationship:

  • You are in the position of power.
  • She looks up to you, respects you and listens to what you say.
  • She feels sexually attracted to you, initiates sex and wants to please you.
  • She’s not interested in other men and just wants to be with you.
  • She continually tries to maintain your interest, attraction and love by being on her best behavior and treating you well.
  • She lets you do what you want with your free time (e.g. catch up with friends, work on your hobbies or interests).
  • She is nice to you and treats you well.
  • She doesn’t want to start fights with you or create drama over small little issues because she always wants to make you happy.
  • She takes responsibility for things that a man wants from his woman (e.g. pleasing you sexually, cooking, cleaning, being supportive, staying out of your way if you want some time for yourself, being affectionate, complimenting you, appreciating you).
  • She takes care of her appearance and wants to look good for you.
  • She shows respect for you in front of other people, rather than taking their side or putting you down in front of them.
  • She is sensible and logical when you need her to be (e.g. about finances, making decisions together as a couple) and sexy and naughty when you need her to be (e.g. in the bedroom).
  • She has such a strong attraction for you that simply hugging her or looking at her in a certain way turns her on and makes her want sex.
  • She also loves to give you oral sex because it turns her on. She just loves the idea of pleasing you. It makes her happy.
  • She happily does what you tell her to do without making a big fuss about it (e.g. if you tell her to make you a coffee, stop complaining or creating drama about something, be sensible, listen to you).
  • She makes you happy by being a good woman, rather than being moody and wasting your time with pointless arguments.
  • She loves you, wants you and only wants to be with you.

The best thing of all is that this is how women actually WANT it to be.

Women are embarrassed to admit it when asked in public, but the truth is that a woman wants to be in a relationship where she is so in love with you, so attracted to you and so respectful of you that she feels compelled to be her BEST BEHAVIOR to please you and maintain your interest in her.

A woman WANTS to have that feeling where she is eager to impress you and make you happy.

That actually makes HER happy.

Of course, it makes you happy too because you get an awesome woman who loves you and is so good to you.

So, if you want to experience the ultimate kind of relationship, watch Make Her Love You For Life and I'll teach you my secrets right now.


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