The Art of Purpose - The Blueprint to Unlimited Content Creation

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The Art of Purpose - The Blueprint to Unlimited Content CreationThe Art of Purpose - The Blueprint to Unlimited Content Creation

Unlock Twitter. Learn how to write highly engaging content. Let me show you how.

Discover the method I used to construct unlimited amounts of content on Twitter. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Create 24/7 is a step-by-step guide. This is the most comprehensive course on content creation. This is the blueprint.

What is included?

  • Writing Techniques that Create Engagement
  • Templates for Every Kind of Tweet
  • Simple Guidelines for Writing (Do’s and Don’ts)
  • Topics for Instant Engagement
  • How to Create the Perfect Thread
  • How to Get Eyes on Your Tweets (yes, there is a process)
  • The Infinite Wheel: How to Use Your OWN Content to Create More Content
  • BONUS / 17 Secrets to Make Your Sentence Sing: Learn how to make words stick in someone’s mind. Learn how to earn retweets. Learn how to make your tweets powerful. This is the toolkit you need to make your writing memorable and beautiful.

Create 24/7 also includes access to a library of video modules.
Access +5 hours worth of video that will teach you the insider secrets needed to become a social media legend.

  • Images on Twitter: A 30-minute video tutorial on how to select appropriate images for a Tweet. There is an art to selecting images. I will show you how.
  • Create on Canva: A 30-minute video that introduces Canva. Learn how to make book covers, create aesthetic testimonials (like the ones below) and learn how to tweet with just images.
  • Create Unlimited Content: A 40-minute video that shows how we create Unlimited Content. In this video, we show you how to write highly engaging tweets.
  • Create an Email List: A video that explains how to create an email list. We go over all of the basics, including how to build a lead magnet.
  • Create Twitter Growth: Generate traffic to your timeline. This is a 30-minute video that talks about how to tactically gain followers on Twitter. I lay out my best strategies. If you want to gain followers, watch this video.
  • Create a Bio / Create a Brand: Your Twitter Bio is your brand. Learn how to use persuasion to convert follows. Turn your profile into a funnel.
  • Create a Network: Leverage Twitter and utilize this platform’s biggest strength, Networking. Learn how to build connections and share ideas. Engagement groups are lame. Build something bigger. Create a Network.
  • Create Offers: Learn the basics of creating low and high ticket offers that sell. Dan Koe shows you how to make an extra $5K this month. It is a process.
  • Create a Thought Museum: Ghostwriter JK Molina reveals his system for how he builds swipe files to get 100+ likes on tweets for his and his client’s accounts.
  • Create Money on Twitter: Learn the secrets of Affiliate Marketing. Learn how to gain affiliate opportunities and learn how to create effective copy that generates sales. This module is presented by The Art of Purpose and David Mendes. It has over 75 minutes of instruction alone. We want to see you make money.
  • Create Engagement: Aaron teaches you how to engage like a KING. Make thoughtful comments quickly. Create impressions and gain follows from engaging. Learn how to do it efficiently and properly.
  • Create an Authentic Mindest: Joey Doughty challenges you. Learn how to break through psychological barriers and create content that is real and authentic.
  • Leverage Strengths / Create Connections: Social media mogul Steve Adcock shows you how to leverage your strengths to create a strong social media profile. Steve shares his unique approach. Learn how to create opportunities and connect with your audience in this module.
  • Create on Instagram: Learn how to dominate Instagram by creating HIGH-quality content. Niti Sarran shows you how to create Posts/Videos/Reels. Learn how to grow your account the right way. Learn how to go viral. You will LOVE this addition if you want to grow your Instagram.

There is no other course on the market that i this comprehensive.

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about Twitter and MORE.

ALL UPDATES ARE FREE (for those that purchased)

If you ever feel that we need to add a module, message me On Twitter (or via email) and let me know. We want to see you WIN.

Strong Content = Follows

If you want followers, you need to produce.

In Create 24/7 we have laid everything out. These are all of my strategies and tactics. And they work.

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