Terry Dean - Autoresponder Alchemy

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Terry Dean - Autoresponder Alchemy digital download. Info: [22 Videos (MP4) + 22 Audios (MP3) + 6 Slides (PDF) + 2 Text ]. Modeling successful emails i...
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Terry Dean - Autoresponder Alchemy

Type: Digital download

Format: [22 Videos (MP4) + 22 Audios (MP3) + 6 Slides (PDF) + 2 Text ]



Terry Dean - Autoresponder Alchemy

You Get My Complete Step-By-Step Formula...


Module 1 – Model My Million Dollar Emails

Modeling successful emails is the quickest and easiest way to create profitable emails at will. In addition, when you do it correctly using the exclusive methods I’m going to share with you, it only takes ONE viewing to bury the material deep in your subconscious.

You will immediately access…

Why “beginners” are able to use modeling to quickly surpass more experienced marketers…even if they’ve never written emails before!  (In fact, the less you’ve tried to understand what the gurus tell you, the faster you’ll be slapping together emails that attract orders automatically)
How to avoid the response draining problems of common emails – and guarantee yourself the most emotionally engaging, entertaining, and profitable emails you’ve ever sent.

How to practice using the “Million Dollar Email” templates to shortcut the learning process until plugging in profitable emails becomes second nature.

Why the secrets of the “Dynamic Duo” subject line translates into increased opens, clickthrough rates, and sales.

The number one way to sabotage your email results is sending the WRONG kind of content…and how to KNOW without a doubt whether you’re sending what attracts orders.

Module 2 – Hidden Reason Why Prospects BUY

Modeling Million Dollar Emails is your shortcut to a new Internet Lifestyle. In the second week we build upon your new emails skills by showing you the hidden motivations behind why prospects buy.

These insider techniques reveal the ‘magic words’ your customers need to hear to make buying decisions.

How to quickly fire up your passion quotient by falling in love with your customers all over again.  Day-to-day activities can rob you of your passion – while my method multiplies the entrepreneurial fire burning inside you.

How to bypass your subscribers’ critical thinking and speak directly to their hearts (once you’ve mastered this skill, you can literally write your own checks online).

The 3 critical “spy” techniques that uncover all the magic words you can sprinkle your emails with for maximum response (best of all, all 3 techniques are 100% free).

Can you really tell why a competitor’s website is successful?  These 5 critical clues give you the “conversion score” of any website to find the missing links in your own offers.

Watch, listen, and model as I create an ‘avatar’ live on the video (an avatar is your perfect bulls-eye buyer who makes email creation as simple as writing to one person).

Module 3 – Email ‘Super Hero’ Method

A client once told me they couldn’t get the same results I did from email, because they don’t have a “brand name” like me. And they were correct! You can model my emails, and still not get the same response…UNLESS you apply my exclusive branding strategy.

This FUN method of discovering and demonstrating your brand is easy to use and position yourself as a premium brand in your marketplace…even if all your competitors are selling for rock bottom prices.

The seven secrets of personal branding used by Superman and other comic book heros (how does an 80 year old fictional character created in 1933 have thousands of comics, 6 blockbuster movies, dozens of cartoons, and tens of thousands of toys).

The secret “2-minute technique” (that’s all it takes) you can slip into your first couple of autoresponder messages…but will increase your average ticket sale by 20% or more for the next 60 days.

How to break out of the commodity pricing trap…and train your customers to pay premium prices for your products and services just like Starbucks, Apple, and Harley-Davidson.

The amazing “Lex Luther” strategy that increases the strength of your subscriber relationship, boosts the number of social media shares you receive, and allows you to subtly sell more products/services behind the scenes.

How and when to choose between a “personal brand” and a “company brand” based on your market and long-term goals.

Module 4 – 30 Minute Emails

Money is attracted to speed. This week focuses on creating email messages faster, editing them for maximum response, and getting them out the door.

Each new email you add to your autoresponder is like giving yourself a raise. The more you add, the more money you make.

How to use the “slippery slide” principle to attract readers with your subject line, hook them with your intro, get them to click your link, and ultimately buy your product or service (eliminate the speed bumps and response blockers along the way).

7 secret HACKS for writing emails faster…that at one time or another will save your sanity!

My personal list of 63 brainstorming questions designed to reveal dozens of hidden selling stories you never even considered…making the writing process a breeze.

How to give each email a 5 minute once-over to increase its selling power…using my one-page step-by-step editing checklist.

HTML versus Plain Text – which one you should use, why, and how to get maximum traction and response out of your choice (don’t blindly copy what someone else is doing).

Module 5 – Money-On-Demand Offers

Every email should generate new clients and income. There shouldn’t be a single non-productive email in your series. The ongoing series is your bread-and-butter daily income.

Launches, limited time specials, and unique offers create instant money-on-demand. These big events have paid for my furniture, cars, and even paid off my house.

How much will you earn from your next money-on-demand offer? I don’t know, because I don’t know you, your list, or how well you’ve been modeling my emails. What I know is these offers are how my clients create their ‘fun money.’

3 Secrets behind every successful money-on-demand 24 to 72 hour special offer…and how to apply all 3 elements for maximum sales in minimum time.
How to plug fully automated limited time specials into your autoresponder campaigns…giving you all the benefits of money-on-demand offers on full autopilot while living the Internet Lifestyle.
Why affiliates are able to use these secrets to make more sales from their lists…even if they don’t have any products of their own.
How to create pre-launch sequences that handle objections, presell your offer, and create buzz about your upcoming special (and yes, these can be plugged into a fully automated autoresponder also).
The truth about winning offers…and a 2 page cheat sheet of all the best performing ideas my clients and I have used to suck as much money out of these specials as humanly possible for the past 23 years.

Module 6 – Advanced Email Strategies

This is the ADVANCED week. If you’re a beginner, it’s possible a few of the videos in this module may be over your head. That’s OK. Come back to them in the future when you’re ready to move to the next level in your game.

You’ll still come away immediately with new ideas and ways to apply email to your business.

How to “segment” your subscribers into super-responsive subscribers based on what they’re interested in, clicking on, and buying (segmenting at its core is EASY if you just follow these basic principles).
Answers to your most common questions including how often to email your lists, when to use double optin versus single optin lists, and more…eliminate all the confusion.
The truth behind tracking and testing emails…with a personal demonstration showing what I personally look for in the stats inside my Aweber account (too many gurus pay lip service to testing and point you to the wrong stats to look for).
How to use subscriber surveys to create immediate profits and sales in addition to all the feedback and customer language they provide you with.
A secret new technique (unused by even many of the email ‘experts’) that is virtually guaranteed to increase the value of your email lists faster than anything else you’re doing.