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How You Will Benefit

If you choose to join Gay for this 7-module experiential journey, you’ll:

  • Discover the particular upper limit issues that you have and implement practices to transform them.
  • Identify your Zone of Genius in a specific and actionable way.
  • See the specific ways that you sabotage yourself when things are going well.
  • Come to understand how and why you have a fear of outshining
    other people.
  • Learn how to work with the fear that if you enter your Zone of Genius, you’ll be disloyal and abandon important people in your life.
  • Surface and transform the belief there is something fundamentally wrong about you.
  • Transform your barriers to abundance and wealth.
  • Implement work habits that allow you to minimize distractions and focus more and more of your time on your Zone of Genius.
  • Learn how to work in a state of effortlessness - living more in flow, with time going by in a flash.
  • Master time rather than be driven by it: Have time become your best friend rather than your enemy.
  • Do more of what you most love to do, recognizing that you don’t have to do a lot of it to produce huge results.
  • Reboot your energy and vitality by connecting with your core
    life force.
  • Improve your relationships by eliminating unproductive arguing and removing the Upper Limit Problems that lead to fights.
  • Identify your Zone of Genius in a partnership, and learn how to create more magic together.

In short, you’ll receive a lifetime of wisdom from a master teacher who has helped hundreds of thousands globally to have breakthroughs into living the life they were truly meant to live.

If you want to live a life that is truly fulfilling and expresses your core gifts, this is the program for you.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational training, Gay will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies that you’ll need to raise your upper limit and occupy your Zone of Genius.

Each training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to move beyond your Zone of Excellence and be in your Zone of Genius.

Module 1: How To Transcend Your
Upper Limits

Preparing for Your Big Leap into the Zone of Genius

week1.jpgGay introduces you to the keys for tapping into your own great potential and guides you through several meditations that help you discover the previously unseen barriers to fulfillment in relationships, creativity and abundance. These discoveries prepare you for your Big Leap Experience.

You’ll discover:

  • A unique, new set of consciousness tools to move beyond your upper limits
  • Powerful ways to tap into your ability to manifest what you most want and need in relationships and creative expression
  • Guidance for charting your map to your Zone of Genius, so you can take actionable steps to live more consistently from this space
  • How to overcome obstacles that prevent you from living in increasing waves of creativity and contribution

Module 2: Dissolving the 4 Fears That Keep You Trapped Below Your Zone of Genius

week2.jpgThis session gives you a deep understanding of what keeps “Upper Limit Problems” frozen in place. Specifically, 4 hidden fears are usually implicated in triggering the self-sabotage mechanisms of Upper Limit Problems. In this session, you’ll learn a gentle process for exploring and dismantling any of the 4 fears that appear to be limiting the expression of your genius (and account for more than 90% of Upper Limit Problems).

You’ll discover:

  • Techniques for overcoming the fear of outshining others
  • Ways to move beyond your fear of being a burden to others
  • How to transform your fear of leaving loved ones behind if you expand into your full potential
  • How to conquer your fear that something is fundamentally wrong or unloveable about you

Module 3: Your Zone of Genius
Mapping the Territory

week3.jpgAs you transcend the 4 fears that have been keeping you operating beneath your Zone of Genius, you begin a journey to your ultimate destination: the ability to live your whole life within your Zone of Genius. In this session, you’ll get a map for the new territory. First, you’ll discover how you are squandering energy in your Zones of Incompetence and Competence. Successful people are able to reduce dramatically the amount of time they spend in the Zones of Competence and Incompetence. You’ll also see how successful people relentlessly focus on the Zone of Genius to produce extraordinary results.

You’ll discover:

  • How to raise your upper limit to enter into your Zone of Genius and return to it more effortlessly
  • Strategies to move out of your Zones of Incompetence and Competence through delegation and asking for support
  • Powerful ways to transform your hidden fears to increase abundance and wealth
  • Effective methods for increasing the amount of time you work and live in your Zone of Genius

Module 4: Living in Your Zone of Genius
Mastering the 3 P’s

week4.jpgThis session shines a light on a particularly troublesome area of life - one that saps the energy of many creative people. Most of us have one or more of these crystallized patterns that keep recurring, often in spite of our best efforts to eliminate them. A pattern of repeated conflict or self-criticism, for example, can consume the very energy needed to fuel our creative projects. In this module, you’ll experience a new way to clear up your own self-limiting patterns by exploring the 3 P’s: Punishment, Prevention and Protection as well as self-sabotaging symptoms that are usually motivated by deep, unconscious needs.

You’ll discover:

  • A life-changing process for awakening from long-held patterns (such as overeating under stress)
  • How to eliminate the tendency to sabotage success and move beyond the 3 P’s
  • Effective ways to diminish the inner critic and invite positive energy and creativity into your work and relationships
  • Potent daily practices to increase time in your Zone of Genius every day

Module 5: Mastering Time
Making the Shift from Newtonian to Einstein Time

week5.jpgThe most successful people you’ve probably ever met are likely masters of time. Time doesn’t run them, they run time. By shifting from an outmoded paradigm of time and by implementing a few simple “time-tricks” that allow your creative output to soar, in this session, you’ll learn to take charge of an area of life that devours the energy of many creative people.

You’ll discover:

  • How to structure your day and week to optimize your creative output
  • Effective ways to deal with interruptions, distractions and difficult interactions in a time-efficient manner
  • Powerful techniques for working in a state of effortlessness and flow to fulfill your life work with passion and renewable energy
  • How to soar into the open spaces of your Zone of Genius - the critical place where time moves at exactly the pace we need

Module 6: Taking Big Leaps in
Your Relationships

week6.jpgNowhere is the Upper Limit Problem more observable than in our close relationships. Whether at home or at work, the quality of your relationships is determined by your ability to spot your Upper Limit Problems and move through them gracefully. Gay shares personal stories of upper limits in his 35-year marriage to his wife, Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, as well as specific tips and techniques for navigating through upper limits on your journey of love.

You’ll discover:

  • How to identify and work with the specific fears that appear in close relationships
  • Ways to spot Upper Limits Problems before they become full-blown and snowball out of control
  • What to do when you find yourself in the midst of Upper Limit Problems in relationship
  • How to work in partnership to overcome personal upper limits and live together in the Zone of Genius

Module 7: The Big Leap in Action

week7.jpgThis session focuses on the real-world challenges that people typically encounter as they begin to take their big leaps into the Zone of Genius. Fear, doubt and communication glitches with key people at home and at work can sometimes occur as you take larger strides in your creative expression. You’ll learn about a new concept called “The Genius Spiral,” a tool you can use to make your expansion easy and gentle.

You’ll discover:

  • Strategies for effectively communicating about your transformation with those around you
  • How to harness the increased energy and vitality that develops as you spend more time in your Zone of Genius
  • How to organize and prioritize your activities, using The Genius Spiral, so that your creativity flourishes on a daily basis
  • The Big Leap Daily Practice, a way of centering yourself and priming your creative mind