The First Steps - Course 1

The First Steps - Course 1The First Steps - Course 1 A Beginner Harp Course in 4 WeeksThe full Course 1 provides the basics of Harp Technique for beginners, a...
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The First Steps - Course 1

The First Steps - Course 1

The First Steps - Course 1
A Beginner Harp Course in 4 Weeks

The full Course 1 provides the basics of Harp Technique for beginners, and those who would like to refresh their understanding of what it takes to play the harp. It leads the participant through four weeks of beginning lessons on the harp, and includes over 100 minutes of short videos.

The First Steps course is designed for beginners and teachers, and covers the fundamentals of harp technique in simple steps, addressing the 2 Basic Aspects of Playing the Harp, using exercises and first pieces. It is suitable for lever or pedal harp with any number of strings/levers.

The course is currently set up for one person per enrollment use only.

To include a one-on-one lesson to complement this course, enroll in the Skype Lesson Course as well.

“So much substance in just the first 2 lessons…I cannot just go thru without it becoming part of who I am at the harp. I am allowing the techniques you are bringing to be an integral part of how I listen, view and approach the harp.
Thank you so very much for this very Rich course” C.M. - USA

“Just wanting to say how helpful your videos are for someone who is a visual learner and wants to get the technique right.” C.Q. - Australia

“I am finding these lessons very clear-both your explanations and the videos. I like the ‘breaks’, creating short sequences; I like the key words appearing sporadically, and seeing both hands/from both sides is also helpful…Remarkably prompt and thorough in answering any questions I had. It is clear that you sincerely want us to learn to play the harp properly and beautifully. M.D. - (USA)

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Your Instructor

Alice Giles

Alice Giles is one of the world’s leading harpists, and also a dedicated and inspiring teacher. Winner of the prestigious 8th Israel International Harp Contest, she performs extensively as soloist and gives master-classes word-wide. Australian born, she studied in the US and spent many years living in Germany before returning to her roots, where she lives in rural New South Wales. Always ready for an adventure she has even performed on Mawson Station in Antarctica. She is Director of the Seven Harp Ensemble and Artistic Director of the non-profit company Harp Centre Australia. See more about Alice

Course Curriculum


First Steps - Introduction (2:14)

Introductory Notes for Beginners (4:04)
Curriculum at a glance
Lesson 1 - Week 1 The Basic Aspects of playing the harp and first piece

Lesson 1.1 Introduction and First Basic Aspect: Placing / Playing (18:03)

Lesson 1.2 Second Basic Aspect: Raising (7:17)
Lesson 1.3 First Piece: using both Aspects with Hot Cross Buns (7:53)
Supplementary Material
Lesson 2 - Week 2

Lesson 2.1 Review exercises using a lever harp (11:30)

Lesson 2.2 Raising (4:34)
Lesson 2.3 Do, Do (5:00)
Lesson 2.4 Buzz, Buzz (7:17)

Lesson 3 - Week 3

Lesson 3.1 Review technique with Troubleshooting (8:28)

Lesson 3.2 Adding a piece using 4th finger - Song of the River (5:30)
Lesson 3.3 Lavender’s Blue (4:02)
Lesson 3.4 Supplementary videos of the ‘First Lesson’ (14:52)
Lesson 3.5. Supplementary videos of the ‘First Lesson’ (16:33)
Week 4 - Lesson 4

Lesson 4.1 Adding an Arpeggio (10:37)

Lesson 4.2 Bass clef - Good King John (5:02)
Lesson 4.3 Hints and FAQ (5:44)
Supplementary material: Arpeggio exercise

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