Teri Ijeoma - VIP Investor Program

Teri Ijeoma - VIP Investor Program digital download.

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Teri Ijeoma - VIP Investor Program

Type: Digital download

Teri Ijeoma - VIP Investor Program

Teri Ijeoma - VIP Investor Program

Are you looking for accountability and ideas to take your trading to the next level? As a VIP student you will get access to all of the Trade and Travel courses. Each student will have access to live coaching calls to build their trading plan, solidify learning, and hone their trading strategies.

Here are all of the courses and coaching sessions included in the VIP program:

  1. Trade and Travel Flagship Course:
    • Intro to the Stock Market
    • Risk Management
    • Technical Analysis (Charts)
    • Advanced Strategies
  2. Advanced Course:
    • Shorting
    • Gaps, Moving Averages, and Globex trading
    • Options
  3. Coaching
    • VIP students get access to live coaching calls

What you will learn?


Everything you need to successfully get started in investing, including opening your account, picking good companies, and placing the first trade.


As soon as you place your trade, you need a plan to protect your account from losses. This class teaches you how to prevent yourself from losing money.


The biggest struggle for investors is knowing what price to enter a trade. This class teaches you how to read stock charts, which is the best indicator of stock direction.


Once you’ve gotten all of the other steps down, this course takes your wins from one time surprises to frequent regular income. Learn master strategies to make consistent gains as a trader.

Here’s how it works:

1. Watch the Online Classes

Learn how to invest in the stock market in our 4 self-paced classes, from beginner to advanced.

2. Participate in Coaching Calls

Connect with Teri and our student community to stay accountable and gain ideas for your next trade.

3. Invest in the Stock Market

Walk away from every course with new skills that you can implement in your own portfolio right away.

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Teri Ijeoma - VIP Investor Program

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