Terri Wagner - Developing Project Requirements

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Terri Wagner - Developing Project Requirements digital download. Info: [24 Videos (AVI) + 7 Documents (PDF)]. In this course, author, PMP, and business ...
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Terri Wagner - Developing Project Requirements

Type: Digital download

Format: [24 Videos (AVI) + 7 Documents (PDF)]

Developing Project Requirements

By: Terri Wagner


In this course, author, PMP, and business analyst Terri Wagner demonstrates the importance of developing sound project requirements to make sure your project is scoped and planned right from the beginning. Learn the secrets of elicitation, working with stakeholders, and writing and managing requirements documentation.

Topics include:

  • Classifying requirements
  • Developing requirements
  • Investigating requirements
  • Documenting requirements
  • Validating requirements
  • Managing changing requirements

– Hi, I’m Terri Wagner, and this is Developing Project Requirements. This course provides proven techniques to collaboratively develop project requirements. We’ll begin by exploring the big picture and looking at challenges encountered when gathering requirements. Then we’ll explore standards available from around the globe to help establish a framework for your project requirements. One standard will be selected, and we’ll explore use of that standard to gather, analyze, document or specify, validate, and then manage your requirements.

Throughout this course, we’ll also provide examples of tools and techniques discussed using a wind farm case study to give you examples of how many of the steps are done. Now let’s get started with Developing Project Requirements.