Ted Nicholas - The Golden Mailbox

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Ted Nicholas - The Golden Mailbox digital download. Info: [eBook (PDF)]. “The Golden Mailbox” teaches you step by step how to sell massive amounts of yo...
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Ted Nicholas - The Golden Mailbox

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Format: [eBook (PDF)]

The Golden Mailbox

“The Golden Mailbox” teaches you step by step how to sell massive amounts of your product or service. The million dollar, timeless, Ted Nicholas direct-marketing principles within this book apply both online and offline.

This is an extra special opportunity to get your very own digitized and newly revised version of this classic book from direct-marketing legend, Ted Nicholas!

Here are a few of the highlights from the book:

* How to start with little or no money. Remember, I began with a $90 one-inch classified ad. I’ll show you the ad and reveal exactly why it worked.

* Why it is easier and far more profitable to run a scrupulously honest and fair business than one “on the edge,” especially in mail order, which has a slightly tarnished reputation.

* Why all other ventures are a complete nightmare in comparison to mail order.

* Success in direct marketing/mail order is not a hit or miss affair. It’s simply doing the right things in the correct order.

* Work for yourself. Compared to any typical job, making money in mail order is a gift. You are not working to make someone else rich. All that you make, you keep.

* How you can easily earn 20 times your current income for no more work than you do right now.

* Here is a well-kept secret. Making money in most other businesses is as bad as working for somebody else.

* How a direct mail/mail order operation can be started in your spare time with just one person: you.

* Avoid employees completely. As previously stated, having a staff, even with talents of some very good people, is a pain in the neck (with apologies to all my past employees). Run your operation with just a laptop computer.

* Avoid having an office completely. This not only helps keep your expenses low. Your company is much more mobile. Imagine-you can fatten your bank account while relaxing at the beach, sunbathing next to your pool, or on the golf course.

* Avoid face-to-face customer contact involved with nearly all other businesses. Dealing face to face with people you don’t know well can be a real pain.

* Be comfortable. If you like, you can sit around in your underwear or a robe while you answer the phone and your customers will be none the wiser.

* The secret to keeping customer complaints to a bare minimum.

* How to make your business profitable, even if you completely lack any expertise.

* How to coordinate your company so that it can run on “auto-pilot.”

* How to keep yourself free to travel the world. The secret is effectively using a telephone line, post office drop off point and preferably a computer.

* How to arrange with a fulfillment house to take your orders, bank your money and ship your products. All you have to do is pick up the money when they transfer it to you!